QUATER 1 1999


Ok! got a new scanner today. I returned the Scott/Compeye 300Dpi I got when my old PlusTek FB3 couldn't be fixed. I then went to another store to check out their scanner display, and noticed that they had an AGFA SnapScan 310 on sale (US$100). I knew AGFA is a quality brand so I decided to go for that one (the HP ones were too enpensive anyway, and all other $100 scanner were either noname or brands I knew sucked).

Well I finally(!) found a scanner which would do what I wanted it to, just check the two scans below and decide which one is best (left pic is by the Scott/Compeye and the right pic is by the Agfa SnapScan 310).

I highly recommend the Agfa scanners, plus the software is brilliant! (unlike the Scott/Compeye scanner software, very uncustomizable).


Interview with Bill Hindorff, former Tengen programmer/producer.

A few goodies for ya'll to stare at above, dont forget to check out the update tho ;)

Sorry about many of they new scans being very bad quality. My old scanner broke down (Plustek FB3) and I had to get a new. Well the new one (Scott/Compeye 36M) aint exactly a great scanner eventhough it was quite expensive. Well I'm gonna deliver this pile of crap back, so no more crappy scans.


K, most of you may have noticed that a worm was supposed to arrive here a week ago. Well my scanner broke down and is being fixed (which might take a few weeks). So the worm will be a bit delayed, but check out this cool stuff I found for ya instead.

  • New manuals added, check the page for more details.
  • 3 new FAQS added.
  • Boxart page finally online!!
  • More brag on my Wanted/Archive page.


  • Added "Ultima: Quest for Avatar" FAQ, thanks to Splice.
  • A few manuals added, check the page for more details.
  • Review of a lame PC Mario game, for kids, added.

    Thats it for today, sorry, but I'll have another update ready tomorrow with some very special stuff "from russia with love" heh (and no, it aint Tetris, but something even cooler feat. a damn worm), stay tuned :)

    SUNDAY 28TH MARCH 1999

    All of NW should be online now, and I hope to have the first update ready later today (gotta get some sleep first).

    It's incredible to see all the hits the new location have had today (just turned 700+), I wonder if it'll pass the record of 956 pageviews from 22 june 1998 (hehe).


    Back after almost a whole month being offline. It was cauased by the owner of internet1 being extremely greedy, although he kinda HAD to be, since NES WORLD ate quite a lot of space and bandwidth. At the end undating was almost impossible since I was put as backbone user, meaning almost no bandwidth was left for me.

    A note written by Mr. Roger Howard at February 23rd told me that the site would be removed at the end of February. I quickly qrote a page which I would add, to let people know what was happening and that I had to move elsewhere. But Howard had already changed the password to the account which made it impossible to update or even move the stuff. Thank god I make a backup CD of NW every month, so nothing was lost. I later found out that he actually was trying to blackmail (strong word, but hey) me to make a new web page for internet1. I had already agreed to make this page for Howard, but because I had not heard from him for weeks about the design etc I had made, I went "fuck that, he probably aint that serious about it then".

    Well the site was removed on 2nd March, causing a crazy number of e-mails and notes on serveral messageboards. I've replied as many of the e-mails as I possibly could (limited time + I was away, at school, until the 14th March). I've got a page on emuclassics called Classicon which covers other great consoles such as the SNES, Genesis, SMS etc., and decided to ask emuclassics for hosting. They quickly responded that they would like to host the site, but getting the P/L took a few weeks, because the webmaster was away on wacation or whatever.

    Well here it is, back online and faster than it was on internet1. You might've noticed the banners on some pages. These will be added to *every* page over time. It was a part of the deal, and the least I could do to help funpoint (who runs

    - Martin

    PS: Please note that NES WORLD aint 100% uploaded, but will be over the next days, so please dont report any bugs the next few days, thanks :)


    I've added a site faq which hopefully will answer the most frequent questions which enters my mailbox everyday, but doesnt get answered. I'd like to answer all questions personally, but I simply dont have the time to do so. Sorry!

  • Info about S.E.I. added!
  • Small update of the HES page.


    As those of you who have visited Classicon might have guessed, things arent exactly going as planned over there. I've been extremely busy at work the past month or so and havent really had any energy to update both Classicon and NES WORLD, so I ofcourse picked NW. I hope things will change soon, and I'll find some neat SNES info to add, since the SNES part will be the one i'll put my focus on first.

