Eventhough I'm getting quite used to having absolutely nothing to do with a NES community I have been a big part of for years, I actually have no plan to bring back NES WORLD anymore, it seems that the site just might return. I've said that NES WORLD would not appear elsewhere, so this means that the guy behind Parodius is working hard on bringing it back.

I'm not sure how NES WORLD will be if it actually does return, either it will be left as is, hopefully with a small update now and then. Or the site will return to full speed, probably without the messageboard though.

I had to leave for Sweden the past week for the company I work for. I'm now back and awful tired (the trip was a friggin mess) and I have some good and bad news. Good news is that Parodius just might be back by February 7th, this is just a rumor though and not confirmed by Jeremy who owns the parodius network. Now for the bad part, if the vase is that parodius is not back online soon (like within a few months or so) NES WORLD will be dead, and that's the final decision. I'm sick and tired of fighting to keep it alive, moving it from server to server, year after year...

I did contact a lot of emulation related servers, as they seem to be the only ones offering free hosting (I'm not prepared to pay for NES WORLD hosting unfortunately), but this would definately cause some sort of double morale, as I tend to fight to keep NES WORLD emulation (rom) free, but wouldn't mind getting hosted by a emulation community. This is definately the wrong time to be thinking like that, but I can't change that way of looking at things. So I've pretty much stopped looking for a new host, meaning I might have to put NES WORLD to sleep soon.

Somewhat good news regarding the lost CueStick. A postal woker on his/her way to deliver some mail (obviously) found the paper wrapping from my package about a mile from my house. It was of course handed over to the police as evidence, unfortunately there was no signs of the goods (CueStick), but the postal workers have come up with a few suspects. Guess I'll just have to wait and see eh?

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Others have already taken over the messageboard part of NES WORLD, I suggest you pay the site a visit (