QUATER 3 1999

I contacted David Braben right after I received the Press released from Ian Bell, to get the story from the other side of the table, and Mr. Braben agreed to do an interview about Elite and the legal action threat, and the interview will be comming shortly. David Braben asked me to read up on the story before jumping to conclusions. I have done that now, and it seems like there's a bit more too it than what Ian Bell wrote.

Ian Bell and David Braben owns 50% of the Elite copyrights each, which means that Bell did something illegal when he put the images up for download on his page, without permission from Braben. Braben recently contacted Bell asking for permission to put the ROM images on his (Braben's) homepage, but never got an answer from Bell.

Braben then did some checking up on the Elite copyrights and found a rumour which stated that Bell had sold his rights, or atleast some of them, to a 3rd party. A long dialogue of many months with CIX followed, where Braben could get neither confirmation of the identity of the site holder nor a response He then asked CIX to close the site down and even offered Bell retrospective permission for the site as long as Bell will do the same for Braben. Braben fully expect the site will be restored as soon as Bell bothers to get in touch with him.

Below is an note which was posted to Ian Bell on a newsgroup today:

To Ian Bell, co-author of Elite:

If you can confirm to me that you have sold your rights in Elite to this third party, tell me what rights you believe to have been sold, then that can be the end of the matter. I can then approach the third party directly and ask for their permission to make the Elite files available again for download. This will have to be by a way that a court would consider valid, either headed notepaper from your home address, or a solicitor's letter. Sadly, it is all too easy to dispute the identity of a message via email.

If you still have your rights to the old Elite images, then all I ask is for the right to put them on our site available for download. I would then grant you the retrospective right to do the same on your site. The only condition of this is that the copyright messages be left intact or restored, so that it is clear that the game has not been placed in the public domain, and I will do the same.

I only contact you in such a public forum because of the difficulty of contacting you by any other means.

David Braben

It all seems a bit more clear now, or? :). I once did an interview with Ian Bell who seemed very hostile when I asked about David Braben and why they're not working together. I received the mail from David Braben yesterday which was more polite and ready to answer any questions I might have.

Well I will work on some questions tonight and hopefully I'll have the interview ready by the end of next week.

What happened to these games? Announced in Nintendo Power, but never saw the light of day. Anyone know of existing prototypes?

  • Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas
  • Bio Force Ape
  • Rocky
  • Secret Ties
  • Toki (Not on Mike Etler's Rarity list)
Hillsfar, Crystalis and Mechanized Attack Prototypes has all been dumped by Vertigo. All three seem like complete "magazine demos" to me, but let me know if you find any bugs or something in them ok? :) You can download the package from Opoth's site.

The game wasnt released in the US, but Nintendo Power told it's readers about this nice litte character change feature anyway.

When holding down A, B and SELCET and pressing RESET the characters will change as shown below:

A Translation of Sweet Home, the game which inspired Capcom to make Residelt Evil, is under way. Checkout this page to find out more. Thanks to Dan for the information.

Well I just received this press release from Ian Bell a few minutes ago. The NES Elite ROM has been removed from NES WORLD as of now.

Yesterday saw a threat of legal action close the web home of Elite (, the seminal 80's space combat game written by Ian Bell and David Braben.

Created and operated by Ian Bell, the site carried an archive of Elite materials including Spectrum, Nintendo, BBC Micro and other commercially defunct versions of the game that could be played under emulation, plus public court documentation and national news reports of previous attempts by Mr Braben to sue various defendants for alleged infringement and libel in connection with the Elite game. The site had registered over 90,000 page hits since 1997.

But in an email dated Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Mark Wilson, IT Director of CIX Ltd informed Ian Bell that CIX had been threatened with legal action by David Braben over alleged breach of distribution rights, and Wilson himself threatened to withdraw access to the site.

