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Originally planned to be called "The Story of Color Dreams Part 5: From Gore to HolyNES". However since there wasn't much gore in any Color Dreams game, except the unreleased Hellraiser, I decided to go with the more mainstream type of head line.

We're back to 1991, Color Dreams was having trouble selling their NES games, just like any other unlicensed company creating NES games, because Nintendo was scareing off toystores and others selling NES games at the time. A Sunday school teacher, Michael Wilson, noticed that a lot of the kids would come in on the morning half asleep and talking about the NES games they had been playing the day (night) before, and Michael came up with the idea of making bible videogames.

Brenda Wilson, who has been the owner of Wisdom Tree since early 1997, says; I am sure the programmers thought it was a great joke. However, Michael Wilson, who was with the company for the development of Bible Adventures, King of Kings, Exodus and Spiritual Warfare, was the serious force behind the concept's origination. The Color Dreams programmers and engineers, Michael Wilson's Bible knowlege, Nina's art, the sales and marketing team at Wisdom Tree, and Raul and his production team to create, sell and manufacture the 250,000 plus units of Bible Adventures. How do you suppose such a vastly diverse group of people were at the right place, at the right time to produce the only Bible-based cartrige arcade style games? Being one of the Born Again Christians mentioned in many of your articles, I have my own ideas on the matter.

Color Dreams was starting to sruglle for it's life until Wisdom Tree was born, and a whole new videogame market opened, making a good buck for the owners and stockholders. Things continued from 1991 to as late as 1996 producing 7 NES games, 4 Genesis games, 1 SNES game, 6 Gameboy games and a huge lot of PC games and educational programs.

But the focus of shareholders, and most of Color Dreams' employees, changed as they began developing digital camers while still doing limited development on Wisdom Tree titles. I began working as a Sales Rep at WT in 1991. I was promoted to Sales Supervisor. In early 1997 the shareholders holders were ready to devote all the time and development to the cameras and shut down the Wisdom Tree division. It was at this time that my husband and I were able to obtain the video game rights and also the rights to the Wisdom Tree name. Since that time we have continued to sell the WT titles. We have also added Bible and educational software titles developed by other companies.

A lot of programmers left when Color Dreams switched to making christian videogames, maybe due to the fact that most of the people working at Color Dreams were atheists, agnostics, catholic (which some of the sales guys didn't really think of as Christian!), Nina Stanley once told me in an interview.

Wisdom Tree still sells all NES, Genesis and SNES titles from their website, unfortunately it seems the Gameboy games were made in very limited quantities, which means all are sold out, except for two bible cartridges, the most rare of the Gameboy lot is probably Spiritual Warfare.

As far as I've been told, all "bible games" in the works were back then eventually got released, except for one called Jericho, however it has not been confirmed by anyone else working at Wisdom Tree back then, except Vance Kozik, so this could have been a working title for Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.

Almost all Wisdom Tree games were based off old Color Dreams game engines. The engine used for Crystal Mines along with major modifications was used for Exodus, Joshua and after even further enhancements it was used for Spritual Warfare and Bible Buffet. The last Wisdom Tree game to be produced was Sunday Funday, which actually just is Menace Beach with minor changes to the story and enemies. I have not finished the game yet, but would love to see if Demon Dan survived Menace Beach (heh). The Sunday Funday cartridge also includes an old unreleased Color Dreams game called Free Fall, but was changed into Fish Fall for the Sunday Funday cart. Also included is a sing-along tune by 4him, a religious group who's music isn't that bad, if you can, try checking out the real version of "The Ride" song.

Unlike the Color Dreams games, the Wisdom Tree games were released in serveral game revisions. I'm still quite unsure how many actually exist, but the following has been confirmed:

Spiritual Warfare v6.0 and v6.1.
Difference unknown.

Kings of Kings v1.1, v1.3 and v5.0
Version 5.0 features artwork on the cart and box by Nina Stanley, no longer used by Wisdom Tree. Version 1.3 has a brown label with a guy riding a camel. The version difference is rather big, but it's unknown what caused this major gap in version numbers.

Bible Adventures v1.2 and v1.3
Atleast 2 versions of Bible Adventures exist. The first release had a black bird bug on the 2nd level of Noah's Ark. It couldn't be completed, atleast according to Vance Kozik.

Joshua & the Batthe of Jericho v5.0 and v6.0
Unknown what was fixed.
Exodus v4.0
No other versions known to exist.

Sunday Funday
No version number on the titlescreen.

Bible Buffet v6.0
No other versions known to exist.