30 DECEMBER 2001
I promished a few people to mention this on the index page, so here it is. Yesterday I added a small chat script (not IRC), feel free to check it out here. I'll try to stop by too now and then :)

I've made a couple of very crappy game hoax pages, one for a Super Mario Bro 6 (Tiny Toons Adventures) and a Hong Kong original, as far as I know, called Pocket Monster.

When I was in Turkey this summer I bought a very odd game, Contra game. I've not yet been able to find out what exactly it is, pirate of original Konami game, tho my guess is the last, but it looks very odd. Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4

This section wasn't supposed to be there now, but I was messing around yesterday and uploaded it, so you might aswell have a peek at what I'm messing with. I've actually made a lot more since yesterday, most searching for programmers and did find a few, who then were lost just as quick thanks to a non-working email address, oh well.

I know the Grand Nestral Station has a quite impressive "unreleased" section (do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already), but I just wanted to do it my way, if that's ok with you :)

Check my unreleased section here. (remember it's at a very early stage!)

25 DECEMBER 2001
Well a Merry Christmas to you all from NES WORLD, hope you got some good videogame'ish presents (heh). Anyway I've planned atleast one more update before the end of the year. But as things hardly ever go as planned around here, don't expect too much stuff to be added, if any at all, before the end of the year. So I better wish you all a happy new year as well while I've got your attention :)

Oh btw, that Santa-mario drawing was used in a store flyer almost a decade ago, yes he helped selling NES games! :)

11 DECEMBER 2001
Uhh another update for the oldest NES devoted site on the internet, heh. I've received a quite nice present today from someone I choose to keep anonymous due to not wanting his mail flooded with requests and spamming. But today I received a picture of what was to become the label art for Hellraiser, infact it was finished in thousands and ready to be put onto the cartridges at the local sweat shop, just kidding ofcourse (heh).

Well I allowed myself to do a bit of picture manipulation which you may see here, if you visit my Hellraiser Picture Mockup Page. Awww... I wouldn't mind getting one of these labels for christmas :)

10 DECEMBER 2001
I decided to update the links page today. It now features less sites than the old, but now has my favourite sites listed only, feel free to mail me a link to your own site, if you have a NES related site. Check out the links here after you've checked out NES WORLD :)

Well I've sorted all the unlicensed games today as well as changed the list design quite a bit, looks a lot better now and easier to update. Check it out here. I got a complete RBI Baseball (Tengen) licensed today, my first NES game in months.

Today I got inspired when reading an auction on ebay where a guy was selling off his entire NES collection to get money for a house. To those hoping I'm going to sell mine aswell, I can say that I am not. But the guy behind the auction had made up a quite nice page with histories about how he got the games. A lot of my items have a story of their own aswell, and I'm actually starting to forget bits here and there, so I guess it's time to get some of it on file and I've therefore decided to redo my entire collection page with sub pages for each game/accessory containing scans of the actual stuff along with the story. It's a huge job and it won't be done in a week, or even a month, but check back here often and you'll see it updated. Head off to my collection page here.

I still get a lot of emails with bids on my games, or even pricelist enquiries, but none of it is for sale, not even for a huge ammount of money. Some say everything is for sale with enough money out on the table. Well I can honestly say that none of my stuff is. This collection has been a part of my life for, uhhh I started collecting 10 years ago, getting own NES system and I was hooked even months before I got it, buying magazines and sitting there studying them over and over..... Well don't make any offers please, nothing there is for sale/trade.

I got my first Sega Megadrive clone today, a handheld I might add. It looks pretty much like the Color Dreams NES clone. It comes with 20 (8) games built-in and is said to be licensed by Sega, eh I think not! click here to read more.

That's it for today I'm afraid, but I should be able to have another goodie for you tomorrow. And if only I could find the backup CD of the old NES WORLD site.... yes I've lost it :-/

Oh wait I almost forgot. I've added a small piece of graphic from the Color Dreams Traghan game to the fourth Color Dreams Special page - the Jeff Scotts story. Check it out here.