Two days later CIX Ltd did withdraw access to the Elite site, to three other sites operated by Ian Bell and to all his personal web pages, leaving a 'Error 404 -file not found' error message. It also revoked Ian Bell's write-access to the pages.

This action follows previous cases in which David Braben has attempted to obtain the removal of commercially defunct versions of Elite from the web. In 1997 his attempt to sue EMAP Images Ltd for distribution of a 1985 version of Elite with in an emulator package collapsed when, after an assessment determined profits to be nil, the High Court made a landmark ruling denying Mr Braben's attempt to claim even the pre-trial settlement offer he had previously rejected (The Times, 3 Jan 1997).

Ok, I've talked to Jean Luc about the whole incident. I've been waiting for this new release since March and received a beta once which showed a slowly running RockNES with no GUI, earlier this summer. I actually thought he had it all figured out, running at much better fps, but something came up, which made me realize that a port of DarcNES is much better, so dont cry yet ;)

[JL_Picard] I'll be quick
[JL_Picard] it wasn't cool for you to say that rocknes was discontinued :/
[JL_Picard] I wanted it to be seamless...
[JL_Picard] because darcnes will take not a lot of time
[JL_Picard] darcnes will NOT take a lot of time.
[JL_Picard] make sure you repeat that :)
[JL_Picard] and I just wanted to do darcnes because its faster.
[JL_Picard] work on asm cores is progressing on darcnes.
[JL_Picard] so, as soon as I finish the C port, the asm *should* be done.
[JL_Picard] so we'll see what happens, I only have 3 files ported yet :)
[JL_Picard] but anyway it should all be good when I release this
[JL_Picard] gui will be the same
[JL_Picard] with the name changed
[JL_Picard] and now,
[JL_Picard] I have to eat brb.
[JL_Picard] :)

Yeap! went through some old magazines and powered up my scanner, click here to check it out.

Ever wondered what the inside of a NES Game Pak (Cartridge) looks like? but were too afraid to open one because Nintendo claimed it would screw up the game? Or you just dont have one of those security bits? Well click here to check out some of the boards used in official products. Later the page also will feature unlicensed game carts from HES, AVE, AGCI, Tengen and so on.

American Video Entertainment sold their 15in1 to the infamous Australia publisher, Home Entertainment Suppliers, for release in Australia. I received one of these australian releases today and found a few differences from the released US version, released by AVE. The HES version includes the rare Blackjack game while the AVE release has Pyramid, the other is Deathrace on the HES version where the AVE version has Double Strike. The startup is also a bit different, while the AVE version shows a bunch of credits and an entrance to some kind of dungeon, the HES release shows a badly drawn Maxi15 logo and a screen from the AVE version which tells you where to call if you want another copy of the Maxi15. I wonder why the HES version was changed, maybe it's an earlier version than the one AVE released? cause it seems a little buggy, the intro atleast.

While looking through some old magazines and commercials I discovered something. I saw the Supersonic joypad and the Freedom connection which makes your joypad wireless. Both were released by Camerica, but.... both of these products carries, in this old magazine ad atleast, another company name, called Acemore. Maybe Camerica was called Acemore once? or did they just but the two products?

Well according to IGN64, the upcomming Donkey Kong 64 will feature the old arcade, and NES game, Donkey Kong. In order to play the Donkey Kong arcade game, the player has to find an arcade unit in one of the levels. The Arcade unit has 4 stages which has to be finished before gaining access to the old donkey Kong arcade game.

A rumour was also started by IGN64 that the old Excitebike NES game maybe included in the new sequel on the N64, Excitebike 64.

If you dont know by now, the old videogame bible, Game Over, has been rereleased with some new chapters by Andy Eddy. IGN64 made an interview with Andy Eddy yesterday, go there and check it out. The rerelease of the book is quite cheap, only $15.96 at amazon, maybe its time to order?

