1996 - 1998


Time for a fat NES WORLD update, since it's been lacking quite a lot lately, sorry about that. Well before we head off to the update, let me just wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year :)

Well thats it for now, but before I run off... here's something for those who cannot understand what yoshi's are saying... another tutor will be online soon!


Price of the NES WORLD CD drops to US$20 (read what it includes in the 13th Dec. Update). People who have already ordered will get a refund!.
It is not possible for me to send the CD as international COD, it's simply way too expensive, and I need an account at the postoffice which also costs a fortune (!).

Well I just received a neat little thing from a friend of mine. Go check it out here.


Oh boy! Zelda - Ocarina of Time was released all over Europe yesterday, and I ofcourse had a copy preordered (although preordres did not come as gold carts here, damn you NOE! bitch!) ah well I probably wont be doing anything major to this site the next week or so (like have I done anything the past week). Asking why?! hrmmmf... think man! the game of the century is out and we all know where the characters all appeared first, so if it wasnt for this old 8bit wonder of the world, I wouldnt be playing, but instead updating (should I cry or not?).

Well I finally finished the NES WORLD CD (comes with a nice color inlay!) and it's around 300+ megabytes of exciting material, as you can see below:

  • Full copy of the current NES WORLD
  • Archive with older NES WORLD designs (and typos, hehe)
  • Material which was made, but never put online
  • A directory with misc files collected through the years (no game roms!!)
  • NES tunes in various formats (mod, midi, x3m, wave)
  • Full copy of the current NES WORLD JUKEBOX
  • Huge directory with box scans
  • AND AS A BONUS!!! A Giant directory with all kinds of NES related scans
The CD is $25 shipped worldwide. Every CD has a number and once I hit 20 sold copies I will have someone pick a number (1-20) and the winner will get a kickass NES package with carts and other merchandise.

If you want one of these CD's then please send $25, in cash or International Money Order, along with your snail and e-mail address to:

Martin Nielsen
Satervej 1
DK-9520 Skorping

Want to see a larger box scan? then I hope you know how to use you browser, cause they were all scanned rather large (actual size).

Not forgetting Zelda for the GB, just didnt have space for it above.

Scans by Martin Nielsen

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I'm starting a new multi-system site at called Classicon. It'll hopefully become just as popular as NES WORLD, since I'm exploring the more weird sides of the GB, SNES, VB, GENESIS, SMS and GG over there. I'll be up around 24th December (yeah really!)


Time for another update of the largest site with info about the NES. Oh yeah, have you always wanted your own *full* copy of NES WORLD to check out whenever you want, without being online? Well I just got an offer from a company which could make this happend. I've decided to release a NES WORLD CD with the following contents on it:

  • Full copy of the current NES WORLD
  • Archive with older NES WORLD designs (and typos, hehe)
  • Matrial which was made, but never put online
  • A directory with misc files collected through the years (no game roms!!)
  • NES tunes in various formats (mod, midi, x3m, wave)
  • Huge directory with box scans
  • AND AS A BONUS!!! A Giant directory with all kinds of NES related scans
The CD contents is free, but US$25 is needed as payment per CD for production costs and shipping world-wide. If you're interested, then please e-mail me at and I will let you know when the CD will be avilable and where/how to send the money. What a cool christmas gift eh? ;)

Well back to business, here's what I've added:

  • Updated my wanted/archive page (wahey!)
  • Added a new Prototype carts page (wahey!)


    Just as I thought it was over, the owner of internet1, Roger, e-mailed me with great news. He has decided to let NES WORLD continue on internet1 at a trial basis, if I would add some banners.

    So boys and girls, it's now all up to you... please hit those banners and the site wont dissapear! :)

    Welcome back.

    - Martin

    PS: You can reach me at either or


    One month since last update and I finally pulled together and made something new. Sorry to all of you who have e-mailed me the past month and didnt get an answer to your mail, I'm back at full speed now and ready to handle whatever question you might have.

    I've decided to remove the warning page, about NES WORLD going offline, since I havent heard from internet1. I hope they decided that I could stay, but we'll have to wait and see (if NES WORLD is gone one day you know why). I've got an offer about hosting elsewhere and have decided that the NES WORLD Jukebox, GB Zone and the remains of SNES and N64 Zone will move there. This will take some of the heat off internet1, which I hope they're glad hear ;)

    Anyway here's what I've been working on.

    Small review of Beauty and the Beast. For more reviews, click here.
    Updated my Wanted/Archive page.
    Added a European NES release list. (still incomplete)
    Review of the Acclaim Remote Controller. For more reviews, click here.
    Added a UK Micro Machines commercial. For more commercials, click here.
    Kickass TOPGUY(!!!) picture, from Pirate Meun... thanks mate! ;)
    Rewrap of the topguy page.

    Be sure to check back in a few days for more goodies from my collection of ummm... stuff.


    NES WORLD will not be passed along to someone else, as I've put a lot of work into this site and would hate to see someone else change or simply kill the site (not that it WOULD happen if someone else took over).

    NES WORLD will stay online and I'll return in a couple of months or so... when I've got a bit more energy and a better solution for the NESletter distribution. I just wish that I would get just a little more feedback or new ideas for NES WORLD, it's been very quiet lately.

    The Franz Lanzinger Interview was supposed to go into the "unreleased archive", just because I know a good friend of mine (Impala) on the net wants to read it, I've decided to add it.
    Added a new clone called "Super Joy".
    New info about the ASDER computer.
    Links page has been cleaned and doesn't accept new additions.
    closed the NESletter page.
    Updated my Wanted/Archive page.
    Scans from "pirate" brochures!!

    Like our "new" look?


    If you've checked the messageboard or were on the NESletter distribution list you kinda knew this was comming.

    I've decided to close NES WORLD for an unknown period of time. I originally posted a message on the messageboard because I didnt wanna bother updating, but a few people claimed it was a fake note on the board, so I had to update.

    I've had too many bad experiences regarding NES WORLD lately, and I cant take anymore crap. The NESletter subscription list was used by a number of people to promote their own site or just send spam mail.... the messageboard was completely screwed up by a couple of guys who obviously had nothing better to do than type in a lot of crap.

    The Internet aint what it used to be, I guess it's mostly 12 yr old kids on crack now, and I dont feel the same support or concern for NES WORLD anymore, so I believe its time to take a break. I dont know if this is forever yet, but I'll figure that out soon.

    Thanks to all of you who actually did care (Hessel Meun for all your pics, please keep 'em comming)...

    see ya!

    NOTE: noone will get permission to use parts of NES WORLD.... so dont ask.


    Time for another cool update of NES WORLD. The NESletter now has over 100 subscribers, but has been delayed heavily lately. However you can expect a new issue very soon (Expected tomorrow). If you have anything you would like to contribute with for the zine, please send it in asap, thanks.

    Just received my first HES (Aussie unlicensed NES cart), therefore I've completely rewritten the HES page.
    New page added called "We didn't make it..." and informs you about the games which didn't make it to the stores.
    Added a new section called "NES WORLD's Hall of Fame".
    Fixed Dr. PC Jr. link on the clones page.
    Updated my wanted/archive list.

    Wanna talk to me online? Well get on IRC EFnet #nesworld, I'm usually there every evening (CET).

    Finally, a special greeting to "Elementl1" ;)


    Hummmm sorry about the extreme delay, but I've been quite busy doing other stuff, like work. Anyway, here's a small update for ya'll to drool over.

    That's what I had to offer today, but I'm working on something great, which I hope I'll be able to add soon. I still need more webspace, to start the box art page, so please let me know if you know of a place where I can get like 20-30 megs.


    Heya... Just a minor update. Added a a page about an old Chocobolo (Cookie) NES contest.

    I was just told on IRC that Michael J. Novak Jr. made a page about me, telling how big a moron I am. Hmmm... this really shows Novak Jr's intelligence than anything else. Well check it out yourself, click here.
    Be sure to read the "final note" at the bottom.... for a good laugh! :)


    Supposed to update on my birthday the 13th August (turning 21), but I was too busy :)

    Ever wondered when the next NES WORLD interview would come? Well a couple of days ago when I was fooling around with some searchengines, I found Jon Valesh, former Color Dreams programmer. As a CD fan I went to heaven, and I quickly wrote an e-mail to Valesh who replied pretty fast, that he would like to answer all my questions! (wahooo!)

    Check the Valesh interview here.
    Also made a new page about Color Dreams, might ´be worth a look.
    Added scans of an unlicensed FDS cleaning kit to the FDS page.
    Added a small AGCI page.
    Added another videotape.

    Thats it for now, but I've got the day off on wedensday, so I'll scan some new goodies for ya :)
    If you run a server and feel like hosting a bunch of pics for NES WORLD, then please do let me know as I'm in the need of like 40-50mb to restart the NES boxart page.


