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26 AUGUST 2003 - 13:20 CET
Yeah, yeah, yeah, here I am, updating again, but the most funny things happen these days. TRM and Ernster of NES Land are supposedly now the best of friends. Anyway, it seems that my quote from yesterday has pissed of my buddy Ernster.

* Ern has joined #nesworld
[Ern] Martin i wont stay for long, i just want to get a few things straigh ok?
[Ern] Why arent u talking bitch?
[Ern] why the hell did u make fun of that article that I wrote? It was meant as a nice thing towards you, but you again make me look like the bad guy. GO FUCK YOUR SELF, I WON, YOUR GONE!!! YOUT SO WEAK FOR QUITTING OVER A STUPID PROTOYPE. I BET THAT I LIKE PLAYING NES MORE THAN YOU EVER HAVE, ALL YOU LIKE TO TO DO IS COLLECT PEICES OF PLASTIC! YOUR PATHETIC.
[Ern] cya loser.
* Ern has quit IRC
[Ace`] haha
[Acey] heh
[Acey] should I continue just to piss that jerk off even more? ;)
[Ace`] yes :)
[Acey] they sure are making it hard to stop :)

Guess he just wanted me to continue updating? :)

25 AUGUST 2003 - 20:55 CET
I just had to add this...
Taken from an article posted on NES Land today ( read ).

It has taken a while for everyone (including me) to digest the news and accept it, but the fact is we have to accept it! Yes NES World closing down has been my dream ever since I began fighting with Martin. Why? Well that feeling was due to a number of reasons, the two main ones that come to mind right now is. Number one, having NES World gone would take a whole lot of pressure off NES Land.

Enjoy! ;)

23 AUGUST 2003 - 22:50 CET
Back safe from my trip to Bulgaria, along with a nice bag of 30+ Famicom pirate carts and a couple of clones, eventhough I didn't think I'd be able to find anything there.

But now for the bad news. It seems that I've let my good friend Dave Allwein *CENSORED* (once again, once too many for me to handle. I'm not sure if it's my tiredness from the trip that's talking right now, but I've decided to let this be the end of NES WORLD, I simply can't spend anymore energy fighting that guy and watch my every move to give the guy another chance, thinking he's alright, just to see myself fucked over again...

So people, this is the end of it, I'm tired of it all, mostly Mr. Allwein for his continued assholeness (you know what I'm talking about here). The site will stay online, but no more updates to look forward to...

You'll see me around... here and there. Thanks for the fun moments.

... ( more )

13 AUGUST 2003 - 00:01 CET
That's right, i'm turning 26 today, let's ummm celebrate or something! :)

And happy birthday to "theoakwoody"
from the NW forum!

11 AUGUST 2003 - 16:20 CET
Yeah you heard me, tsr is back with another website, what could be called a sequel to his old NES site, since the new one won't be strictly NES. I'm not sure what his reappearance will do for the whole NES community, guess well just have to wait and see ( check ).

Here's the mail he sent me:

Today I've put the more-or-less finishing touches on |tsr's Game Life, a sort of "sequel" to the NES site I ran from 1996 to 2000. It's a section of the larger game-industry weblog I keep these days (at, and it serves to be a less comprehensive but more laid back version of the old NES archive--it will have neat pics, articles and features from all of gaming history, including the NES and other non-current consoles.

For the inaugural update to |tsr's Game Life, I've uploaded 16 features covering unreleased and/or very rare NES and Famicom games. All of the content (or, at the very least, the screenshots) is making its Web debut here, I'm pretty sure, so check the spotlights out and let me know what you think. If you think it's a worth a link on your own site--well, by all means, I'd appreciate it.

9 AUGUST 2003 - 15:40 CET
Eventhough I managed to break my unit while doing this review, I fortunately had everything done before doing the final powersupply test. Check it out ( here )

7 AUGUST 2003 - 23:15 CET
News updates from June and July have been archived, they can now be found ( here )

7 AUGUST 2003 - 23:05 CET

6 AUGUST 2003 - 23:45 CET

6 AUGUST 2003 - 22:10 CET
Yeah baby! I have an update for ya'll, a new prototype, called Defectors, has been added to the proto section, more to come later. ( check ).

3 AUGUST 2003 - 23:45 CET
I've been updating/upgrading the ad section from it's rather old and messy looking "design" and had actually planned a much larger update today. But some work around the house, plus a car wash, took pretty much al of my time. However since I had planned all along to put it up tonight, you might as well see what's there for now ( check ).

The new scans are the watermarked ones, heh, such as all the Yapon ones (2 rescanned), Acclain "look for these exciting games", early Color Dreams "free Captain Comic", Activision "free sports bottle" and probaly something else I forgot about.

2 AUGUST 2003 - 21:05 CET
While checking out the latets news on the Neon64 emulator (NES emulator on the N64, check I noticed that the author of Neon64 had posted a link to something called Being a metal fan I of course had to check out a website with a title like that.

What I found were 2 metal tunes of Metroid music, Metroid Theme and Kraid's Theme. All I can say is that this shit is SMOKIN' I've never heard anything as cool as this... so keep it comming!! hehe. ( check ).

1 AUGUST 2003 - 12:58 CET
Now there's only 12 days to my birthday, wooo, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the lost levels. If you're one of those "leeching" NES roms, you might've stumbled upon someone called TheRedEye. While his Sachen project doesn't seem to be going anywhere, he's now back with even another project, called Lost Levels, eventhough it's not a Super Mario Bros site.

My tip of the day would be to check it out asap, you're in for a big surprise. ( check ).