NES WORLD has been very anti-emulation since we removed our emulation section a few years ago, mainly because every e-mail received back then was a rom request. NES WORLD is not really about emulation, but collecting of the real thing. This means that no still-copyrighted roms or any emulators will be available here, you'd have to find those elsewhere. But the part of the "scene" which is about japanese translations and hacks of existing games is quite interesting, even for collectors, so therefore they will be added. Sofar all translations from NeoDemiForce have been added and the kickass MetroidX hack by Rage Games.

Sad, sad, sad. Jl Picard ran into problems with the code and decided that he would stop the project. In a letter to the author of RockNES he states that there are serveral incompatibilities in porting it to the N64. Good news tho is that he's began porting DarcNES, but who knows when it'll be ready, if ever........

Woop!! A new visitor record was set yesterday, 994 hits in one day. I think it's pretty amazing for a NES site and would like to thank all who stopped by. Also, I've received a lot of positive feedback lately, thanks, it rocks to hear people's oppinion (especially when it's positive :)

Jean Luc gave me two more shots from the Rocknes64 gui. Bad news about the release date tho, he has adding a new video core (or something) yesterday and the emulator slowed down. He wont release the emulator until it runs atleast at 60fps, so right now the release date is unknown, I do know that he's coding like mad these days. Another down side, the comming release will not be replaced by a new one if the DOS version is updated.

Chris Covell's tank game, which I showed some early pictures from about a month ago, now has a name, Solar Wars, and its looking better and better. The game should be available to the public early September, now :)

The game is a tank combat game like Scorched Earth (PC) or Scorched Tanks (Amiga). The game will be two-player and looks like it's gonna rock (now I wish I had an eprom programmer ;)

Click here to go to Chris Covell's Solar Wars page.

I said that Tweek was the guy behind the .nsf versions of my RBI baseball commercial streaming. Well I was wrong (doh). They were done by master "sqwirl" and they rock, so I hope he'll help me when I stream the next commercial, soon.

I now know that Mothra is some Japanese monster, similar to Godzilla. Maybe the tech dudes at Software Toolworks were Mothra fanatics huh? (heh). Thanks to all who sent in the answer.

Not much new added today, but I'm gonna work on the Namcot Special and a few secrets this weekend, so stay tuned! Oh btw, tsr has UPDATED HIS SITE!!! (amazing! :)

Matthew Conte has released a new version of his NSF plug-in for winamp. Sofar no of the plug-ins have been worth using, but this new Nosefart release is brilliant. Here's whats new in this version:
  • Sped up the code a bit
  • General bugfixes
  • Fixed incorrect note length problem introduced in 0.5
  • Reduced volume of output for the faint of heart
  • Fixed last track sound artifacting
  • Fixed visualization sync problem
  • Fixed bug in CPU cycle timing for sound generation
  • NSF specified playback rate now supported
  • Removed potential bug with non-bankswitched NSFs writing to $5FF8-$5FFF
You can download it on the NSF page. Also added more NSF music files.

Game Player's Encyclopedia once released a complete walkthrough for California Rasins and even gave it a "Game of the Month" award, the game went past its release date and into the world of lost NES titles. Click here to check out the Game Player walkthrough.

Well according to Capcom's head of consumer software devision, Akio Sakai, it is. He was once asked by a brittish videogame magazine, called Edge, if Capcom were inspired by western horror movies when they made Resident Evil. His answer was "Way back in the NES days we developed a role-playing game called Sweet Home, and its from there our inspiration comes". Now, the NES has lead to many great things, hasnt it? :)

08.25.1999 Not a lot happening in the so called NES "scene" huh? Well things have been a bit messy where I work the past week, and actually still is, meaning that I had to work double as fast as usual, leaving me totally exhausted when I got home. Therefore no updates of NES WORLD since the 18th. Well I've had the day off today, and spent it on this site (maybe I should get a life huh? ;)

By request, I've fixed the index page a little so that it now should load a bit faster on all browsers.

