MARCH 2002

27TH MARCH 2002
I'm currently installing a new service pack for the forum, shouldn't take more than an hour, sorry for the inconvenience (did I spell that right? :)

UPDATE: The upgrade of the board went great, i believe speed has improved a bit now too thanks to this upgrade. Also, it seems like password requests weren't sent when requested, but this has been fixed now, so please request your password again if you've lost/forgot it.

20TH MARCH 2002
To keep ya'll busy and away from trouble and drugs (just say no like Wally!), check this out!

17TH MARCH 2002
Well I've started making a page about the FamicomBox which you can find (here). It's pretty short for now, but I'm affraid that's all the information I have available atm, check out the shots though.

16TH MARCH 2002
Well if you're reading this you now know that the site is slowly returning to full speed, whatever that means. I've spent the past few months doing absolutely nothing, NES related and almost gave up the site because of the server problems. In the 11th hour Jeremy got the server online and here we are. I've sorted the news page and added it to the news archive, so here we start, starting off with a clean news page, ready for tons of new material to be added :)

Yesterday a former Odyssey Software employee contacted me. He had nothing to do with the NES development that went on at Odyssey, but gave me enough bits of information to encourage me to write (rewrite) my Odyssey Software page, so here it goes (read). If you wish to check out the old one, you can do it (here), please note though that it's no longer available elsewhere on the site.