QUATER 2 1999

06.23.1999 It's setteled, I now know where I'm going in week 27, SPAIN!! (again). I was there 2 years ago, at Costa Del Sol, although this time i'm going to Mallorca, boy am I looking forward to that :)
I wanted to go to Turkey, but the rest of the family voted against me, boo!, but I'll go there next year then, for sure (that country r0x!!).

Anyway, I've made a few screenshots from another HK "original" pirate game, called Aladdin 2 (although it's identical to Aladdin 1, according to the guy who got it for me). Anyway, the game has to be one of the better SNES ports I've seen/played on the Famicom, though the control is a bit cheesy sometimes.

Time to introduce a sub-section for the Pirate section, called Famicom copiers. I'm able to show you two old FC Disk copiers, huge thanks to both imid and _rip_.

06.21.1999 I'll have the following weeks from from work (week 26 & 27), this means that I'll be able to do massive work on NES WORLD one of the weeks. I might be going to Turkey the other week (not quite decided yet), to total relax and do some NES/FC hunting (did quite well there last in '98).

Anyway, some of you might have noticed the mail on |tsr's messageboard about a Zelda game in yellow casing. Well I believe this has to be some sore of proto/preview cartridge, and with permission from the owner of the cart, I've added two pictures to the proto page.

06.20.1999 Been a few days since the last update, and another emuclassics breakdown (06.17.99). It seems they have some problems with a antivirus program, causing the breakdowns. However during these you were actually able to access your account on the server, but yesterdays breakdown wasnt like that, everything was down.... ah well, if you aren't able to visit NW sometimes, it's probably because of one of these breakdowns. I'm sorry about that, but the cool guys at funpoint are working on the problem, so lets just hope it's gone soon.

Remember that homebrewn game I once wrote a small article about, called Time Conquest, by an old IRC buddy of mine, EFX, and the author of the ZSNES emulator, _Demo_. Well the game was at a very early stage and they didnt want everyone to check it out back then. Ok, it's still at a very early stage, but you're now able to view the map without having to rotate the D-pad on your joypad a few hundred times. A "public" version is available now, click here to download.

I'm not quite done with the videos. I was informed a few days ago that the Mario Bros cartoons, from the Super Mario Bros Super Show, also are available for download, or atleast a new one every 14 days. It's pretty cool, but I kinda wish it was the whole show and not just the cartoon, ah well, would take up a lot of space too. Check out the site.

Older ( ~ > 06.08.99) updates have been moved to the Archive.

More manuals(!), thanks to Jesse Smith of World of Nintendo.

A small update of the HES page. (an old HES catalogue scanned)

I'm changing ISP here in denmark soon, to get lower phone rates. This means that I'll be getting a new e-mail address (, or similar). The old will still be available though.

06.14.1999 I've had this news story on videotape for quite a few years. It's about Nintendo winning a court case against a couple of importers of illegal Nintendo clones. Well click here and check out the squashed clones.

Not really NES related, but then again yes it is. Good old Donkey Kong, who appeared on the SNES in Donkey Kong Country. Well back in 1997-98, Canal Digital (huge French satelite station which owns a large percentage of the European Satelite TV market) and a few others, including Rare and Nintendo ofcourse, managed to put together a cartoon show with graphics very similar to the game. The animations are graphics of the cartoon are kickass, but the story, honestly, is lame in all the episodes I've seen (only watched it for a few weeks back in the summer '98). Anyway, click here to check out a few screenshots from the cartoon.

Well not only Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong got their own cartoon. Mega Man, Capcom's pride, also has/had his own cartoon show. Unlike the Donkey Kong Show, Mega Man is quite cool and not to kiddie, eventhough I was 20 when I saw these, I found 'em quite fun back then, and actually still do. Click here for a few screenshots.

Wait, we're not done with the cartoons. Did you know that has recorded all the Zelda episodes and converted 'em to the Real Video format. Eventhough they arent in a great resolution, they're still worth checking out (now we seriously need something like this with old NES commercials!! :)

Well why dont we just continue with movies. It's actually quite fun to see how the NES has been used in movies, and how the dudes who are supposed to play's moves dont match what happends on the screen. First movie I've found is Bethoven, the one about that damn Sct. Bernhard which drools all over the place (yuckers!!).

06.11.1999 The guy (aka Mr. Wilson) who sold/auctioned two of the protos on my proto page contacted his buyer and had him tell me that I now wasnt allowed to use the scans of Hillsfar and Wizardry 2, or the buyer wouldnt be able to buy anymore protos from him. I've blurred the scans of those two protos quite a lot, to do what I was told to, kinda. My guess is that this Wilson guy stole these protos somewhere and doesnt wanna get caught, so no scan of the carts may exist. He saw the scans here himself, so if I'm wrong about you stealing these cart let me know, gimme a reason, and not through you buyer.

ASDER is working on a new PC type thing for kids called PC-2000. As far as I've been able to see from the proto picture, it should have a port for Famicom cartridges aswell. They're doing some final testing of the unit atm. More info as it breaks.

