JUNE 2001

8 JUNE 2001
While being on IRC yesterday, someone gave me a link to I must admit that there are some seriously messed people out there, kinda scares me. Anyway these two seem to have a passion for Super Mario Bros on the NES?

3 JUNE 2001
Well it actually has been sitting in my NW work directory for quite some time now, but here it is, not as great as the first two, but still cool reading, so enjoy. I would say that this is my last Color Dreams article, for now atleast. I've received a few mails, more than one person, over the past months from people pretending to be former workers of Color Dreams, now how lame is that? Haven't people got anything better to do? So I've decided to stop the massive coverage of Color Dreams now.

Anyway if you want read more about Hellraiser games, unlreased ones that is, then check out this page. (Yes he does have permission to post my Color Dreams stories).

Earlier I mentioned that I would write a review of the GBA Super Mario Advance, but never posted anything about it here on NES WORLD, as it was made for 64scener which now also covers the GBA, you can read the review here. 64scene finally found a new home after something of a rollercoaster ride of armageddongames, it's now located here on Parodius, thanks Jeremy!

It's been missing on the pirate page for quite some time now, but here it is.

I know this page had atleast one fan in the old days, Adam Lamontagne, heh, I had a lot of fun back then, making up those headlines for each game. Anyway here it is, and feel free to contribute, I know I'm missing a lot more names changes.

Looks like I acciently replaced the GameGenie codebook page with an old article about the GG, so I've re-created the Codebook page, check it out here.

As my guestbook has been taken over, more or less, by a lot of teenage "feck abouts", I've decided to remove it. It's funny how the often called NES community has grown into nothing but a group of immature jerks, who can't do anything but terrorise everyone. It's become more of who gets the latest r0mz0rs first, and mess about on serious collector sites as NESFan or even NES WORLD. There was a time where the mail box was stuffed with cool mails from other collectors wanting to contribute or just talk about NES experiences.

NES WORLD has always been, and always will be, anti rom collecting, eventhough I have nothing against the dumping of old NES games at all, I find it quite cool and a good way to save valuable prototype eeprom games from dieing and thereby being lost forever. But having a fine collection of roms has nothing to do with what I'm interested in, meaning the history of the Nintendo Entertainment System. I don't enjoy playing tons of roms on emulators at all, yes I have been there, but owning the real stuff, looking at the boxart and browsing through the old manuals find funny typos is what I find funny.

Why am I being so anti-dumping though, I've often been asked, well I'm not, that's a label someone in the emulation community has put on me, because NES WORLD didn't follow the rest of the sites, even the popular site by TSR, by posting illegal roms (remember the prototypes?) for people to download and enjoy. I have to state that I never have had or will have anything against the dumping of games, heck I would even contribute if I wasn't so affraid of loosing the extremely, to me, valuable carts (every cart in my collection has a history, some more interesting than others), I've already lost 8 unlicensed Gameboy cartridges because I felt like contributing, those carts were never returned to me and I had to spend $120 getting new ones.

Why I haven't posted roms on NES WORLD, well I felt it wasn't my job eventhough the site was one of the top choices when it came down to looking at NES sites, besides I wouldn't want to hurt Nintendo in any way, and loose a lot of money (hah) if they decided to take me down.

Anyway it's sad to see what the NES collecting "community" has become, and how roms and emulation seem to have taken over everyone and everything, what's a NES site without a collection of roms? Well how about one of a kind maybe? I hope these lines could be understood by everyone, but I'm most likely looking forward to a lot of flaming.

What's currently in the works:

Doctor PC Junior page, I finally received my unit :)
Capcom and Namco specials (yeah I really have to finish the Namco one!)
A look at the Tristar64 (co-page with 64scener)

Feel free to contribute :)