    Oh Toot, of toots nes shoot, has changed and moved his site. It's is now called the Nintendo Information Insemination and is located at kickass Go there and check it out (his Ian Bell interview, which he btw did before I did mine, has some better answers from Bell).

    • Update of the American Video Entertainment page. (I've tried to get in contact with both Phil Mikkelson and Richard Frick for quite awhile, to get more details about AVE, but without any luck). Still a small update was possible.
    • On a trial basis I'm going to create a page where we all can buy/sell or trade or incredibly rare stuff (which most stuff actually isnt, just harder to find in some areas). Hopefully going to be online in a couple of weeks.
    • The update you all have been waiting for! my Wanted/Archive page (yeepeee!)
    • Update of the AGCI (American Game Carts Inc) page. Thanks to Ben Strobel I'am able to show you what the box for Crossbow looked like.
    • Small page about the old Game & Watches (and downloadable G&W's for your PC)
    • Another interview! Yes! it's the one with Nina Stanley. And a good one it is :)
    • Minor article about SMB which goes portable.


    Yep, were finally on, and still as backbone user, so sorry if everything is slow as h***. Well here's some new stuff for ya.

    • New section: Game Hoax
    • NES WORLD CD selling well
    • Ian Bell interview
    • An interview with Nina Stanley, former Color Dreams graphics artist, is also comming. But Nina is quite busy working on a new N64 which should be availabe around September 1999. I dont know anything about this game, but atleast we know it'll have some kickass graphics.
    • Minor update of the HES page (Added some box/cart scans).
    • update of my wanted/archive page.
    • Moved the "what's new" page to the "older" archive as it was getting rather large.


    Added a guestbook and a chatroom! (just for the kicks of it :)
    Access them from the mainmenu


    Hey again, Just a small note to let you all know that I'm planning on moving NES WORLD off I've been placed as backbone user on internet1 which means there's almost no bandwidth left for me. It takes me over 5 minutes to upload 25k, if it doesnt timeout. I cant live with this so I'm checking my options to move elsewhere. please use when you access the site, cause then you'll be sure you access the page even when it moves.

    Sorry if the update below has screwed everything up, but I cant update on internet1 under these conditions. So until I find a new place to host the site, it's been put on hold.

    Thanks for your support! :)

    - Martin


    Well I got a delayed a few hours, so it became a monday update and not sunday, sorry. I had to finish the movie Gotcha!, the old lame movie which also has it's own NES game. Hmm seems like the Pizza I ordered earlier wasnt made of the best ingrediences(sp?), my stomach hurts as h***.

    Anyway here's what I've got for you this time!

    Oop, more in a few days...


    Woop! Happy New Year! and welcome to the first '99 update of NES WORLD. Well I wasnt really going to update today, since I'm quite tired (wonder why), but a few hours ago I decided to play a little battletanx on the N64 (sorry, but I had to buy this game). Anyway I got tired of playing and decided to watch the credits before I switched off the N64, just to see if there were any names there I knew.

    I had this strange feeling that I actually would find someone who used to make NES games there, and I was right. Under the "Aditional Art" section I found a name which made me, as a Color Dreams fan, scream "WOW!". The great gfx artist who to used to be at Color Dreams, Nina Bedner (now Nina Stanley), actually helped making the gfx for this game by the 3DO company, quite cool eh? Sorry I cannot give you a screenshot of the credits screen, since my tv-tuner card doesnt have a scart plug. But if you local videogame store has battletanx in their demobox, then go 'n check it out! (not just the credit screen, also the game cause it's acutally quite cool) :)

    Nina Stanly did graphics for quite a few Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree games sych as Menace Beach, Bible Adventures, Spiritual Warfare and such.

    Oh I almost forgot. I was looking through the Menace Beach sprites the other day, another Nina Bedner creation, and found something quite weird. The skate dude on a waterscooter, or whatever its called. As far as I know this isn't used anywhere in the game, so I wonder if it was lack of time which ment that the stage where this should be used wasn't made. Well I gotta ask Vance Kozik about this sometime.

    Well that's all I had to say today, but expect a minor update on Sunday. The info above is not yet added to the Color Dreams page, but will be on sunday.

    - Martin

    OH! you can use when you wanna visit NES WORLD. if you use this url you'll be sure to access NES WOLRD, even if we should move sometime.