25. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
The guy running "The NES Kingdom" has made a very interesting discovery. It seems yet another modem had been planned for the NES, to enable people to connect to the Minnesota State Lottery using their NES system. The modem has never put into production but seems pretty much final, what killed it could've been hardware limitations and the fact that it was way ahead of it's time. ( read ).

25. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
My NES birthday article has been added to the article section now, along with a photo from the party. ( read )

25. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
Thanks I am finally able to present you with a few pictures and a small article about the NES hands free controller ( read ).

25. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
I told you it wouldn't take another year before I added more boxes. I got 4 boxed games last week and have now added scans of these. As only a few of you know, until now, I'll be moving in the beginning of December and have decided to scan every box I have when I'm installing my game room in the new house, so there's something to look forward to :)

Added boxes are:
Road Blasters (European)
Boulder Dash (European)
Top Gun: The Second Mission (European)
Kung Fu (European)

Click ( here ) to go to the box art section.

21. AUGUST 2002 - 21:55 CET
Okay it may be a bit late, but better late than never they say right?. Anyway this year it's actually been 10 years since I bought my very own NES console, eventhough I had been totally into NES games a few years already, and had turned down an offer from my dad to buy one for me and by younger brother as a christmas gift a few months earlier. Well today I was browsing through some old Nintendo related notes and papers when I fell over the receipt from that evening back in 1992 when I got my Nintendo Entertainment System, and we all know what happened to me afterwards... yes, I became a NES nut.

My NES was bought on March 6th 1992 at 17:55 ( receipt ). For those interested my family also bought a pair of jeans that evening at the mega market (called Bilka), 2 crates of sodas, chips, clearasil (zit removal stuff, for my older brother! *grin*), a bathroom scale and other various and very uninteresting stuff.

My first NES has packed in a beautiful black box, and came with a Super Mario Bros pack-in, in the European small-size box.

I remember having a bit of problems a few months later, the screen was flickering, so it was sent in for repair. It came back 2-3 weeks after with a note saying that there was nothing wrong, but the flicker was gone ( note ).

The repair was made by Electronic Fun, the danish Nintendo distributor which later was bought by a larger toy import company, handling the Game Genie and Elite game distribution, called K.E. Mathiasen (pc/videogame division later renamed to K.E. Media). On a side note can be said that K.E. Media no longer is the distributor of Nintendo gear, it was taken over by Bergsala, the old swedish Nintendo importer, who opened a branch near Copenhagen earlier this year, if I remember correctly.

My first NES, I was stupid enough not to turn off the flash on the camera, sorry.

17. AUGUST 2002 - 23:00 CET
Sorry about the lack of updates recently, but due to a member of my family's recent diagnose of blood cancer, the time isn't really for updating the site, as things are far from returned to normal, if they ever will. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to update the site over the next months as rough times in the family are ahead, but please don't think the site is dead if there's no updates for some time.

17. AUGUST 2002 - 23:00 CET
I'm not about to present you with the news of a long existing NES emulator for the Gameboy Advance, the pocketnes. But instead a barcode gadget, called e-reader, Nintendo released in Japan a long time ago is now about to be released in the US, on September 16th.

IGN has reported that the US version of the e-reader will be quite different from the Japanese version and the launch titles for the unit will be... hold your breath... NES games! The e-reader is a barcode reader where the games are, yes, a couple of barcodes data strips.

The NES games will be sold seperately, a pack of five e-cards, at US$4.95 per game. The library of NES e-cards sofar include Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Pinball, Tennis, and Excitebike. As mentioned earlier, the e-reader will launch on September 16th, priced US$39.99, and will come packaged with a NES game, either Donkey Kong Jr. or Pinball, one Game & Watch e-Card (Manhole) and some uninteresting Pokemon stuff :)

The future of NES games on the GBA looks interesting, but I doubt we'll see more advanced NES games released for the e-reader than the first generation games, who would want to scan in like 50 e-cards if you wanted to play Super Mario Bros 3?. But it also comes down to the memory capasity of the e-reader.

17. AUGUST 2002 - 23:00 CET
A Bomb Sweeper cart project has been completed although I am experiencing a few grey screen on the start up, but I'm not really sure if it's the buggy NES console I tested it on or the actual cart. But if power is hit on and off a few times when the grey screen appears, the game will run, and once it's running there are no lock-ups. The guide is missing about how to make the cart, but will be released shortly. ( view ).

13. AUGUST 2002 - 02:35 CET

One year older now, damn it, turning 25 today... well happy birthday to me I guess oh and I hope you didn't forget to send me a present ;)

10. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
The following prototypes has been added to, yes the prototype section. ( check ).

Bionic Commando
Gargoyles Quest 2
Mega Man 4

10. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
I finally converted the boxart page to the new design and added some new boxes. ( check ).

All Pro Basketball
Bible Adventures
Bible Buffet
Crystal Mines
Dirty Harry
Double Strike
Duck Tales
Elite (re-scan)
Gremlins 2 (re-scan)
Klash Ball
Metal Fighter
NES Open Golf
Pac Man (Namco)
Rad Gravity (Back side only)
Rally Bike
R.C. Pro Am
Spiritual Warfare
Sunday Funday
Trolls in Crazyland
Wario Woods
Wheel of Fortune (re-scan)
Wheel of Fortune/Family Edition

I'll try to update the page a bit more often, won't be another two years or so before I update it again, that's a promise.
(Last update was 11th December 2000)

10. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
Finally got my hands on this gadget, there's not much to say about it though, works pretty much like any other adaptor of it's kind, but here's a small page about it anyway. ( check ).

10. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
Are you one of those who doesn't want to pay $25 for the Digital Press Collector's Guide? but is looking for a better release list than the text files already out there?. Well I've been putting a lot of work into a NES specific guide the past few days and it's actually comming along nicely. However don't expect a release of it anytime soon as it's got to be as correct as possible for the first release, and it takes time to verify all data. It includes all known NES titles to exist, being European, American, Prototypes and rumors, some may wonder why I would include such in a collectors guide since most of them can't even be found as they don't exist, well they're a part of the history and new items do turn up now and then.

The guide will be released in PDF format so it can be printed easily, though I must warn you that once this baby is done it'll be over 100 A4 pages, I'll have a small teaser up by the end of the month.

10. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
I've had the info for this gadget for a very long time, but never bothered. Recently a Racermate CompuTrainer was sold on ebay so I decided to write up a small page about it and got permission from the ebay seller to use his pictures, thanks . ( view ).

10. AUGUST 2002 - 21:30 CET
While being a bit bored a few days ago, I decided to browse through a danish videogame newsgroup and I saw this, not that it has anything to do with being danish. ( check ).

3. AUGUST 2002 - 23:00 CET
I've completed a few more projects and added a little bit of info about them to the cart development page. There is not yet a description of what to do, you'll have to wait a bit before getting to see that, I need to know that everything is running smoothly before giving you the complete guide. The projects added are: Drac's Night Out, Robocop Vs. Terminator and finally Eon Man. ( check ).

3. AUGUST 2002 - 23:00 CET
Funny how I always end up updating his site around 23:00 CET, oh well I've moved the July news to the archive, in case someone wondered where it went.

1. AUGUST 2002 - 23:35 CET
It's been pretty hot outside the past few days so I haven't been doing much work on the site eventhough I've had the week off from work. But here's a little something to show some of the stuff I am working on. ( check ).