JULY 2002

26. JULY 2002 - 01:06 CET

I decided to have a bit of fun and made myself a fake EFA proto. There is nothing easier than making a prototype of an unlicensed game company. In this case a Bible Adventures was used as donor cart, two cheapo $2 27C512R (non-rewritable) eproms and a couple of 28pin sockets for the heck of it, and wait.... NO WIRES!!! :)

24. JULY 2002 - 23:58 CET

Giskard sent me this label art which most likely could end up on my Drac's Night Out cartridge. If anyone else has a good idea for a label, then feel free to send it to me, and who knows... I may have a prize for the label I like the most ;)

24. JULY 2002 - 20:00 CET
It seems that Sardius of thinks my computer got hacked and someone stole a rom I had dumped with my "eprommer" device. This alternate version (R11) of Double Strike, by American Video Entertainment, was not stolen from me, my computer was not hacked, instead I decided to send it to someone a few days ago, who now sent it to Sardius without bothering to ask me first. Simple as that, I'm just happy I didn't give out Escape from Atlantis, and now that I surely can't trust anyone to keep it to themselves there is no chance in hell it'll ever get released... thank you and hack away please. It has to be said that I do not mind sharing, but a simple "do you mind...." before releasing would be a simple sign of respect, doing anything else isn't.

Yes, Escape from Atlantis was dumped. A bit of interesting news about the game is that it was not coded by anyone actually working at Color Dreams, but I have yet to find out who actually coded it and why he didn't managed to sell it to Color Dreams, not that I can't see why it wasn't.

24. JULY 2002 - 19:20 CET
Home from work and corrected my screw up, sorry about the mess and confusion it caused :)

24. JULY 2002 - 09:00 CET
Woops it looks like I uploaded an old 64scener index.html to NES WORLD last night when doing a minor update. I'm at work at don't have a copy of the latest html here, fortunately I had not deleted the old one from the nesworld directory at parodius :)

23. JULY 2002 - 21:55 CET
Pretty funny thing happened tonight as I decided to check out my Drac's Night Out cart on a few other NES consoles, it of course ran perfectly on my bit buggy PAL NES test unit (s/n: PE4151787), 2 NES clones (1 PAL and one NTSC) displayed the game perfectly, however when I tested the game on two other original NES PAL units I got nothing but garbage on the screen, very odd indeed!! (s/n: PE1437018 and PE3441492). I have no clue as to why this happened, I have a 4th PAL NES which is brand new, in box and only used like 3 times, which I will dig out of the mess in my room and test the game on. Why the game had graphical glitches on 2 original NES'es I have no clue.

20. JULY 2002 - 23:20 CET
Remember the e(e)prom burner I told you all about a few days ago. Well after days of practise and getting to understand the world of soldering wires to NES boards I finally, after god knows how many wires being moved around on the board, and a bit of help from a techie, AlanD, got Drac's Night Out running with a couple of 27C1001 eproms, and a lot of wires where half of them isn't really needed if I would bother to desolder the character (chr) chip and bend a few legs on it to their right position, but I'm lazy.

It sure is no beauty, but I works 100% now, yes!! :)

With a little help from a PacMan casing the result is now almost complete, all I need now is a nice label for the cartridge. Please do not email me about buying a Drac's Night Out cartridge, I will not make you one and I will not reply your mail either. This project was to show myself that I actually could do something like this :)

16. JULY 2002 - 23:35 CET
No comment....

16. JULY 2002 - 23:10 CET
Well I'm trying atleast. I got myself an eeprom burner and have ripped open a few extra NES carts, sofar I haven't had much success, because I bought too small chips (DOH!) but I believe I'll have my very own Solar Wars cartridge in a few days.. heck maybe even, erh nevermind :)

Anyway I fixed a small typo on the proto page, but not the sub page, stating that Ninja Gaiden 3 is unreleased, I of course know it was released therefore it's fixed. Thanks to the people who bothered to mention it though :)

14. JULY 2002 - 23:30 CET
I've added a lot more prototypes to the proto section, such as: Blue Marlin (from the old proto page), Ninja Gaiden III (from the old proto page), Inspector Gadget (added, but no info), Quattro Arcade (from the old proto page), Wizardry II (from the old proto page), Hillsfar (from the old proto page + addition), Airball (from the old proto page + addition). I found an old backup CD tonight from the summer 200 and it has lots of prototype pics from ebay on it, so stay tuned! (heh). ( view ).

14. JULY 2002 - 23:30 CET
I have rewritten the Kings of Kings page for my collection info. It now displays all 3 known releases of the game. All carts have also been scanned so you can see the differences in the label art. ( view ).

14. JULY 2002 - 01:30 CET
ArnRim83 just informed me that the prototype version of Tengen's Tetris added below actually got released for the "Vs. System" NES arcade system, looking exactly like that, while the game they released for the NES was different. My guess is that they ported this arcade game to the NES, wouldn't require a lot of work really, and then modified it to the version of Tengen Tetris we know and love.

13. JULY 2002 - 21:55 CET
DreamTr once sent me some screenshots from an alternate version of Tengen's Tetris, so I've added that prototype to the, yes prototype section. ( read ).