06.10.1999 Sorry for not having any update yesterday, I was a bit lazy. Well I spent most of yesterday sorting and making more space for my collection.

An auction is currently going on at, a beta of Blue Marlin is being auctioned off. Check out a few pics of the cartridge on my prototype page. Also, still no news about the Inspector Gadget proto, the guy selling the proto has not yet contacted the winner.

It has come to my attention that some people think that I write too much about rare stuff, but i imagined that it was what people (you) wanted. So if you have any cool ideas for improvement fo this site, i'm open for suggestions. A few *have* already e-mailed me and their ideas will become reality in the near future, such as a guide to where you might find pirate or just the common stuff, online aswell as offline.

Thanks to Steve Begin, a few more manuals have been added.

Shadowgate 64 was released yesterday, I'll try to get my hands on a copy soon and check it out, I'm not gonna do a review of it, but might do a minor comparison to the old NES version, if possible.

This update has pretty much the same stuff added as the last one, but I'll work on some new material this weekend (probably the buyers guide).

06.08.1999 Ok, added a few new prototypes today, Wizardry 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Inspector Gadget (listed, but no info). Also added a scan of Hillsfar, thanks to NES-God. If you've got a prototype which isnt listed, please do e-mail me.

A huge thanks to Jeffrey H. Davidson (jhd7) for sending me some new manuals for the archive, keep 'em comming! :) (same goes for the rest of ya, I need your help typing in manuals.

I'll try to have a couple of new things up tomorrow also...

06.07.1999 What?! another update! hmm yeah. Well I had some problems getting the Soccer Station clone running yesterday, it didnt come with a manual and I didnt use common sense. Well check out a small review of the Soccer Station here.

I've received a couple of new screenshots from Russia which will make us all drool pretty damn much, just listen to these titles: Boogerman, Boogerman 2, Earthworm Jim 2, Earthworm Jim (1), Toy Story, Pocahontas, woop woop, Pocahontas Part 2 and finally Samurai Spirits!! :)

Out for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with another update (yes really!)

06.06.1999 Ok, i'm back with a lot of cool new stuff. I was browsing through some old UK magazines and found something pretty interesting (why havent I noticed this before), well Active Enterprises didnt only release their games in the US. I'm the October 1993 issue of the UK Nintendo magazine "Total!" they had a little advertisement for the Action52. This probably means that a PAL version of the Action52 also exist, though the UK NES was/is able to run the US version of the Action52. Anyway, I've completely rewritten the Action52 page and added this little UK Action52 add. Oh, they were looking for retailers too :)

It's finally revealed that the Tristar64 exist. I added a picture of what must've been the prototype almost a year ago. It caused quite a lot of missconfusion, as some people claimed it was an update of the Tristar for the new SNES design. Anyway, check out if you wanna know more, or even buy one.

Nintendo has become nothing but NES game sequels lately. In may they release Super Mario Bros DX for the Gameboy, and Shadowgate Classic was released earlier, both are complete rewrites of the old NES classics. In the works is Shadowgate64, sequel to the NES version and just announced, a Excitebike64 sequel. First screenshots of Excitebike64 are shown to the public, but as a friend of mine said "it's nothing like the old, it aint cartoonish", well he's right, it looks more like a bad port of that PC game "Motocross" or whatever it was called. Finally, Crystalis has been announced for the Gameboy Color, not a sequel but a port of the old NES version.

I was at a giant market today (if any danes are reading this, ja det var Hjallerup Marked). The past couple of years I've always brought home a NES clone (Mastergames) looking like a Super Famicom. Well this years clones were a bit different, what I found was something called Gold Leopard King, which is a keyboard and Famicom in-one, a "Soccer Station" from Nikita, looks like a Playstation. Besides the two I bought, I saw a SD Endingman like the one on my pirate stuff page and the classic Mastergames Super Famicom look-alike, although the one being sold was the old 1996 version.

Thats it for now, but I'll be back in a few days with another nice update, which will include more prototypes, the 1999 famicom/nes clones and much more!

05.27.1999 Another update with a few goodies I hope you'll enjoy! :)

  • Update of the Multicartridge page.

    The old multicartridge list has been temp removed, but will be merged into the new design over time.

  • New review: comparing Lionking, pirate vs. original

  • 05.26.1999 As you might have noticed by now, a lot has happened to NES WORLD. The design has been completely (well almost) changed, the sections will be cleaned out and sorted to make it easier to figure out during the next month (NW is quite big and it cant be done in one day, sorry).

    Why there hasn't been any updates in may at all (besides this)? Well I've planning a brand new structure and "idea" for the site, which will make it more like an online magazine, meaning more reviews, specials, interviews and so...

    Besides the usual stuff, I'll make some contests and trivas which ya'll hopefully will enjoy. So eh.... welcome to a new NES WORLD! ;)

  • Wanted/Archive section changed to the new look.
  • Game reviews section changed to the new look.
  • Accessories section changed to the new look.
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