    WOOP! got a flatbed scanner today. It was about US$60, but not one of those cheapo ones which cant scan jacks..t, click here for a test scan I made :)

    Well get ready for a ton(!) of new cool pictures as well as ocr'd manuals, check below to see what I've scanned sofar:

    Huge update of the Single Pirate Carts page.
    - Mighty Final Fight
    - Super 98 Road Rash 3
    - Street Fighter 2
    - King of Rabbit 5
    - Donkey Kong Country
    - Donkey Kong Country 2
    - Super Mario World
    - Fatal Fury 2
    - Mickey Mania 7
    - Mortal Kombat V
    - Super Panda Prince
    ReAdded the Nintendo Consumer Service Prank Calls.
    Added a Game Posters page.

    A couple of scans which I havent found a suitable place for, yet...
    - European SMB box.
    - European Tennis box.
    - NES MAX joypad box front.
    - NES MAX joypad box back.


    Hey, yep I'm safely back from my vacation on Rhodes and started on my new job a couple of days ago. Because of this new job I dont really have any free time left to work on NES WORLD, so expect longer time between updates and even longer between NESletters, if no one else wish to write stuff for it.

    I'm working from 9 to 19 (or 17) every day, plus 30 minutes of driving to and back from work, so I bet you can guess how little energy I have when I'm home ;)

    Oh yeah, if you've e-mailed the past couple of weeks, but didnt get a reply, please be patient... I've got over 200 e-mails which I still need to read.

    Anyway, here's some new stuff for ya..............

    The update you all have been waiting for!! The update of my wanted/archive page :)
    Two new clones, Fun Time Home Computer and Play+ Power V.
    Game&Watch rerelease (and boy do they rule!!!!! hehe). I'll have kickass page ready with reviews of all 4 soon (since I've only got 2 now).

    Hmmm thats I've I had time for today, but umm expect something new soon (gotta work saturday, but not sunday....)


    Ok, here's a nice update for ya'll :)

    All of you in the Nordic, European, countries. The movie channel CANAL+ shows a "Donkey Kong Country" cartoon every day, monday to friday, (18.05 in Denmark, 18.35 in Sweden, ? in Norway). The channel is a satelite pay-4-view, but most might have it through cable. It's a 25 minute cartoon in the Donkey Kong game style (same kind of graphics). The catroon is very boring, but if you're a hardcore Nintendo fan, you might wanna watch it. The cartoon has been sound-dubbed for each country (danish, swedish, norwegian) which imo is awful and kills the cartoon... well check it out yourself! I dont know how long the cartoon has been "on", since I just discovered it today.

    Made a new page about NES games getting a sequel on the Nintendo64. (Also the first page to use my new design).
    Added Tristar64 to the converter page.
    Woop! update of my "wanted/archive" page ;)
    Fixed a broken link on the download page (thanks to Anthony Michael Greco), also changed the design (used a way-old one) and added a couple of new things ;)
    Added a Stunt Kids magazine add. Also completely redid the magazine add page.
    Added a new NES Interface System scheme which I received back in 1996, but havent been able to view it until now (yes i know what year it is! :) Also redid the NIS page
    Added a new section with Unlicensed FDS games. They all have one thing in common, pron! :)
    Small rewrite of my AVE page.

    To those of you who have been wondering what happened to the SNES and GB pages. Well they both under reconstruction and should be available soon. The Gameboy page was supposed to be added 1st of July, but I'm delayed quite a bit.

    A lot of guessings about Vivid has been put on the net the past few days, since we posted our small note. I still believe that our note is closest to what really happened and not whats been said, even in the interview with vivid.

    1st off, if someone had stolen the money, John Bull should've reported it to the police, which he obviously did'nt. There was no reason why he should move, unless he had something going on, like ripping off people. Money can't just "dissapear" from a bank account or whatever. The Vivid Barrier files cant just dissapear, unless he deleted it himself.

    Well read the interview Zophar posted on his page and judge for yourself.

    Thats it for now, my plane leaves in a couple of hours (going to Greece (Rhodos)), so I gotta get ready to leave for the airport :)

    TUESDAY 14TH JULY 1998

    Hi... sorry about the delay in updates, but here's a very nice update with two new interviews. Sorry to those of you who have been e-mailing me about my Faxanadu walkthrough, it's still is far from done, but I should have an update ready soon.

    Also, no new NESletter yet. I've been too busy to think about it yet and I kinda need help making it, got any cool ideas? :)


    Remember the guy selling NES copiers? Well it now looks like he took the money from about 12 preorders and ran away from home. Turns out the guy was an 18 year old who obviously had planned to run away from home and therefore put up a page where he sold both NES and SNES copiers.

    I'm not sure what you should do if you paied the guy (John Bull III), I guess you'd have to contact the police and report this as fraud or something. People have tried to contact his parrents, but there's nothing they can do (but arent they still responsible for his actions?... ripping off people).

    I hope all of you either get your money back for get what you paied for. I'll put a note here as soon as I know more about this, so stay tuned.

    Well here's what I've added:

    Richard Frick, president of American Video Entertainment, Interview added.
    Steve Hughes, Solar Jetman programmer, Interview added.

    I promise you more in a couple of days, but I've been to busy to work on anything the past weeks since I've been looking for a car and more. Also I'll be on wacation on Rhodos from wedensday 22nd to thursday 30th July and therefore wont be able to answer any e-mails or update NES WORLD in that period.


    Just received a few goodies from Hessel Meun, and could'nt wait to share it with you :)

    Added screenshots from the Super Mario Bros 4 pirate cartridge.
    Added screenshots from the Super Mario Bros 14 pirate cartridge.
    Added screenshots from a pirate 3 in 1 cartridge.

    Also fixed a link to the "Nintendo contact" on the misc page. Not really worth reading anyway though.

    Added a link to:
    - The Warp Zone
    - Zophar's domain
    - Dave's Classics

    It seems like the Nintendo prank calls have dissapeared, sorry about that, I'll get 'em uploaded somewhere else asap.

    Remember that I promished an interview with the owner of American Video Entertainment? He agreed to talk over a month ago, but I never heard from him again. About a week ago I e-mailed him again, no response. I'm still working on getting the interview, but dont put your hopes up.

    I've also contacted the of Tengen (Midway?) and Codemasters, but none of them wanted to talk, in fact they didnt even bother to reply (geez).

    Now its time for more garbage from the story.

    First a(nother) letter from fragmaster.

    From: Fragmaster (
    Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:13:18
    Subject: One more

    Can't you get it through your head? I didn't register it to piss you off. I could care less about a site refusing to move to CG (I refuse sites all the time and some of the ones I invite just don't want my help, which is just fine), I was just trying to help you (back then). READ this excerpt from my last mail:

    "it's just a name. I won't get into the details of why we registered it and who we were \ are working with on the site"

    Doesn't that clue you in? Doesn't that tell you that maybe THERE IS SOMEONE WORKING ON A SITE FOR THAT DOMAIN? I didn't want to come right out and say this, because I really like to make things a surprise (rather than hyping stuff up that may or may not ever come to be). Sure, they could be using a different domain... and I would of probably could of asked them to pick another one (since the site hasn't launched yet, despite the fact good NES domain names are hard to come by), but you *did not ask to buy it*. Instead, you thought a better approach to this situation would be to send meaningless threats and then post my replies (which didn't include your messages, and without asking for my permission) on your site. Then you started your whiney little speaches about how you had been wronged or something. As if I'd change my mind and hand it over to you after you made me look like some sort of Bill Gates clone. Grow up.

    And I didn't reply to your last response, because I said I wasn't going to reply to anymore emails about it. Didn't want this to become some overblown soap opera, but it has. You've whined to about every site out there.

    Let's finish this before it becomes some sort of lifelong grudge. It's not as if I hate your site, it's the second best one out there IMHO and I'm sure you can do more with it.

    What I'm going to do is take down the redirector to (meaning it won't load anymore, it just won't load anything) until the site launches. If for some reason the project falls through (as I am not running this site, if you haven't figured it out yet), you can buy the domain for $100.

    I think making apologies is pushing it, so I won't even ask :)

    Oh, if I come across as a little harsh here... sorry. I'm sure you're a bit frustrated too.

    Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen
    Editor-In-Chief\Site Director,

    The following is a letter (reply) I sent to a friend of fragmaster, who? doesnt matter... Check it out and let me know if I'm totally fucked up ;)

    Black text is mine and red is from the e-mail I received....

    From: -
    To: -
    Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998
    Subject: Re: Loyal Follower of Fragmaster


    First off, this mail copies to myself and fragmaster.

    > Yes, you read the subject. First of all, Fragmaster did nothing wrong.

    I know fragmaster did nothing wrong, legally, by registering, but fragmaster knew that a page named NES WORLD already existed and he therefore should've been smart enough not to register, unless he wanted to cause trouble.

    Fragmaster just e-mailed me telling that someone is working on a site for the domain, well again, fragmaster knew that a site called NES WORLD already exist and he should've told the guy who is making the page to find another name for his site.

    there's a word called "moral" which I hope both you, fragmaster and everyone else knows what means... You just dont do stuff like this, eventhough you have the legal rights to do so...

    > That sort of stuff is first come, first serve. Second of all, maybe you
    > should have moved to classicgaming, you would definately get more
    > traffic(classicgaming is very popular).