My wanted/archive list will from now on be a bit more interesting for most of you. I will start reviewing the games I own and link to the review from my "wanted/archive" page. I've received e-mails from people requesting game reviews lately and I hope this new idea will cover their *need* for reviews, heh.

Did you know that "Project 88 - Mothra" was the project name for the Miracle Piano Teching System which Software Toolworks developed? I was lucky to be able to take a look a the Miracle MIDI Implementation chart and discovered the project name. If "Mothra" is a latin (or whatever) name for something, and you know what it means, please let me know.

Vice president of product development at Atari Games, Bill Hindorff, has left the company and joined the 3DO company. Bill Hindorff worked as producer on a lot of Tengen NES games and even wrote one of them, Super Sprint. Recently he has been producer on N64 games such as San Francisco Rush and California Speed. Problems with the PlayStation version of Gauntlet Legends forced him to leave the company.

At 3DO he's filling a position he knows well, vice precident of product development. He will immediately be responsible for 2 PC games in the works, Crusaders of Might and Magic and Meridian 59, as well as the Gameboy Color and Macintosh versions of Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Click here to read an interview I once made with Bill Hindorff.

|tsr of |tsr's NES Archive has confirmed that the following NES prototypes exist as well as the condition of the game (complete or not):

Black Tiger (Capcom) complete
Buzz & Waldog (Innovation) complete
California Raisins (Capcom) complete
Crash & The Boys Ice Challenge (Technos) incomplete
Gun.Smoke 2 (Capcom) unknown
Metal Man (Codemasters) complete
Mr. Gimmick (Sun) complete
Street Battle (Innovation) complete
Squashed (Jaleco) complete
War on Wheels (Jaleco) complete

While we're at comfirming protos, let me confirm that the following carts were made for the Aladdin Deck Enhancer, by codies. Some of the titles are missing, but I'll try to get them sometime (spoke to a former Codie programmer back in February 1999).

Dream World Pogie (complete)
Skyhigh Stuntman (unknown)
Stunt Kids (complete)
Ultimate stuntman (complete)
C.J's Elephant Antics (complete)
Boomerang Kid (complete)
Bignose the Caveman (complete)

A Pinball game was also made along with 5 different Dizzy games, but titles are unknown atm.

I know I havent wrote much about the NSF players, in fact nothing at all. But it's actually a quite cool format and that you're able to listen to the good old NES tunes without having to pop in a cartridge. Click here to check out more about the NSF player and ripped music.

Sadly the Namco Special will be delayed for an unknown period. I've stumbled into some stuff which requires more time.

Everyone who owns a N64 backup unit might've heard of vNES64, a NES emulator created by JL_Picard. But only 2 versions of the emulator was released and the public hasn't heard of it since, what happened? did Jean Luc decide to scrap the emu?

The answer? well kinda. Jean Luc made a deal with the authors of RockNES, one of the best DOS based emulators, to port their emulator to the N64. The work has been going steadily over the summer and a release should be just around the corner. There has been a few major problems tho, which vNES64 also suffered under. The engine was too slow and sound/gfx didnt update as it was supposed to, meaning that the sound was "delayed" heavily.

But the emulator has been rewritten a bit and now works great and not as slow as the vNES64. A new GUI has also been created, RockNES64 looks like a commercial product now :)

New links added, feel free to check them out!

Dr. DOS finally contacted me after being MIA for quite some time. He told me that he once had made some pranks live on iParty, here's what he had to say about one of them:

Yah, it was a lot of calls too.. I wish someone recorded the one about my Tetris blocks going the wrong way and the nintendo guy asks if I'm holding my gameboy the right way.. I start yelling at him and he got scared..

Unfortunately he didnt record these calls himself, so unless someone else did, they're gone for good. On the bright side, he promished that once he got opportunity to make some new ones, he'd be sure to record them.