13. JULY 2002 - 01:15 CET
A long long time ago, that's how all good stories start right?, a guy named Daniel Bloom sent me some screenshots and pics of a prototype, which he now no longer is the owner of. Anyway I never got around to adding them, but here they are. What is the game you ask? Taro's Quest. ( read ).

Ugh it's late.. better get some sleep before tomorrow's update :)

12. JULY 2002 - 23:45 CET
I got another package today with 4 NES pirate carts, Exed Exes, Legend of Kage, Zanac and B-Wings. These carts are very cool as they all include boxes, not a common thing for pirate carts. I've also redesigned the collection page and added a page for each of the 4 new carts, and there will be more of these comming soon. ( view ).

11. JULY 2002 - 23:59 CET
The update you've all been waiting for. I've added the following US releases to my collection of games: NES Control Deck Test Cartridge (C), Exodus (CIB) *working cart*, Rally Bike (CIB), All-Pro Basketball (CIB), Rad Gravity (CIB), King's of Kings v1.2 (CIB). Not a lot, but better than nothing right? right?! ( view ).

11. JULY 2002 - 23:35 CET
Huge thanks to Niels of the nespit(.com) I have now added the following to the page: Joystick Test Cart, Power Pad Test Cart, Captain Planet, Skate or Die 2, Werewolf, F-117A Stealth Fighter. Finally I've added one of my own prototypes, one of the first I ever got, Bugs Bunny's Fun House. ( read ).

11. JULY 2002 - 23:35 CET
Due to a lot of requests I've finally scanned a couple of maps for Zelda and Pirates. I sure hope it's clear enough for usage, but it seems to be the best my scanner could do, it eveen had to be scanned in two or more parts and assemble them again. You have find them in the Guides and FAQs section. ( here ). Oh yeah I almost forgot, I've also scanned the multiplayer play cards for NES Play Action Football.

10. JULY 2002 - 22:53 CET
I forgot to give credit for the Yo Noid! prototype uploaded yesterday. It has now been fixed, thanks Kage* for allowing me to use those pics. Check out his auctions on ebay and you might be the lucky owner of a prototype too someday as he has sold a few over the years.

9. JULY 2002 - 23:59 CET
As promised, I have added a few more prototypes to the page, the protos added are: Adventure Island 2, Thunderbirds, Freedom Force and Yo Noid!. I've also added the first test cartridge as I received one myself yesterday. ( read ).

8. JULY 2002 - 23:59 CET
I've added two prototypes to my proto page, American Gladiators and Wally Bear. I'll be adding a few just about every day over the next few weeks. ( read ).

8. JULY 2002 - 21:00 CET
An observent reader noticed me make a fool out of myself yesterday, when tryin gto make a fool out of someone else, damn(!) heh. It seems those christians did know what they were doing when they wrote 12 games included. The titles included are Bible Adventures (3 games), Kings of Kings (3 games), Exodus, Spiritual Warfare, Joshua, Bible Buffet and finally Sunday Funday (2 games). Credit goes to Jessi.

7. JULY 2002 - 23:58 CET
Ever heard of the Bible Time Voyager? Well a long time ago Pelican released a videogame system with all Color Dreams games included. Now the exact same unit has been released, by a different company?, but with 7 Wisdom Tree titles included instead. It's a pricy unit though, no less than US$49.99 plus shipping, but of course sold with blessings from the mighty guy above. ( check ).

Oh yeah, do you see the error in the following text taken from the site selling the unit? Seven game cartridges packed into one game machine, all in the palm of your hand. That's a total of twelve action-packed games! All you need is a TV and you are ready for hours of Bible game excitement. And who told you these people can't see what isn't there?

7. JULY 2002 - 20:27 CET
Such a section was in the works a few years ago, until I eventually put the idea to rest due to lack of time, and umm yeah movies. But I actually have a few good things lying around now, so it's time to put some life back into the idea. I already have a few movies on the misc page, they'll remain there for now, but a new movie section is available ( read ).

7. JULY 2002 - 20:27 CET
A lot of you are e-mailing me, thanks. But the thing is I receive so many mails asking me for help with a specific game or where to buy pirate stuff. I'm sorry but I have no time to help you guys out with game problems, it takes too much of my time, time that I do not have unfortunately, and I believe you could find the answer at which has become the best source for, well frequestly asked questions. About the pirate material, none of my stuff is for sale so don't bother asking, my official gear isn't either, or prototypes for that matter. I have no clue where to get pirate stuff except Asia and a few European countries I happened to visit over time, I cannot help you find stores which sell pirate carts or clone systems, because I honestly don't know where to look.

7. JULY 2002 - 00:35 CET
Well I decided to give the site a little face lift, now that ( has relaunched with a totally rewritten NES WORLD HTML, I decided to paste a bit of the new code into the old HTML, hope you like the result, if not, then it's just too bad (heh). The way the news is presented has changed a bit aswell, now the headline is presented before the date, since the site isn't updated that often, not as often as I'd like to, I guess the date isn't that important anymore. Another row has also been added to the index page. This third row will feature some of the better stories to find here at NES WORLD, but also the latest, greatest additions.

Believe it or not, but I'm actually working on a few new things for the site as we speak, but the won't be added until later today...