    Yeah its totally legal what he did, but not by the moral rules. NES WORLD has a perfect provider (internet1), so I had no need to move to Because has much emulation related material (emunews, roms and the like) I didnt want to move there, as I had/have enough rom requests already. NES WORLD is without banners and frames, as far as I know you have to have both if you wanna be on, right?

    >You make such claims that Fragmaster wants to control all of the
    >classicgaming sites. That is one of the most inane statements I
    >have ever seen. Fragmaster just give classicgaming sites homes,
    >bandwidth, and traffic.

    I bet fragmaster wants to control everything put on his site, everyone does. I remember telling nicely that I didnt want to move, with roms as the reason why. Now i'm being accused of being extremely nasty back then, but thats not how I remember it. I just hope you're 100% sure about what you're saying (fragmaster not wanting to control

    >You also made a claim that classicgaming is a rom/emulation site.
    >While some sites on classicgaming contains such, not all have to do
    >with that.

    I'd say 90% of is emulation related material ('ve just been there looking though everything). You're right, not all have to do with emulation, but most does.

    >Anyways, your site is great. However, I just wish you would make
    >correct statements on your news section. Both of you have great
    >sites, so stop fighting.

    Thanks. It would never have gone this far if fragmaster didnt register, he could've picked a lot of other great names. Also, fragmaster probably should use another excuse than "Martin needs to grow up", because thats what I heard from him mostly, I bet if he was in the same situation, he would probably act the same way as I do.

    Thanks for your letter....
    - Martin

    MONDAY 22ND JUNE 1998

    Hi again...

    Yesterday I sent a letter to fragmaster, a reply to the letter from yesterdays third update. Strangely he didnt reply ;)

    I know I have no right to claim as mine, but I still dont know why fragmaster registered it since he has absolutely no use for it, though I do have an idea why he did it. NES WORLD rejected to move to a couple of months ago and he therefore wanted to annoy me (guess he wont take no for an answer), and he knew that by registering he knew he could do so.

    Anyway, we'll see what the future brings. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YA'LL for the great support.

    Here's some stuff I added today....

    a couple of new manuals (thanks to VmprHntrd).
    Punch-Out to the pirate single cart section. Not sure if it actually is a pirate cartridge though.

    I'll have more eye candy later.... bye for now.


    From: Fragmaster (
    Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:27:23
    Subject: Re:

    > You still havent answered my question, why

    I just read your page.

    I would have probably considered selling the domain back to you had you asked for it (for the $100 we paid for it, we've had it registered for awhile), but due to your childish behavior and your outright lack of common decency (I did NOT give you permission to post those emails), I'm not going to.

    You have no legal claim over, it's just a name. I won't get into the details of why we registered it and who we were \ are working with on the site, but I didn't register it just to "piss you off" or get you to move to ClassicGaming. The "paranoid control issue" I'm referring to is that idiotic rant of yours you sent me after I offered to host your site months ago, after which I decided you weren't the kind of person I wanted on our site (and I think the behavior you've exhibited in your recent emails pretty much verifies my opinion of you).

    It's kind of funny that all these people are making all these statements about a situation they know nothing about. You of course, are a saint who has done no wrong.

    Had you of asked for the domain in the first place instead of sending that confrontational message asking why I had it and why I was trying to hurt your site (which wasn't my attempt), things wouldn't of gotten messy.

    You said on your site "All I can say is, this aint over yet." Well, it is. Maybe I should post the full text of YOUR emails on my site, but I'd like to think I'm above that kind of thing (which is more than I can say for you).

    I'm not replying to anymore of your emails on the subject and I'll decide the future of the domain.

    I hate to be so harsh and sound so "intellectual" or whatever (this isn't my thing), but I don't want to use any naughty words. :)

    Anyways, I'm sorry if you feel angry about this situation, but it could of rescinded easily had you not acted the way you did. Maybe you've learned a lesson?

    Best of luck on the future of the site.

    Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen
    Editor-In-Chief\Site Director,


    More news on the Vs. nes world.

    I still havent been able to find out what fragmaster wants to use for, sofar I've sent him 3 e-mails asking why, all have been replied but none tells me why. Read the last 2 mails below (you can read the first one in todays first update).

    From: Fragmaster (
    Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 23:35:02
    Subject: Re:

    > yeah yeah, but WHY

    Why not? Are you upset about this? Were you planning to register it?

    Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen
    Editor-In-Chief\Site Director,

    From: Fragmaster (
    Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 01:20:40
    Subject: Re:

    > Maybe I was going to register it, but I dont really see why you
    > should register bsides pissing me off. Do you want me to
    > move to Well that wont ever happen, because you
    > run a rom/emulation site and I want absolutely nothing to do with
    > such.

    You said before you weren't interested in moving here (but it was because
    of some paranoid "control" issue back then or something). Didn't mean to
    make you mad, but like I said, we plan on using it.

    Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen
    Editor-In-Chief\Site Director,

    Yes, I want to control my own work, wouldn't you? Fragmasters goal is to become the largest source of information on classic games, and thereby having control over every console page out there. So who has the "paranoid control" problem here?

    You might ask yourself this question, why didnt NES WORLD buy the domain name eralier? Well until a few days ago I've been without a job and therefore didnt have a lot of money and could'nt go register, believe me I would've if I could and had known that fragmaster would take it.

    All I can say is, this aint over yet. Thanks to all the prople who support me. Check out Tom Kidd's page called "the gray area", he has written something about this matter too. Go to

    SUNDAY 21ST JUNE 1998 has been registered! but not by me. But by who, at the moment, uses it as a link to their main page. Well I dont know what fragmaster wants with, if is done to pressure NES WORLD to move to (since he once asked me if I would move there) or just to get some of NES WORLD's users to move to I dont know. is = roms/emulators and which has absolutely nothing to NES WORLD, therefore I'm very pissed that he choose to use my page's name.

    Here's a reply I got from Fragmaster:

    From: Fragmaster (
    Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 19:32:05
    Subject: Re:

    > May I ask you what made you register ""?


    We plan on using it in the future.

    -- Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen
    Editor-In-Chief\Site Director,

    Well enough bitching for now, lets move on with an update :)

    I've been searching the patent server again, so here's a major update of the patents page. I've added the following:
    - Famicom Disk (Not the DiskSystem itself, but the disk)
    - ROB Design
    - NES Design
    - NES Advantage Joypad Design
    - Unreleased NES 4-Player adaptor Design
    - NES Satelite (The 4-Player adaptor) receiver Design
    - Another NES 4-Player Adaptor Design

    Ever wondered what a Multicartridge menu screen looks like? Well if so, then maybe you should get out of the house a bit more. Well ok, click here to check out some menu shots. Click here to check the entire Pirate stuff section.

    Videogame companies make some quite interesting for manuals, boxes or just for magazine promo. But these pictures are often heavily cut or got some heavy text smashed all over it. Well I've been able to find a bunch of Capcom pics, check 'em out here. They're all in GIF format.

    This update was actually supposed to be uploaded hours ago, but because of a "Friends" marathon on tv, 12 old episodes non-stop, it got delayed a bit :)

    More stuff in a couple of days (expect a new NESletter too soon).

    TUESDAY 16TH JUNE 1998

    I had a job interview last friday, and yesterday I got a phonecall from the company, that would like to offer me the job. So I went there today to sign a contract :)

    WOOP! got a job!! :)


    If you want one of these units, I suggest you order now. The guy who imports the Dr. PC Jr. to the US wants atleast 10 pre-orders, right now he has like 6. If he doesn't get these 10 orders, the import of the copier will stop. If you don't order now, you you might not be able to get one at all.

    Go to for ordering.

    Note, you cannot order by e-mailing NES WORLD, we have nothing to do with this. But if you need more info about the unit, check out our Dr. PC Jr. page.
    ReAdded the NES WORLD Messageboard! Thanks to World of Nintendo for giving me new passwords and cleaning up the board. I will add our new gfx to the board asap, since it right now has 1 yr old gfx :)

    Fixed an error on the FDS page (The DeceiverX and Sgt Bowhack documents links, linked to the same file). Also added two new covers, Twinbee and Eggerland. Both are scanned with my awesome handheld scanner! ;)
    Update of my wanted/archive list.
    Added a new (1998 version) Super Com 72 NES clone.
    Added some new links.
    Added more crap mail to the mail archive. These are just a tiny bit of what I receive, but I also have to say that most of the mail I receive is quite interesting, so keep writing.
    Added PlayChoice 10 NES Arcade unit info.
    New manuals added.
    More Dr. PC Junior information.

    I'm trying to get some webspace elsewhere, so that I can get the NES box art page back and running. I've got loads of new stuff to add to it :)

    That's it for now...


