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December 28th, 2017 - 12:43 pm - Posted by Martin

Yes I am back with yet another update, but that took me a little while to "get out the door". As the update was chugging along, it went past 800 entries in total and even then some... in fact the update is a massive 68 new entries and 4 updates to existing ones.

Most interesting is the release of the Legends of Owlia, Nomolos Storming the CATsle, full games now available free of charge thanks to Gradual Games who by the way is working on their third NES game.

December also brought Teletime, again free of charge. A Music ROM that previously only was available on cartridge.... and to add to that the Mojon Twins also made the full Super UWOL game available for free.

But why not head on over to the homebrew section and check out the new additions, which by the way now are listed in a seperate table for easier browsing. Oh and again, if you know of an NES homebrew that isn't listed here then please do let me know so it can be added, and thanks for visiting and thanks to all the people making NES homebrew! :-)

Visit the NES homebrew section here.

December 14th, 2017 - 6:35 pm - Posted by Martin

Wow no news here for a very long time, I deeply apologize for not being more active, who knows what 2018 will bring though, more lazyness or some solid updates? only time will tell I guess. 

Anyway 2017 is almost over, so why not end the year with a few updates and the first one is a long overdue update to the 3DS demo "NFR" section. It has now been updated with all, to mw, known demo carts available in all regions and as something new there are placeholder pictures for those that has yet to receive a proper scan.

Anyway if you're interested then why not click on the link below  

Oh yeah and finally a big thank you to the people who are donating through patreon, I am very grateful that you have decided to do so, especially because I have been so inactive.