Here they are... The Nintendo games of the month. Remember that the following game images are illigal if you do not have a cartridge matching the game title. Ummm... the images are also protected by "RAR".... just in case :) I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY REQUESTS ABOUT THE PASSWORD FOR THESE FILES. To download them... hold down "shift" and then push the left mouse button. If you do not have "UnRAR", then click here


Click here to download "Kirby's Avalanche"

This SNES game is one of the best games i've ever played. It's kinda like "Coloums" and "Tetris" in one... and it has that qute bird kirby as the good guy... :) GET IT NOW!!!


Click here to download "Tengen Tetris"

This game was removed from the stores not long after it's release, it was a fight between Tengen and Nintendo which caused it. But here it is, the best Tetris game for the NES... No need for anymore words... just go ahead and play it.


Click here to download "Fire Fighter"

Cool platformer where you, as a fireman, have to rescue little drooling babies.... "Yuck". Thought the game is brilliant... maybe it's because the babies can get fried in the fire.... i don't know...
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Click here to download "A Japanese game"

This is a cool baseball game made by Namco... too bad it's japanese :( And there a little "Mode 7" in it... which no emulator can display yet, but the game is playable.
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