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May 27th, 2019 - 3:48 am - Posted by Martin

The biggest site for the last 12-15 years in the Nintendo collecting community, NintendoAge, has been acquired by GoCollect, the following post was made on NintendoAge a few days ago..

My name is Jeff Meyer. I’m the founder of and I’m on a mission in 2019 to work towards making collecting better… whatever you may collect. GoCollect has focused on comic books for years, but is entering the video game space with various collector tools, including a soon-to-come price guide and robust sale tracking solution that the hobby is currently lacking. When a single game has countless variants, it’s important to appropriately assign each sale to its proper version. And, in my opinion, it’s important to be able to distinguish those variants in your collection.

NintendoAge has been my go-to resource for understanding this hobby. The information available through the database of consoles and various forum discussions is priceless. That’s where the story here gets interesting…
GoCollect has officially acquired the NintendoAge web site and its sister sites. As a heavy collector of golden age comics, I’m well aware that news like this can be taken very personally. And I want everyone to know that it’s personal to me too.

The GoCollect team and I are not looking to step in and shake up the site with all sorts of changes. That’s not us. We’re not some big corporation trying to make a buck either. We’re collectors with a passion for technology. The site works great - why make big changes? Instead, we’ll look to maintain NintendoAge as-is while we organize information that can be used on the upcoming preview release of the video games section of GoCollect.

We will debut the preview release at the Charlotte HeroesCon on June 14, 2019. The preview release will be a trimmed down version of the tools to come, with a focus only within NES and NES PAL titles.

I welcome your questions and feedback, good or bad. Over the next week, I will pay close attention to this thread and look to address questions and concerns publicly about once per day.

I’m hopeful that most folks see the good we’ll bring to the hobby. I’m personally very excited by it and can’t wait to meet many of you. Dain has shared amazing stories with me about how awesome the people are out here and I’m ready to experience this season of growth with all of you.



May 26th, 2019 - 5:13 pm - Posted by Martin

Just a quick update to show that the site isn't abandoned. I'm currently working on adding all NES homebrew that I know of that has been made available for the past year or so.


Check the homebrew section for more details and more stuff will be added soon...