    Just finished watching the first 6 episodes of friends (again), and ummm... I had nothing better to do than update NES WORLD ;)

    Updated my wanted/archive list. Got a few new FC disks + a clone.
    Updated the Famicom Disk System page a bit (added error codes).
    Added a page about myself, in case someone would like to know more about the crazy moron running crappy site, because he has nothign better to do?.
    Looks like I forgot to add the official Nintendo merchandise mag to the misc section when it was supposed to be added. Anyway, it's added now and I fixed the 1st page a bit.
    Added an article about a Famicom copier, called Dr. PC Jr., which will be rereleased by Bung Enterprises as we speak.
    Added NESletter page, used to subscribe to our letter. The first issue is online so you can see if it's something you wanna subscribe to. (two letters have been made sofar).
    Update of the BS-X Zelda page (thanks to RedboX)
    Added Club Nintendo page (official, free, European Nintendo magazine)
    NES programming page added.

    I'm a bit busy these days, with job interviews and other stuff, but I'll try to update next week (tuesday) anyway.

    Oh by the way.. I was browsing through some old danish Atari/Commodore/Amiga magazines and in a mag from 1990 I discovered a small add for the joypad below, called Joyboard JB2. It looks a lot like the NES Advantage eh?

    Translation of the text:

    Joyboard JB2

  • 2 "fire" buttons
  • Double Quickfire with infinitely variable speed
  • Rubber feet or sucking discs
  • Full LED display
    Price US$42

    Doesn't say which system it's for tho... AW ERH time to head off to this huge flea market, so ummm.... later! :)


    Here's another for you. Sadly I have to inform that I'll be going offline about a month because of lacking funds, my phonebill is almost at US$100 now, and I cant afford it if it gets any higher. I will check my e-mail now and then, but dont expect ant weekly updates.

    However I will still work on new stuff, though I have to cut down on research, so there will hopefully, be a huge update in june, about the 25th.

    Oh umm, if you know of a good web sponsor then please let me know. Cause I might be able to advertise a little bit if internet1 allows it.

    Newsletter (now renamed to NESletter) #2 has been released, e-mail us with the subject "subscribe" to receive the letter.
    Part two of the Vance Kozik interview.
    Added the "Tristar" to the Converters section.
    Added a Family Fun Fitness page.

    Note: For those of you who have asked, I'm working on the Faxanadu walkthrough these days, so hopefully it will be complete when I get back online.

    Oh yeah, and the Box are page is currently down, like it havent always been. Anyway, I'm moving from the FTP site I placed the pictures on to fortunecity, so expect a huge update of it when I return.

    Good luck with your exams, if you've got any, see ya in June.


    The interview is here! Since the next newsletter is far from done yet, I've decided to post it here in an edited version. The newsletter readers will get an untouched version of the interview later.

    I might as well tell you that after this interview with Vance Kozik I've become even more interested in the small unlicensed companies, it actually turns out that they weren't that small. Anyway, I've started hunting down the people from American Video Entertainment and American Game Carts, but it's a bit difficult since almost no info is available about them. Though I have found out that their president was someone called Richard Frick.

    I've contacted someone who worked with Richard Frick, so hopefully i'll be able to get some information about American Video Entertainment. I've also contacted Wisdom Tree and hopefully they'll be able to contribute with an interview or something also :)

    Well, the Vance Kozik interview is here!!!! Click here to check it out. I'm also working on a Color Dreams/Bunch Games/Wisdom Tree page with misc company info and game reviews.
    Also updated the BS-X Zelda page. Thanks to


    I was supposed to add a huge update today, but I'd rather wait until I get Color Dreams' programmer Vance Kozik's answers to my questions.

    However I said that I would bring you a scan of the Earthbound prototype. Well thanks to my good friend imid, I could add it today. Click here to check it out.
    Thanks to Hiroshi I've been able to add a retouched picture of my "inside the FDS" pic.

    Well you'll have an update of the BS-X Zelda page in a couple of days, thanks to Richard Perrin and Paul Evan Foreman. You'll also see a prototype page along with a great Color Dreams page (if you've got any Color Dreams/Bunch Games/Wisdom Tree boxes, and have access to a scanner. Please scan both sides and send 'em to us, thanks).

    MONDAY 4TH MAY 1998

    Got a cold last night and I dont feel too well, but here's some new stuff for ya:

    Added a crappy picture of an opened Famicom Disk System. I made it a long time ago, but somehow it was never added. Ah well, here it is.
    Fixed links on the prank calls page.
    More info about the SNES version of good old Zelda.
    More patents found.
    - Weird Famicom cart improvement (unofficial?)
    - Codemaster's GameGenie Design.
    - NES Cartridge Design From Taiwan.
    - Tengen NES Cartridge Design.
    - Unused? Namco NES Cartridge Design.
    - Nintendo Cartridge Design (one of many!)
    - American Video Entertainment Cartridge Security Circuit.
    Bought some new stuff...

    Thats it for now, but expect more in a couple of days.

    SUNDAY 3RD MAY 1998

    Uh I was extremely tired today, so all I made was a small page about the Earthbound (Mother) prototype which is floating the net. I don't have the ROM, so please dont ask for it.

    More stuff tomorrow....



    Sorry that I didn't have any update last week, but I had a lot of things to take care of, so I didn't have time to work on NES WORLD that much. Anyway, the first newsletter was released about a week ago. Thanks for the great feedback, and I promise you the next one will be even better. VmprhntrD, who runs the NES WORLD JUKEBOX, promished me that he will come up with something cool for the next issue, which will be released in 10 days or so.

    I've added the missing link to the NES WORLD JUKEBOX.
    About a year and a half ago, a dude called Ted Michael, sent me a file with info about the U-Force joypad by Brøderbund. Well a few days ago I received an e-mail from him again with an update of the U-Force page, check it out! :)
    Randy Wong, who runs e-mailed me like 3 days ago ro something, saying that I was welcome to use the pics from his page. So I've created a page only with his pictures.

    That's what I had time to add today, but expect more tomorrow... like more patent info sheets.


    Anyway, the first newsletter is about to be released, so if you havent yet subscribed... do it now :)

    First Austria clone with multicart built-in bid at $75 bid by - (MWilson327)
    Quattro Arcade (loose) bid at $15 bid by -
    Super Sprint (loose) bid at $5 bid by -

    Bidding ends sunday 26th April 1998. Prices does not include shipping!


    Remember, if you want to receive our Newsletter then e-mail us at "" and please use the subject "SUBSCRIBE". First letter will be out in a couple of days.

    Today isn't really an update, but I've got something for sale which some of you might be interested in. Ok, It's a "First Austria" Famicom clone, similar to the Terminator 2. The design is exactly the same as the terminator 2, except the First Austrua is grey. the "First Austria" does not include a lightgun, but instead comes with a 999999in1 built in, however I've only sofar been able to find Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Dr. Mario, Battle City, Super Mario Bros... The multicartridge plays a tune called "Unchained melody" when you're on the select screen.

    It comes with two joypads, european power supply and RF-cable. It's a good quality machine, unlike many other Famicom/NES clones. It even says "The Worlds most popular computer video game system" ;)

    I'm asking US$60 + shipping, unless someone wants to pay more. The clone is very light, so shipping wont be a killer. It may seem a lot for clone with only 5 games on the built-in cart, but clones are hard to get... and this was my price when I bought it a year ago... And it shouldnt really be because of the games you buy a clone.

    I've also got a loose copy of "Quattro Arcade" by Camerica (atleast worth US$15) and "Super Sprint" by Tengen up for sale or trade. I can supply a photocopied manual for Quattro Arcade.

    First Austria clone with multicart built-in bid at $75 bid by MWilson327
    Quattro Arcade (loose) bid at $15 bid by -
    Super Sprint (loose) bid at $5 bid by -

    Bidding ends sunday 26th April 1998. Prices does not include shipping!

    SUNDAY 19TH APRIL 1998

    Ok here we got with another update. Remember, if you want to receive our Newsletter the e-mail us at "" and please use the subject "SUBSCRIBE".

    I've managed to find Vance Kozik who programmed NES games for Color Dreams, and later for Wisdom Tree. Vance Kozik is one of the guys behind the best Wisdom Tree game ever, Spiritual Warfare, but he also programmed my favourite Color Dreams game, Menace Beach.
    Vance Kozik is in Europe right now, but he promished to e-mail me as soon as he returns to the states again, so that we can have a talk about Color Dreams :)

    Added a small page about the e-mail and conversations I've had with Nintendo of American and Nintendo of Japan, good as well as bad.
    Added a page about unlicensed Australian NES games by Home Entertainment Supplies, huge THANK YOU to xTrix for scanning these.
    Updated my Wanted list, in case anyone cares about what I've been able to find lately :)
    Oh wow! Thanks to Sylvio Hodos ( I am able to present you with a "near complete" list of Famicom Disk System games. This new list even includes price and release date!. I guess it's goodbye to my list now ;)
    Added more Single game pirate carts. Thanks to Hessel Meun.
    Added some new manuals and added tsr's Fantasic Adv. of Dizzy walk to the faqs section.
    Fixed and added some new links. Sorry Joona Pöhö for not adding your "RetroLand" site a couple of days ago, as promished.

    Well this is it for now. I was supposed to add an update of my Faxanadu Walktrhough this weekend, but I had to go to work, unexpected, so I had less time to update NES WORLD... I'll just add some more stuff in a couple of days then :)

    FRIDAY 17TH APRIL 1998

    Hmm couldnt wait until sunday, so here you got a few more goodies from us, it just passed midnight here so they didnt make it to yesterdays update.