If anyone knows any passwords for Crackout, please let me know. Here's a password I've made (passwords for 4-10 and 4-11 are in the cheats section):

Level 1-08 : N08G5Y7GZTPO4

Ken Beckett, creator of Crystal Mines which was released by Color Dreams, is working on a new Crystal Mines game calles Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure, which will appear on the old Atari Lynx, released by Songbird. Who knows, maybe we'll get a NES port? ;)

08.18.1999 Ever felt like talking to other NES colectors, such as Toot, NES-God, Elemental1 and me? Then why not join us on Efnet #nes2k? (EFnet server ex:

Here's what Nicolas Choukroun, owner of, could tell about the breakdown a few days ago:

We had an HD problem due to an error of our provider. We had restored our backup, but some files were corrupted. Emupedia is not hosted at emuclassics. Weird!

If you discover any broken links to pictures etc on NES WORLD, please report them, thanks.

Well it seems so. I got a mail from Todd Miller about a few ago. He had noticed this Dragon Warrior 3,brand new, being sold on ebay, starting at $9.99. Here's now the bidding on the cart went:

1st bid at: $35.00
2nd bid at: $111.99
3rd bid at: $160.00
4th bid at: $200.00
5th bid at: $204.00
6th bid at: $206.50

Only 6 persons bid on this item, but the price rocketed anyway. This means that this auction, as far as I know, now has the selling record of a released cartridge, beating a lot of Prototypes too.

You've probably all seen it. The Home Alone 2 prototype being auctioned off on ebay. It went for $177.50 and had 19 bids (now compare to the Dragon Warrior 3 cart). Well you can see a couple of scans on the prototype page.

Thanks to tweek, the RBI Baseball commercial I once streamed has been converted to the Advanced Streaming Format (asf) in two different versions, one being 1.8MB and another being only 140KB! You can find them on the "Magazine and TV Commercials" page.

The NAMCO Special is comming along nicely and should be ready tomorrow (been working on it this evening... plus I've recreated/fixed an old NAMCOT logo scan so that its totally clean. Well check it out tomorrow :)

08.16.1999 NES WORLD was down yesterday and most of today, reason? Well I dont really know. It seemed a bit strange tho that the index was completely messed up when went online again and that my logo was replaced by a Emupedia logo. All I hope is that noone was so bored (idiotic, lame, you name it) that they decided to hack the site. If this is the reason, I do hope that the person soon gets a life, girlfriend... whatever, cause he sure must have a boring life.

Well I think I've unloaded everything I had to say about that, so why not get on with today's update huh? :)

A new NES FAQ (wahey!) has been made, you sure dont see a lot of those being made anymore. This one is for Mission Impossible and made by Pieter Kuperus, thanks man!!


  • July updates moved to "Q3 news archive".

    08.16.99 (later) crap, I fell asleep, so today's update is really short. There wont be an update tomorrow (got an important meeting tomorrow after work), so what I had planned for today's update will be made Wedensday (Namco Special, and other cool stuff).

  • 08.14.1999 Time for some new stuff. I've received extremely positive feedback on the Konami Special I made around 14 days ago, even from Konami of Europe. Once again thanks to Konami, for taking the time to check out NES WORLD and give me feedback on the article, same goes to all of you who wrote me too, ofcourse. The next specials I've planned is one about Capcom and one about Namco.

    It's been awhile since I've updated the box archive, but here's a huge update with both European and American game boxes. A few have asked me why it doesnt feature Japanese boxart, well its simply because I only own 2 boxed Famicom carts myself and dont really know anyone with a huge collection. But who knows, I might make a page with Famicom boxart someday.

    Here's which titles I've added to the Archive: Street Gangs (PAL), Bad Dudes Vs. Dragonninja (PAL), Blades of Steel (US), Jurassic Park (US), Maniac Mansion (PAL), ShockWave (US), Tiny Toon 2 (PAL), Little Samson (PAL).

