APRIL 2002

16TH APRIL 2002
Well it's time to uncover the 3rd and last prototype in this round. It may not be as interesting as the other two, as it actually was released, well kind of anyway. Click ( here ) to find out.

Remember the MaxiVision 15in1 cartridge American Video Entertainment released? Well I made a small discovery while digging through various papers and cartridges. I've known for a long time that Home Entertainment Suppliers in Australia released a slightly different version of the MaxiVision, two games had been changed. But along with the 3 protos, you've seen added over the last week, I also received an AVE Maxi15 simiar to the version released in Australia, hmm.

So this means that two revisions of the MaxiVision exist in the US. It turns out that the "HES version" is revision 2 of the cartridge. It seems like American Video Entertainment and Sachen had a bit of a misunderstanding regarding AVE being allowed to include their, Sachens, games on multicartridges, so they were removed and replaced by Blacjack (Odyssey Software) and Deathrace (by American Game Carts Inc). To those wondering if it actually is the 2nd revision which is the "HES version", I am 100% as I opened the carts and there was a revision number on the ROM chips. It also makes sense as the two games removed were both Sachen titles. And the president of AVE did once mention licensing problems as the reason.

The most common version I know of is the first revision with the 2 Sachen games included, Pyramid and Double Strike, so good luck to all you collectors out there :)

13TH APRIL 2002
I had planned an update yesterday, but fell asleep when I got home from work (doh!). Anyway I've had a lot of fun reading the thoughts on the board stating what the cartridge could be, I hate to say it though, folks you were everyone of you. Click ( here ) to find out.

Now guess what this is ( view :)

11TH APRIL 2002
Yes, I finally got my hands on another of these babies, another? yeah as I had one stolen a couple of months ago. But thanks to a very generous person, I am now the proud owner of CueStick (cries happy tears). I've created a small page with a few screenshots and such, you can view it ( here ). If the small pictures annoys you, just click on them to see a larger version.

As a small teaser, try guessing what this is ( view ).

10TH APRIL 2002
Remember the story of Cuestick back in January? Well I'm proud to say that the game is not lost thanks to a very generous person. I just got a notice from customs that the package (game) has arrived, so we should have the very first shots from this game by the end of next week, as well as a few other goodies which will remain a secret until then! :)

Also, huge thanks to the owner of Wisdom Tree for her help and generous offer. The first result of this is available ( here ). Another Wisdom Tree article is planned aswell, but will remain secret for now.

Also thanks to Klevin Oey, an update of the GameAxe page should be available soon. It seems that RedAnt made atleast three versions of the GameAxe and is currently working on even another one, though no news about this new version and it's enhancements is out, but I'll keep you informed as soon as the word spreads.

Btw, Success Company, aka UFO, is still selling the Tristar64.

4TH APRIL 2002
Kent Hansen of SnowBro Software fame has released a brand new NES game called Bomb Sweeper and is a very cute and well done clone of an old Game&Watch game. (read)

3RD APRIL 2002
I've brewed together a small Camerica, Codemasters, Game Genie, Aladdin Deck Enhancer, Camerica Gold carts sort of thing, check it out before it's too late or something. (read).

I've had a lot of stuff in the works over the past few months, It finally seems like you'll be seeing some of it soon as some of it is starting to finish up. Though some might appear here in unfinished condition, like the Camerica article above, but sometimes a dead-end is reached leaving work on my harddrive for months, so better publish what you've got as long as it's great, right? ;)

As for the American Game Carts article posted earlier, it's currently undergoing a major makeover as things weren't as black and white as I made them to be. Once I started digging a bit into what happened there, I actually got scared a bit :-/

2ND APRIL 2002
Nope, tsr did not take over NES WORLD. Now leave it ;)