    Added some Multicartridges, thanks to Hessel Meun.
    Added a new section with Patent information....


    Yes it's time for another NES WORLD update :)

    In the past week someone sent me an unofficial, although it doesnt say so, version of Mike Etlers Raity List. The list is a version 5 of Mike's awesome rarity list, with a price list attached. But Mike never released a version 5 himself, so I guess it's the price list which makes it a version 5? Anyway, it also states that Mike Etler does not sell video games, boy what an error by the guy who invented and added the price list, because Mike owns atleast two stores in New Jersey called "Video Game Connections". Feel free to check out this new version here, but dont expect it to stay on NES WORLD forever though.

    I've been able to find parts of David Sheff's book "Game Over - How Nintendo zapped an entire industry and enslaved your childern" on the net, by searching for "David Sheff" on altavista. If you want to buy this great book, you can order it at "".

    About the News Letter, which was mentioned in the last update. Its now 100% sure that it will become a reality, so e-mail us now if you want to receive it. Please use the subject "subscribe", doing so will save us from a lot of trouble when we're sorting out the mails we get. The news letter will be out every second week, with liftoff next week.

    Here's what we've got for you this time.....

    New look, however its only a temp setup... please let us know if you like this new look and want us to keep it, or not.
    Added the "ASDER Educational Computer", a VERY weird pirate? computer which actually only is the size of a PC keyboard, ok a bit larger, and with a Famicom built-in or something.
    Hessel Meun sent me a scan of the NASA NES clone's motherboard, so it has been added to the NASA clone page.
    Hessel does it again, this time with scans from an English Fanzine called "Retrogames". The scans are of the Famicom 3D glases and Konami's Head-set.
    3rd strike in a row from Hessel, new single game pirate carts added.
    Added an American Video Entertainment review page, still under construction though.

    Fixed some links and corrected some game titles on the Famicom Disk System page, thanks to tsr from "tsr's NES Archive". Also fixed the Famicom Disk System page HTML code so that the intro tune, now it will play when you use Netscape, but MSIE users might get a plugin error now.. which is not my fault :)

    I have to delay the multicartridge update again, sorry, but I hope to have it ready by sunday... no later than that. On sunday you will also have an update more, atleast this big.

    NEWS FOR THE DISK SYSTEM OWNERS: Nintendo of Japan contacted me a couple of days ago about the Famicom Disk System, man Japanese people are nice... they forgot to mention my name in the first e-mail they sent me, in the next e-mail they apologized.... hmmmmm :)

    Anyway I'll let you guys know when something new happens, just send me an e-mail if you own a Disk System and you'll get more news when I get it, because not all of it will be posted on NES WORLD.

    Final note: umm the new VJ on MTV Europe, Ulrika, isnt she a babe?... ok ok, she doesnt beat the blond babe from Solid Harmonie ;)

    FRIDAY 10TH APRIL 1998

    Ok I'm back with more eye-candy. But before I start off with the update I want to let you know that I'm currently working on "news-letter" thing which will be sent out to people who subscribe to a distributionlist. The newsletter is kinda like a new NES Journal, I hope some of you remember it heh, it will include hints 'n cheats, hot new places to go on the net, readers buy-sell-trade, and ofcourse info about NES WORLD along with game reviews. The newsletter is textonly since it will be send by e-mail. Do not write to us yet and request to be on the distributionlist as the idea still is on a very eraly stage.

    Ok now, a huge thank you to James for makeing this update possible, but for once again disturbing me when I was about to sleep, yes another night on the net and without any sleep at all.

    So here's what I've added this time:

    Major update of the Famicom Disk System page, this is really a must see if you're "into" that old dusty disk drive with the funny looking disks. Oh yeah, I never write my pages to work 100% with Internet Explorer, but it seems that only MSIE will play the small tune i've added to the Disk System page.... Hmmm Netscape :(

    NOTE: No, there wont be another update tomorrow, i think, but do expect more news thursday or friday next week. If you dident know, NES WORLD was also updated yesterday, scroll down and check it out! :)


    First off, I gotta advertise for this new Famicom homepage which has been created. Boy this is eye-candy for all collectors!. The site is called "Familand" and right now mostly covers the Famicom pirate stuff like multicarts, singlecarts and Famicom clones. It's really great to see that someone can open a site with brand new things... GO CHECK IT OUT NOW, but dont forget to return to NES WORLD when you're done ;)

    It's time to kick some ass (sorry about the language), but NES WORLD has been lacking updates for quite some time. I remember back in August/September/October 1996 where I updated 2 or 3 times every week. Well I will try, from now on, to update NES WORLD atleast once every week while answering ALL e-mails, including rom requests... but dont expect that I will send you any games. However please accept a few days for the reply.

    I got an e-mail from a guy who said that I write "doesent" instead of "doesn't" on most (all) pages. Well thats probably not the only word i've spelled incorrect, but I will try to remember to spell doesn't correctly in the future. However please keep in mind that my native language is Danish, and not English (American), but i'm trying to write as correct english as possible. So please let me know if you discover that I spell a word incorrect over and over :)

    Ok!, now to the updates..............................

    Added a brand new "area" called Lawsuits, you can find a button linking to it on the index page from now on. It will cover those many, many, many, many, many Nintendo NES Lawsuits filed thru the years. I've been able to find a lot of official NES lawsuit documents by searching on "". However I've heard that there are some Camerica documents available on the net which i've been unable to find, please e-mail me if you've got them or know where I can obtain them.

    Added a Camerica, NES Modem and a Color Dreams add to the "magazine adds" page. Sorry I forgot who sent me these.
    Added Patent document from a Famicom clone to the "pirate stuff" page.
    Added picture of the Famicom Video Computer Clone unit and motherboard to its page. Both scans are made by Hessel Meun, thanks again! :)
    Added a new page to the accessory section about a "NES Modem" by a company called Baton Technologies.
    Added "Magickey Converter" to the Converters page. Also completely redid converters page, somehow it was so old it still used my old crappy HTML code with the "PRE" command and had A LOT of misspelled words (I think this page was made back in January 1996 or something).
    My russian buddy strikes again and sent me the Titlescreen from Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3 + some screenshots from Fatal Furry Special.
    Even more pirate games, this one is called "Somari", a Sonic game featuring Mario :)
    Last one is "Kart Fighter" which is Mario Fighting game with the SNES Mario Kart titlescreen.
    Fixed and added some links.
    Added another Famicom clone called "Hitex"

    Well thats what I had for you this week. I had planned a huge update of the "Famicom multicart" page, but I think it's getting too big (ie too many pictures) so I'm going to redo it a bit and have it ready for next weeks update.

    Oh yeah... back in December or something Vadim Gerasimov, one of the makers of Tetris, sent me an e-mail (yes really!) from a "uni" in the US. He wrote a little bit about the Tengen Tetris version and where I would be able to obtain more info about it. He also told me that if I wanted to check out one of the very first PC versions of Tetris I could download it from his FTP site. He sent me this mail just before I left the college and I forgot to make a copy of the e-mail (dooh!). However if you want to check out the game then click here (14k). It is also added to the download section.


    Just added a link to NES Online. Things have been sorted out. I also see that NES Gate has completely changed its look and contents. I wont mind helping anyone who keeps their site clean of ripoff's and yeah it is actually possible to come up with ideas which arent already covered by another site :)

    Just check out NEStuff2 and read his new stuff.

    Oh yeah, if you wanna talk to me on ICQ my number is 7996820


    OK first off... to all you dumb fuckers out there who doesent have brains enough to produce your own shit for your own NES homepage and then rip off NES WORLDs stuff... FUCK YOU!!!! HAH! I just love NES Gate who ripped entire pages (HTML code and all) but ofcourse removed our copyright. And NES-Online who doesent want people to grap his stuff, but dont see anyhing wrong by stealing from others.

    Who the HELL do you think you are boy?!? Is it sad that I've spent HOURS digging though old magazines and books, talking to people on the net, to find the stuff on NES WORLD? Hmmmf... in my oppinion you should do the same instead of creating a great page the lame way.. by ripping others work!

    It really hurts me deeply everytime I see shit like this being created and I know |tsr feels the same way, because his great homepage has been copied probably even more than mine has. Oh btw, |tsr has moved his NES archive to

    Well enough of bitching... here's what I've added today :)

    A new look, and imo it was about time. Well actually it wasnt supposed to look like this, but I had a few people judgeing the look and they thought that either the background or the logo was badly made. Also it might've been a bit difficult to read the test. But feel free to click here and judge yourself.

    Updated my "wanted/archive" list, check it out... it now also includes games I have available for trades. Go there and have a look ;)
    Added Wally Bear and the NO! gang review.
    More manuals :)
    Added Phantom Fighter FAQ
    My Faxanadu Walkthrough has under construction for a very long time, but still isnt finished. However feel free to have a look at it by clicking here.
    Added pictures of the Famicom pirate version of Mortal Kombat to the clones section.
    Added pictures of another Famicom pirate Street Fighter 2 game to the clones section.