    08.13.1999 Back from the study at a business college, near the German border. I found a few goodies in Germany: Parodius, Over Horizon, Crackout and Mario & Yoshi. Three are Euronly releases (Mario & Yoshi is the european version of Yoshi), all were without box, but came with slipcase and manual, the price? US$6 each. I also saw Pinbot, another Palcom (Konami) Euronly release, but loose and a price of $12 I passed on that one, which I might regret later, ah well.

    Today I visited the local 2nd hand videogame/computer/CDs store and found that he had sold all his Sega Megadrive (Every SMS game dissapeared a few months ago), but instead he had a lot of "new", used, NES games. Going through piles of games (all boxed) I noticed something, not a Euronly release, but something I've wanted to find for a long long time... the European version of River City Ransom, one of the best NES games ever, which is called Street Gangs and released by Infogrames. Digging a bit deeper I found another European game I've wanted to find, eventhough it exist in the US too. Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja, released by Ocean. Data East released this game in the US with the title "Bad Dudes". The game is a bit strange tho, there is no title on the titlescreen.

    The NES WORLD Messageboard has been removed due to lack of support, partly from my side, but also from World of Nintendo (board being hacked and pics etc not working). A new board might be up sometime.

    I'm back on ICQ, you can see when I'm online or not by looking just below the counter on the leftside bar.

    Finally... Happy birthday to me!! (Yeap! turning 22 today :)

    07.31.1999 KONAMI SPECIAL
    A couple of years ago I did a Tengen special which only told a minor story about the Company, but then a great deal about its games. I'm gonna do it the other way around with the Konami I like the best, because of it's great games and cool attitude, they actually care about their fans by replying their e-mail and such, unlike certain others such as Capcom and Nintendo.

    Well click here to check out my Konami Special.

    Nintendo and their 3rd party licensees are going NES port crazy, below is a list of NES classics which will appear on the Gameboy Color in near future:

    Bionic Commando (Originally by Capcom, port by Nintendo)
    Crystalis (Originally by SNK, port by Nintendo)
    Ghosts & Goblins (Originally by Capcom, port by Capcom)
    1942 (Originally by Capcom, port by Capcom)
    Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (Originally by Konami, port by Konami)
    Blaster Master (Originally by SunSoft, port by SunSoft)

    Super Mario Bros and Shadowgate are both already ported and in retail, Dejavu and a sequel, oddly enough it's called Dejavu 2, will follow soon. Now we can only hope Nintendo will port the old NES Mother (Earthbound) game to the Gameboy Color, although personally I'd like to see a GBC version of Menace Beach (heh).

    I'm finally able to stream video with my TVTuner card, so I've decided to start streaming a few NES commercials. Unfortunately my tuner is PAL and the commercials are in NTSC format, so it doesnt match too well.

    I planned to stream the 2 commercials I've got, RBI Baseball - Acclaim Wireless Controller - Camerica Wireless controller, but I only succeeded streaming RBI. At the bottom some of the screen is displayed because of the PAL display having more lines than NTSC, the RBI only took 1/4 of the screen for this "bar" while the other two took almost half (dunno why). So I guess we'll have to wait till |tsr moves his bu** and streams all his commercials huh? :)

    Click here to download the RBI baseball commercial in MPEG format (4,2MB)

    A little update on Chris' tank game, here's an e-mail I received from him today:

    Hi, Martin. The game that I am working on is a game like "Scorched Tanks" on the Amiga, or "Scorched Earth" on the PC. Two players fire shots at each other by selecting the angle and speed of their shot. This is the first game that I have ever made on any system. If everything goes alright, I should have my game released by the end of August. Here is an updated snapshot of the game, but it will still go through several cosmetic changes before it is released.

