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V.2005 - 1.00LS

17 SEPTEMBER 2007 - 20:00 CET
Okay so this bit of news is old, I should've posted this about a week ago, but was busy with an update of NES WORLD which got scrapped, yet another to the pile of crappy designs to improve the site. But anyway....

Well the PowerPak has received an update of the mapper pack, twice even, and the change log is as follows:

Mappers v1.11
· Corrected loading/saving of battery ram

Mappers v1.10
· Reset only detected when button pressed for ~3 secs or more
· Better (perfect?) MMC3 IRQ
· Better (perfect?) RAMBO IRQ
· Fixed MMC2 graphics bank switching (Punch Out)
· Fixed MMC4 graphics bank switching
· Fixed iNES 119 graphics bank switching (Pinbot, High Speed)
· Options screen: start button goes back to intro
· Options screen: select button displays mapper number
· SAV screen: start button goes back to previous screen
· Fixed stack pointer init
· Fixed frame IRQ disable

Also the boot ROM image for the cart has been updated with the following changes:

Boot v1.10
· Added small CF card support (under 32MB)
· Fixed INC A bug
· Fixed stack pointer init
· Fixed frame IRQ disable
· Fixed WRAM load/save bug

Please note that the boot ROM can't be uploaded to the cart without the use of a CopyNES device in hand, however RetroUSB offers lifetime boot ROM updates for free, all you have to do is mail them the cart and they'll return it updated.

For more info about the powerpak, please check "our" review here.

Oh yeah and there's still PowerPak's available at www.retrousb.com.

17 SEPTEMBER 2007 - 19:55 CET

I noticed a rather pleasant surprise on my Wii today, when browsing the Virtual Console Shop. It seems that we Europeans have been treated with a nice gem, being the long lost Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2, also known as the Lost Levels. I of course had to get this nice but insanely tough to play game downloaded free fonts on to my Wii and noticed that a small price change has appeared on the Wii aswell.

Until now a NES game has sold for 500 points in the shop, but strangely SMB2 Lost Levels is selling for 600 points. Nintendo knows that a lot of people may download this one as most havn't played the game, unless they've had access to a Famicom Disk System, so I guess they decided to squeeze a little more money out teenagers as well as the old fart running this website.

Nintendo, you are greedy bastards, but thanks for bringing such a nice game to the Virtual Console :-)

11 SEPTEMBER 2007 - 00:38 CET
I'm finally done with my rewite of the HES article I published ages ago. Hopefully it now includes a bit more information to make it worth reading... click here to check it out.

Oh I just noticed what day it is, the day neither of us will ever forget.