    FRIDAY 13TH MARCH 1998

    Uuuh Friday the 13th finally strikes NES WORLD with unlucky stuff. We lost our counter! The college I used to study at finally decided to delete my old account ( and thereby my counter.

    Well thank god it's possible to get a free counter on the net, so we got a new one now starting off at 200.000 (I think the old one ended at 188.000 or something).

    Well expect an update of NES WORLD wery soon! with info about the only NES game which has a built-in anti-drug campaign, WALLY BEAR AND THE NO GANG! :)

    Also, it seems like |tsr loved NES WORLD's books section, so he decided to make his own. Well I'm just glad that I can come up with some ideas others also want to use ;) But please dont do like the dumbass running "NES Gate" who copies entire pages from NES WORLD, but removes the copyright info... bro I hate to break it to ya, but thats illegal.



    Yepper, hvis du ikke allerede ved det så viser TvDanmak altså hver weekend Mega Man tegnefilm kl 10.00 om formiddagen, lige før Hi-Score som har spil anmeldelser af N64, PSX og PC spil. Bor du i en af de større byer, skulle du kunne tage TvDanmark men du kan også finde dem på parabolen - Thor 1 grad vest (Thor 1W), frekvens 11214.

    Updated the links page... Removed the lame "applying for a link" page, too many people e-mailed me wanting a link. But when you then checked their page 2 days later it was gone. folks I have got better things to do than update the links page every day ;)

    Updated my wanted page... (Please gimme a price when you wanna sell me something).
    Powerglove page added.
    NES WORLD dumb e-mail archive added.
    We will start an Q+A page soon where you can read the answers to many of the serious e-mails right here on NES WORLD.
    Added The NES game box art page. Thanks to gloone for providing web-space.
    Added "Nintendo Consumer Service Prank Calls"! *MUST CHECK*
    Added Micro Genius Family Computer IQ 201, Famicom Clone.
    Added Photo Gun 3 Zapper clone, with sound!.
    Added map for the first level of Lion King for the NES

    YES!!!! Special news for all of you people who are interested in the Famicom Disk System. Remember that I once wrote that you in Japanese videogame stores could put an empty disk into a machine and then get a copy of another Disk game?. Well thanks to Pascal Blancaneaux I am now able to show you a picture of such a copying unit. See the picture on the Famicom Disk System Page!

    Also, when one of my co-writers, James, receives the Famicom Disk System manual we will try to get it translated to english, so that we'll have a complete "error message" list etc.

    Not only did Pascal Blancaneaux send me a picture of the FDS DiskWriter, but he also sent me a picture of an, to me, unknown original Famicom produced by Sharp called Famicom-Duo.

    Thats it for now... expect more in a couple of days though :)


    If you havent noticed it by now, Gameboy Zone and the NES WORLD Jukebox has been updated.

    Updated the "Famicom Disk Game Release List".
    Added more pictures of Famicom Disk boxes (scanned by P-r0t and James). One of them is a scan of the Legend of Zelda FDS version! Awesome box!!
    Added pictures of another pirate Street Fighter 2 for the Famicom.
    Added a bunch of new "manuals"...
    Added a legal copy of Elite for the NES Emulators, game rom released by the game author Ian Bell. Please note that this game ROM only was put on NES WORLD because the authors of the game released it for the emulators themselves.
    Added pictures and info about the 3 Panesian games.


    Ok here's the update i promised a few weeks ago. Quite a few things has happened since then, I nolonger have access to my mailbox at the college (since i'm not studying there anymore) so from now on i'll have to settle with an e-mail account at hotmail... "".

    And i also from now on have to handle all updates of NES WORLD from home which hopefully wont be a huge problem soon, the internet account is being made (at and i can borrow a modem until i buy one myself.

    Also, I nolonger have access to a flatbed scanner, so no more new pictures until I buy one myself or if they can be made with my handscanner. But hey, people around the world are kind enough to help me with scans so it's not really a problem right now. (Special thanks goes to Hessel Meun).

    Here's what i've added to NES WORLD:

    Updated the "books" section with a lot of new cool material, must check!
    MAJOR(!!!) update on the "HINTS & CHEATS" page. I added tons of new titles and updated a lot of the existing ones with new hints and cheats. It's really worth a look now. (This page had not been updated since NES WORLDs opening back in 1995 :)
    Added (and readded) quite a few pictures of NES and Famicom clones to the "Pirate stuff" section as well as some new multi and single game pirate cartridges.
    "Review" of Maniac Mansion for the NES.
    Added new version of the TMNT, Final Fantasy 3 (Famicom), Spiritual Warfare, Castlevania and Maniac Mansion FAQs.

    Note: SNESZONE has been updated, go there 'n check it out.


    Finally I get some response about my homepage from Nintendo, and it's about time. Only they ofcourse do not want to help me with some cool info, maybe unreleased games, nope.. they want me to close a part of NES WORLD... the "pirate stuff" section which contains pictures of pirate multi and single game cartridges as well as Famicom and NES clones.

    The weird thing is that they want me to stop telling people about pirate stuff for a machine which they dont even support anymore. Or maybe the rumour that they'll reproduce the new-style NES is true?

    Anyway, NES WORLD will be removed from Nintendo's Nlist (their links page) because I at this time refuse to remove the most visited part of my homepage, I hope that eveyone supports this decision.

    Read the mail from Nintendo.

    I'd like to finish off by saying that I DO NOT SELL MULTICARTS OR ANY OTHER FORM OF PIRATE MATERIAL FOR ANY NINTENDO, OR OTHER, VIDEOGAME SYSTEM. I SIMPLY PROVIDE SOME INFO FROM MY INFO SOURCES ALL OVER THE WORLD. So please do not e-mail me, like 40 did this week, about buying multicarts from me, PLEASE!!!


    Actually this isnt really an update. I've added a new counter to NES WORLD so that you now can see where most of NES WORLD's viewers are located :)

    I got back online a couple of days ago and found a mailbox with lots of cool mails. It looks like we'll have a new guy joining the NES WORLD CREW soon, man he's good! so expect some cool reviews from him soon.

    Also we're talking about making a hotline (e-mail) for people who needs help with a game, sofar almost eveyone who have e-mailed me at dident get an answer if they asked for help. Sorry about that and it will change when we open this hotline :)

    I'll have a HUGE update for ya'll in a week or so...

    - Acey


    This is probably the last update before christmas, so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YA'LL! =)
    I will be offline from around 20th December '97 to the 6th January '98. Though feel free to e-mail in this period and i'll get back to you as fast as I can.

    As some might have noticed... NES WORLD has a sponsor now, hopefully this means that I will have some extra money to buy some more cool NES stuff. I just got 30+ new (ok, used) NES manuals, so expect some new ones to be added soon. Also, you N64 dudes can expect a lot of Zone64 updates soon as I'll receive info from Konami and others in the future.

    I just applied for a new job, and if I get it i'll have to slow down NES WORLD a bit unless you wanna help me dig up info and other neat stuff.

    OK OK! ENOUGH TAKING! HERE'S THE UPDATE (this is written at 3.06 in the morning, ugh!):

    Added some new titles to the "Same game, but a different name" page.
    Updated the "A-Z Mini Reviews" page (thanks to all who kept bugging me! :)
    Added an Action52 NES mag add to the "Action52" page.
    Added some new pics to the Famicom Disk System page.
    Added picture of SUPER MARIO USA to the SMB 2 page.

    To those of you who have been waiting for my "complete Faxanadu walkthrough". Sorry, I havent had a lot of time to play 'n write a whole lot lately. But expect it to be added right when i'm back online.


    Added Tengen Special (reviews page) *not finished*
    The Tengen Special page has frames. If you wanna view it without frames then click here. (Please note that the page has a lot of graphics)

    Started the Unlicensed game programmers database.
    This page has frames, and I wont make one without frames, sorry.

    The database is huge and far from complete, so please help me collect the game info from all those unlicensed games, like programmers etc, copyrights and game type.


    Added Dizzy Special, Codemasters Fantastic Egg-head. page.
    Added more info about Active Enterprises.
    Finally added the Download section.


    Brand new NES WORLD design. Now with a 'lil java on the title page :)


    Erh shit.. I'm in a bit of a hurry. Added a few things....

    Updated the A - Z mini reviews, not finished yet though :(
    Added Menace Beach review.
    Added DokiDoki Panic info.
    Added Special FireHawk "Dizzy Demo" info page.
    Updated the Links page....

    Click here for a map to "Treasure Island Dizzy" (a page will be ready soon.....

    Also if you want some NES tunes from EURO releases (and some US ones) then click here. The zip is 1.2mb and the sounds are in RealAudio Format.


    Updated the Famicom Disk System games list and added pictures of some of my Famicom Disks.
    Deleated a lot of the link of the links page, they dident work anymore. I've lost the mail folder with the new links, so please e-mail me again if you want on the links page (no it wont be another 6 months before I update again :)


    Time for more new stuff :)

    Added Game Players videos (except tape 3 since I dont have it) to the video page. Please e-mail me if you have Game Players Gametape 3 and have a scanner.