    Click here to check out a newer screenshot from his tank game. He also stated that my Kid Icarus 2 screenshot had to be fake, here's the reason:

    That Kid Icarus 2 snapshot is a total fake. The NES can only display 4 colours in a 16-pixel region, and that title screen violates that limitation with the "Kid Icarus" lettering appearing in front of the temple. Even if this "game" used sprites to make up for more colours, only 8 sprites can appear on one row of a game screen. And the title definitely looks larger than 8 sprites (64 pixels.) That "2" graphic looks like it was ripped from Gremlins 2, or something.

    Well thats about it, there'll be an update of Classicon tomorrow, be sure to check it out :)

    07.28.1999 Oooops, what happened huh? July is almost gone and I promished an update 14 days ago! woops, woops, woops.

    I'm now on a newer PC, AMD K6 233mhz w/96MB ram, the old was an AMD 486 DX4 100mhz with 24MB ram, so I sure can feel the difference, heh. I also got a new gfx card, a 16MB 3Dfx Banshee card, which means I'm now able to make avi's with my tvtuner (my old s3trio 1meg card wouldnt do it).

    Well I've got rid of my extra Rodland on ebay, thanks to the Norwegian guy who bought it for sending the payment so fast and all. No thanks goes to "" who was the highbidder in my Ufouria auction almost 2 months ago. His moneyorder never arrived eventhough he claimed he sent it twice.

    Well, time to get some news. As many of you probably have read on |tsr's board, SNES Zelda has been ported to the Famicom. I will try to obtain a copy from Russia, I bet they have it there by now, and then get it dumped.

    Latest news for NES ports to the Gameboy Color is Devaju, which is supposed to be packed on a cart along with Dejavu 2, which wasnt out on the NES. It's actually quite funny how Nintendo and others port these old games to the GBC, but well they probably know they'll be a success. I still havent got around to buying a GBC and Super Mario Deluxe, but oh I will :)

    Chris Covell, famous for his many NES demos, is working on a NES game, supposed to be a tank game of some sort, side-view with cartoon style tanks. It's still far from done, and a very early beta was released to a few people, click here for a screenshot.

    A prototype of The Miracle Piano System has been found and was auctioned off on ebay at the insane price of US$586, some people just have too much money, or no life, oh hey nes-god ;D

    What was the deal with Kid Icarus 2 for the NES? was it real or just some scam? I once found this screenshot (sorry I can't remember where) on the net, but I havent seen the game on any release lists, American as well as European.

    Another handheld NES clone was discovered months ago, I just never got around to adding the picture. The clone only accepts Famicom carts, like the TopGuy, it come in black packing and looks very similar to the Sega GameGear or Nomad. The name? Game Axe, now how cool is that name?!

    Lets continue with the pirate stuff, the most successful Famicom clone of 1999 is built into a N64 which has been merged with a Zapper. It goes under the name GunBoy and cost around 4900pts (around US$35). I saw these a lot in Spain this summer, but with only 6 very common games built-in, the price was just a bit too high.

    I'm off to Germany for another 14 days, starting monday, so dont expect any updates, but I will try to have a couple of updates before I leave.

    Todays minor updates are:

    07.13.1999 Woop! back after a great week in Spain (Mallorca), hot as hell there. Anyway I managed to find a few NES thingies down there. NES stuff is getting quite hard to find, atleast the cool European releases and so.

    I managed to find a NES/Famicom (has both 72 and 60 pin slots) which has the shape of the old style US/EUROPEAN NES (the clone is only about half size). It has a 9999999in1 built-in with the usual lame multi titles. It's produced by NASA, and to prove how great quality NES clones are, it blew up when I powered it up.

    I also found a Micro Genius IQ-1000 Famicom clone. It quite cool and the manual writes stuff about a disk drive and keyboard which can be attached to a port on the right side of the clone (either you need a cable for the FDS to attach it there, or Micro Genius made their own disk system). I tried attaching my FDS to the clone, but it wont run (Famicom disclaimer screen appears and the clone stalls). The clone came without multicart or lightgun, but has this extremely cool infared joypad along with a normal one. I havent tested the infared, so I dunno how it works yet.