    Added Famicom 52in1 to the Multicartridge section. Added pictures of the MEGA+ POWER 2 clone and a bit more info to its info page.

    The NES WORLD JUKEBOX is back online!!!!! Click here!!

    Big thanks to Sumble (again!) for lettimg me use internet1

    Wedensday 5th November 1997

    Finished uploading NESWORLD, GBZONE, SUPERZONE and ZONE64 to Internet1 (our new location.).

    Today I received a message from "Splice" on IRC that has been closed down. Something about Jeremy Chadwicks (aka Y0SHi) ISP closing down his server. Noone knows if ever will be back online. Thanks Y0SHi for running a great place.... lets just hope that Archaic Ruins finds a new place for their web page, so that it doesent die also.

    But what does has to do with NES WORLD you might think? Well we had a link from called "" which is a bit easier to remember since i've been moving around the net alot lately. Well since is gone "" is nolonger available.

    Please help me changing the links from other pages around the net to "" so that people still can access the best NES page on the net :)

    Thank you
    - Acey

    Tuesday 28th October 1997

    Phev!!! A lot has been going on in the past weeks, v-wave going offline (noone knows when it will be back online), me making a lot of new stuff but couldent upload.

    So, NES WORLD has changed provider again, thanks to Stumble for letting me use Internet1, however it is only a temp solution, Stumble is trying to find a better place for NES WORLD. Thanks man, I owe you big time!

    Please use "" to access NES WORLD, because then you'll always be able access the right place where NES WORLD is placed.

    Seems like I screwed up a few pages when I updated the dirtree. One of those pages was the one about SMB3, it's fixed now though. Error in the E-Mail address on the manuals page has been fixed. I'm working on a hints and cheats program, have a preview by clicking here....

    Added a Camerica page (about their "gold" carts) Completely rewrote the Aladdin Deck Enhancer page... Updated my GameList/Wanted page (in case anyone cares ;) Oops... the Grapical Zelda walkthrough has been missing... now it isnt - Level 7 - 9 (first adv) and the entire second adventure is not finished yet though. Added the Official 1992 Nintendo merchandise catalogue.... Added a lot of multicarts.... - Thanks to Hessel Meun and "Photon" (From Efnet irc #classic) Added Pirate single game cart section (Thanks to Photon) Commercials page added (magazine adds)... Added a page with info (and pic) of SMW for the famicom (yes really!) Added Endingman S-700 Famicom clone to the info page Rockman 1-2-3 on Sega's Megadrive.... New version of the NES FAQ is now available. Page about Track & Field in Barcelona added. Added some new manuals to the manuals page... Added Monster Party FAQ (Made by Adam Lamontagne).... Finally remembered to add Mike Etler's NES rarity list v4.0

    I'm probably gonna offend a few people now, but thats actually what I want/need to do, because....


    NOTE TO |TSR: If you think NES WORLD is slow, well then you should concider getting either a faster modem or a better (faster) internet provider ;)

    About 40% of the e-mails is receive are rom requests :( Now you also know why the NES WORLD emulator page dissapeared again....

    Here at the end of this update i'd like to sneak in a "THANK YOU!" to Hessel Meun for sending me all those scans and info. Matt Hull, for all the good discussions ;) and Edison Ong for telling me about all the cool Famicom stuff available in Asia, giving me a Disk System and Doki Doki Panic (Dream Shop) as cartridge!!!!!!!!! and finally "Photon" for giving me scans of his findings.

    Wedensday 17th September 1997

    Found the owner of the 115in1 multicartridge. James who runs NEStuff e-mailed me and said that it was his. Also... check out his page

    The manual/instruction page has (ofcourse) been updated. In the future we will also have manuals in other languages such as French, Spanish, German and my own language, Danish. NES VIDEOS page created, 5 danish cartoon videos added... more will come next week.

    Last week I forgot to add the new pages to the "info" page, but that is fixed now :)

    GBZONE has moved from VmprHntrD's account to NES WORLDs.... SUPERZONE and ZONE64 has been created! If you want to be a part of the ZONE (GB, SNES, 64) crew, the e-mail me and tell me which zone you'd like to write stuff to.

    Wedensday 10th September 1997

    The time has come to take a closer look at the unlicensed companies which made some wierd, but some actually cool, games for the Nintendo.

    This week i'm beginning the tour with a review of American Video Etertainment and the Maxi15 game cartridge. Updated the manual section with VmprHntrd's, a bit slobby, update. You're now able to see what he added in the "whats new" section on the page. Updated my Archive/Wanted list... some pretty neat stuff added :) Color Dreams and their dreams is an article about the company and some of the wierd stuff they had going on... The messageboard is added to the new index file and some of the older messages are removed.

    Sorry but the NES FAQ isnt ready for a release yet, but i sure hope that I can have it ready for next weeks NES WORLD update.

    For those of you who would like to know what will be added in the near future i'll tell you just a tiny bit of what you can expect:

    The total 1992 NES games & accessory catalogue... A section with reviews of the many VHS tapes out there with tips and cartoons... Another Camerica/Codemasters special with reviews of their Quattro cartridges. I hope that I can get my hands on some pictures of the UK versions, because they use a special plug-thru system where you attach the Quattro cartridge to a normal NES game cartridge... A section with NES adds is under development. You remember those neat games adds on the back of your Nintendo magazine? Well they're soon online!

    I've had a couple of FAQs lying around for almost a year which I havent finished, it is a FAQ for Faxanadu which I hope will be ready to be added next week and a FAQ for Codemasters adventure game called Linus Spacehead's cosmic crusade. I havent really got any idea when I'll have that FAQ ready to release though.

    But ofcourse we'll have the more common updates such as manuals, multicarts, clones and reviews comming also. If you have anything you would like to contribute with or would like to know more about, then please e-mail us.

    Well that's it for now.... see you next week!

    Wedensday 3rd September 1997

    INCREDIBLE!!!! NES WORLD managed to stay online to celebrate it's 2nd birthday. I'll do my best to atleast every Wedensday add new stuff or updates of existing pages to NES WORLD.

    Updated the Famicom Disk System page with a lot of new info and pictures. Added a review of BIONIC COMMANDO (Well it's actually more than just a review) Also a new Famicom clone has been added. The Viditex. Lots! of new game manuals from Steve Begin (thanks man!) More NES and FAMICOM multicartridges added....

    I dident know that it had been so long since I last updated my NES FAQ. But dont worry, the next update will hopefully be ready for a release next wedensday and it will include a lot of new info, so it will hopefully cover even more of the wierd stuff in the NES jungle by then....

    NES WORLDs updates will only be made by me from now on, because I cant keep track of what's added when we're two who are updating. Like VmprhntrD updates the manuals page online while I back home is updating NES WORLD offline and when I update I accidently could overwrite vmprhntrd's update. So therefore, the only updates from now on will be every wedensday when i'm online.

    The manuals which VmprHntrD added are removed from the list until I get them added to my offline manual page athome. They will be added again next week.


    Thursday 28th August 1997

    VmprHntrD, once again, later that evening... Well I'm still at it, and now I've added 31 NEW "FAQS and/or Walkthroughs!" "Wanna buy a monkey?" hehe just kidding...

    VmprHntrD, this time: I've updated the page with a few fixes and a nice surprise.

    GB Zone!(dedicated to Game Boy) is also back online and under construction once again. Find it at Have fun, and please help make this Game Boy archive grow send all stuff to VmprHntrD!

    I've added roughly 40 new manuals to NES World bringing our archive higher in manuals total that any other I currently know of. :)

    Also expect this site to be expanded much more so in the future by Acey and me as well.

    Wedensday 27th August 1997

    Directory structure and main index html file completely reorganised, which should make it easier to find what you need/want.

    I've also updated a lot of pages with new pictures and text, I cant remember all of it so just take a look around.

    Thursday 14th May 1997

    "Updated".. (reconstructed) the links page....

    Finals are comming soon, so dont expect any huge updates for atleast a month.

    Friday 9th May 1997

    Finally! most of the stuff missing, from when went down is up again! VmprHntrD, who runs the NES WORLD JUKEBOX was kind enough to let me use some of his space. Thanks man!

    Captain N page link fixed... (from skp)
    Screenshots link fixed... (from skp)
    Graphic Zelda FAQ link fixed... (from skp)
    Graphic Rad Gravity FAQ link fixed... (from skp)

    I dident have a copy of the Famicom Basic page which was lost when went down (dooh), so i've made a new one with a few additions (and losses)...

    Action52/Cheetahmen2 page updated...
    Emulation page updated...
    Links page updated...
    Wanted/Archive page updated...

    If you find any bugs then please report them so that they can be fixed...

    Monday 21st April 1997

    Fixed main page (should be even better now :)
    Updated Multicart section... (added NES 1200 IN ONE cartridge and 260 IN ONE list)
    The Making of Super Mario Bros 3 added (still under construction though)
    New manuals...
    - StarWars
    - Zelda 2
    - Battletoads (new version)
    - Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
    - Ultima Exodus
    Added "Family Video Game" clone...

    Tuesday 8th April 1997

    Added pictures of the Famicom Adaptor (1) included in some of the first US NES cartridges released to the system page.
    Added ..."Same game but with a different name"... page to the info section.
    Readded and updated the NES WORLD WANTED AND ARCHIVE LIST
    Added new version of the NESticle emulator to the EMULATION section....

    I'm starting a BUY/SELL/TRADE page after request from a lot of people, so if you got anything want/need or want to sell.. e-mail me and i'll add your e-mail to the page....

    The BUY/SELL/TRADE page will be up within a week... so be quick please ;)

    Monday 7th April 1997

    Updated the NES emulation page is gone (I was told that about 40 computers were stolen at the college) which also means that a part of NES WORLD is gone. I do not know if it ever will be up again and i'm not really sure what I had on but some of it was:

    - FamilyBasic page
    - Screenshots (about 400!)
    - Rad Gravity graphical FAQ
    - Zelda Graphical FAQ

    and a few other things....

    I havent got a new place to continue the part yet, so I dont know when these things will be awailable again...

    My own college is also reconsidering IF the students are allowed to have homepages (dooh). But NES WORLD will not disapear from the net. Some good friends of mine on IRC are helping me getting new WEB space.

    Friday 4th April 1997

    Added the Multicartridge section
    Added NASA clone to the "Clones" section
    Added more manuals

    Big thanks to Hessel Meun and Steve Begin!

    Tuesday 1st April 1997

    New "What's new" page look (neat eh? :)
    Added GameGenie information page (to the info section)
    Fixed a few link errors (please repport if you find any)
    Major "NES System page" update! (worth checking!!!)
    Updated the emulation page
    New Maniac Mansion FAQ!

    Monday 24th March 1997

    Added "Zelda for the Satellaview" information to the "info" page...
    Added a NES GAME TIPS programs to the files section...

    Thursday 20th March 1997

    Updated the SMB 2 tribute page (can be found on the reviews page)
    - Doki Doki Panic screenshots...

    Wedensday 19th March 1997

    Added "Terminator 2" clone to the clone section...
    Added Famicom multicartridges to the misc section... (64in1 and (10in1)
    Added 190in1 to the misc section...
    Added 110in1 NES cart to the misc section...
    Fixed the link to the Jukebox (Check it for updates)


    Monday 17th March 1997

    Reorganised the whole WEB design and directory structure (phev what a mess!)
    Reorganised the misc pages (now only one, with a menu system)

    - Redid the SuperVision page...
    - Redid the Action52 page...
    - Removed Aladdin MicroMachines blister box...
    - Added 300in1 page...
    - Added/updated FamilyBasic page (big thanks to Shinpo Akiyoshi)...
    - Updated "TETRIS MUSIC" page...
    Added loads of new manuals
    - Quattro Arcade
    - Bee 52
    - Big Nose the Caveman
    - Bayou Billy
    - Bayou Billy Graphic manual
    - Air Fortress
    - The Blue Marlin
    - Gun Nac
    - The Krion Conquest
    - Mega Man
    - Mighty Bomb Jack
    - Xexyz
    - Zanac
    - Vindicators
    - Final Fantasy
    NES mailing list started (soon full automatic and moved to
    New reviews/Articles added
    - Tengen Vs. Nintendo (The Tetris Fight)...
    - Readded Kirby's Adventure page (wonder how that was lost)...
    - Ninga Gaiden Trilogy...
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) added
    - Rad Gravity Graphical faq ("stand alone program")
    - Zelda Graphical Walkthrough (** STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! **)
    Converter page updated
    - Honeybee adaptor added...
    Added the SMB 1-2-3 GameGenie file
    Fixed a few things on the Emulation page...

    Wedensday 12th March 1997

    A new (hopefully better) page design... added FamilyBasic page to teh info section...

    A new larger update will hopefully become true one of the next days, i'm kinda busy at the moment and I therefore dont have that much time to spend making new material :(

    Monday 3rd February 1997

    A few new faqs added... (check the page for more info)
    A few new manuals.... (Check the page for more info)
    Wanted/NES WORLD's current collection page updated...

    I'd like to say thanks to the people who sent in this new material.

    Monday 3rd February 1997

    Added Pro. Action Replay Code page...
    Added Emulation page...
    Misc page 2 created...
    Added Gimmics page...
    Added The Box page...

    Monday 20th January 1997

    Added Kirby page... (Sorry, it might suck a bit)
    Added European NES Release list

    Tuesday 2nd January 1997

    Update of the NES FAQ (v2.0)
    Added TopGuy page... (the missing one...)
    Added a bunch of new manuals...
    Added stuff to the misc page...
    Added "books" page...
    ReAdded Wanted list...

    Well that's about it! :)

    Tuesday 17th December 1996

    Topguy clone update... (well I forgot the html file at home) :(
    Aladdin page update...
    Main page update (yes again! :)

    Tuesday 10th December 1996

    Added a few manuals + the first graphical...

    Wedensday 27th November 1996

    Added MARIO MANIA (known from NesJournal)...
    Added Cosmic (Linus) Spacehead review (for PC)...
    Added stuff to the MISC section...
    HUUUUUGE JukeBox update (by VmprHntrD, thanks man!)...
    Added some new links...
    Added GoldenGames (Reviews and other stuff which used to be on the mainpage)...
    Updated my "WANTED!" list...

    Thanks to VmprHntrD who from now on will maintain the NES WORLD JukeBox.....

    Wedensday 20th November 1996

    Added some stuff to the MISC page...
    Fixed the errors from yesterday...

    Tuesday 19th November 1996

    Captain N page...
    380+ new screenshots added...
    A few new manuals added...
    Faqs added:
    Seztion Z
    Zelda 2 - The adventure of Link (by Tim Connolly)
    Tombs & Treasure WalkThrough v1.1
    Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston

    I accidently added a link to a cool Hyrule map, which actually isnt there right now... but it will be tomorrow though.

    A blue star is missing on the mainpage... i'll get that fixed tomorrow too.

    Monday 11th November 1996

    Software section added...
    Review of Dizzy for PC...

    Monday 4th November 1996

    News update...
    ROB page update...

    Thursday 31th October 1996

    Added more NES tunes to the jukebox...
    Added a few new manuals (more to come soon)...

    Thursday 24th October 1996

    Added NES WOLD NEWS section
    Here you can read about stuff which will
    reach NES WORLD in the near future and
    much, much other cool info (like VeNES!)

    Wedensday 23rd October 1996

    Added NES WORLD Jukebox
    ReAdded Smurf review (with ScreenShots!!)
    Added box to the Tengen page...
    Added Misc "rare" boxes page...

    Monday 21nd October 1996

    Added Linus Spacehead page...
    Added Bignose page...
    NES faq update...
    U-force update...
    Ninja Gaiden "Story?"....
    Nintendo Interface System page...
    Update of the System page...
    Fixed a few things here and there :)

    I just got an account on dragonfire which means that I now have 25 megs more space! (yay)

    Thursday 10th October 1996

    Fixed the main page... now it's more DC like :)
    Added Codemasters adds to the MISC section...
    Added new screenshots...

    Wedensday 9th October 1996

    Added Konami game page...
    Added Ultra game page...
    Added Hi Tech page...
    Added Capcom page...
    Fixed Palcom game page...

    Tuesday 8th October 1996

    Added some stuff to the MISC section...
    Added stuff to the U*fouria page...
    Added Dizzy The Adventurer page...
    Added Solar Jetman page...
    Added page with Tengen Boxes....

    Monday 7th October 1996

    Added loads of new Manuals...
    Added U*fouria page...
    Added Mike Elter's NES RARETY list update...
    Added Adam Doleman's NES game list...
    Added new version of NES WORLD's NES FAQ!
    Added some pics of NES clones...
    Added NES WORLD "WANTED!" list....

    Friday 20th September 1996

    Added SMB GameGenie Code Page...
    Added missing pic on the topguy page...
    Added pic of Doki Doki Panic & SMB 2 jap to the SMB 2 page...

    Thursday 19th September 1996

    Added Links to the other DC member pages...

    Thuesday 17th September 1996

    Added the Super Mario Bros.2 page...
    Added the WWW construction page...
    Added some manuals...

    Friday 30th August 1996

    Updated the Aladdin Deck Enhancer page...
    Added the U-Force Joystick page...
    Updated the main page...

    Thuesday 27th August 1996

    Added Stuff to the The Aladdin Deck Enhancer page...
    Added Games of the month (September)...
    Added NES FAQ v7.1
    Added Videogame icons for windows 3.x

    Wedensday 7th August 1996
    Added Stuff to the misc page...
    Added misc Reviews...
    Added "TOP GUY" page...

    Thuesday 6th August 1996

    Got to "C" the A-Z GAME MINI REVIES section.

    Rebuildt the directories, which means that I removed all old and unuseful stuff (removed about 3 megs of misc unused files).

    Updated the html files (same logo and bars on almost every page + other nessesary updates).