    I saw a few NES multicarts there, but priced at 6500 pesetas (around $46) they were a tad too expensive. I did pick one up tho, getting the guy to lower the price to 4000 pesetas (although I told him I only wanted to pay 3000, I guess 4000 is ok, it's around $28). It's a 52 in 1 much similar to a 64in1 I once bought for $75 from a guy in the US. Besides this 52in1, the seller had a 42in1 and a 32in1 (I think). None with kickass games tho, but this 52 having 52 different games is ok.

    Now to the kickass part. Just before I was about to leave (friday 9th) I went to this mall which were close to my hotel. I noticed this small videogame store selling N64 and PSX stuff, I decided to check it out and... wait!... whats that?!?! hmmm, there in a small glass cabinet were two unopened copies of RODLAND!!!!!!!!! It was released by Storm (Sales Curve) back in 1993, and developed by Jaleco. I guess it only made it to Europe, cause I've never seen it on any US release list. They were 4000 pesetas each, but being a bit short of money, since I had to leave in a few hours, I could only afford one of them. Lucky the rest of the family had some left, so I picked up both, a surprise to the guy in the store a little.

    Besides the two Rodland carts, the guy had a few old NES joypads manufactured by "QJ" who also made the Game Action Replay. But being totally out of money I couldnt get any of them (plus they were around 3000 pesetas each). In the same cabinet were 4 shrinkwrapped MEGACD's priced 990 pesetas (about $7). I kinda wanted those, ah well.

    Moved June updates to the "Q2 Updates" page.
    Added Rodland box to the Boxart page.

    Well I'll try to have an update tomorrow.

    07.02.1999 Since I'm leaving for Spain in a few hours, I tought it would be nice with a small update huh? Well it's been lying on my HD for a week now, so it had to be added sooner later. Anyway, I'll be back in a week.

    CROSSBOW: Remember the infamous unreleased American Game Carts Inc. game called Crossbow? Even advertised in-game in Wally Bear and the NO! Gang, released by American Video Entertainment.

    Well AGCI bought the rights to all Exidy arcade games and released Chiller as their second NES released (released after Death Race). The 3rd game announced by AGCI was Crossbow, another Exidy game, but something happened and they didnt finish the game, making Shockwave their third and final NES game. Actually this was their fourth game since they sold Wally Bear to AVE, but their own release number 3.

    Anyway, Crossbow I've been given a copy of the PC version of Crossbow (it was released for the Atari2600 too) and it turns out to be very similar to Chiller. You have one, or more, characters who you have to protect, from meteors, ghosts, lightenings etc, while they walk across the screen. The graphics are quite bad, but the game is VERY addictive and kept me in front of the screen for an hour or two. Chiller was very popular, but if Crossbow had been released it would've beaten Chiller by far.

    Amazing Zapper game, but what happened to the NES release? is still unkown (ack). Click here to view some screenshots from the PC version of Crossbow.

    BOX ART: A small update of the boxart page, added scans of Batman (pal), Silent Assault, George Forman's KO (pal), Treasure Master, Little Ninja Brothers (pal), Low G Man (pal), Cartoon Workshop (pal) and High Speed (pal).

    KLAX' BLOB BALL: Ever seen that weird blok ball game in the klax' "stuff" section. Whats this game about? it's quite addictive, but there's no points or whatever. Quite weird, but quite cool.

    THE WIZARD: I watched the old "Nintendo movie", the Wizard, today. I honestly didnt think the movie was as bad as people claimed. But boy they're right!. I hate to say it, but I was bored from beginning to end, the only amusing thing was the "videogame armageddon" thing, which kinda looked like the Nintendo Power Fest 1990. This movie is almost 2 hours of bad dialogues and dull "action". I'd rather clean the entire house than watching this lame movie (ok, maybe not).