The last emulation page I had was very popular, but due to all the people who kept filling up my mailbox with game requests, I decided to remove it. Now when the NES roms are all over the net and I therefore hope that those people will stop the requests.... I decided to put the page back online.

This time it wont only be a page with the emulators... it will also have info about the NES console (how to make an emulator). Hopefully someday I will be able to add a few noncommercial games to the page :-)

I still wont answer any requests about roms. However IF you decide to send such a request... the e-mail will be forwarded to the system adm at the provider you're using along with a little note from me.... SO DON'T SAY THAT I DIDENT WARN YOU! :-/

Oh btw... There are rumours about a new NES emu called SimNES which is for WIndows... more info later.


I dident believe it when I heard that a new NES emulator had been released and it was called "NESticle". By I downloaded it and ran it with Super Mario Bros. 3 and to my surprise it ran it much better than iNES (though it does have a problem when Mario is flying).

However NESticle was discontinued just 4 days after it's release because the sourcecode was stolen. I and a lot of other people did everything we could to get the author (Kronk/Sardu on IRC) to chage his mind. Homepages and icons were made to support NESticle, but we almost lost hope when we the 1st May saw NESticle 0.3 WITH NET SUPPORT (Play with your frinds over the internet).

The included readme file says "NESticle is a DOS/Win95 based emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System written in C++/Assembly. It is essentially the product of 2 weeks of boredom and a smattering of effort."

It uses Marat Fayzullins .nes file format but will hopefully soon also support PasoWing's split format. This new emulator also has sound which is damn great, still not 100% perfect but close (i'm using a sampling rate of 44100).

What about speed you might ask.... Well i'm happy to repport that this new emu is waaaaaaay faster than iNES. I'm using a 486/100Mz with 24Mb ram and i'd say that the emu runs about 20-30% over the normal NES speed.

It has menus for loading new roms and a lot of other neat features.

NESticle (what did they think of when they had to find a name) is developed by Bloodlust Software and the current version is 0.32. The emulator is freeware, i believe it's time for Marat Fayzullin to find out what he want to do with his iNES.

Ok ok.. NESticle is not pertfect, like there are bugs in the graphics etc.

Here's a list of things that I would like the emulator to include :

- Instant save (like PasoWing) (IS IN VERSION 0.3!!)
- Support for GameGenie or/and Pro. Action Replay. (GAMEGENIE SUPPORT IN Version 0.32!!!)
- User being able to turn the sound up or down (you can turn it off in v0.2).
- Being able to save more than one snapshot per game... (IS IN VERSION 0.3!!)
- Support for Camerica's Aladdin System and the Camerica games. (Version 0.32 almost runs FireHawk!!)
- Zapper support (you could point at the target with the mouse....)

- Autofire... I'll give this emu 10 of 10 points, it's incredible!!!!!!!

Download version 0.20. (3/4/97)
Download version 0.21. (4/4/97)
Download version 0.30. (29/4/97)
Download version 0.31. (6/5/97)
Download version 0.32. (19/5/97) *LATEST VERSION!*

Go to the NESticle distribution homepage.

For the SNES fan i can repport that SNESTicle is under development....

iNES (interNES)

The first NES emulator ever made was coded by a Russian guy, Alex Krasivsky who let Marat Fayzullin (known for other emulators like Virtual Gameboy, Colem, fMSX) have the source code. Marat "fixed" the code and added a lot of different stuff and released in under the name iNES.

iNES was until recently shareware, but from version 0.7 it will be commercial only, which probably means that the free Linux and Unix versions will disapear. The registration fee for iNES is $35, which is quite a lot for this emulator.

Because iNES has very crappy sound and is very slow which makes it unjoyable to use. Lets just hope that this changes in the future. The next version of iNES (0.7) has GameGenie support which is a step in the right direction. The GameGenie was cracked by Alex krasivsky who AGAIN was kind enough to give it to Marat Fayzullin for free.

iNES used to be able to run under Windows 3.x, but the new version 0.6 somehow messes up the good old Windows 3.x and the Program manager will make an error and exit (if no other programs are open). (I cant believe I actually installed Windows 95 just to follow the emulator development :)

Check the iNES 0.6 doc for more specific info.

Click here to go to the iNES dist. site

Games for the iNES can be found either on IRC or a few FTP sites... But remember that the roms a illegal if you dont have the original cartridge!

The registered iNES v0.5 was pirated and posted in a newsgroup a few months back, so it's possible to find it on a few homepages. BUT! IF YOU DECIDE TO GET IT THIS WAY AND NOT REGISTERING, YOU MIGHT NEVER SEE AN INES V0.7, SO CHOOSE WHATEVER YOU THINK IS BEST....

PasoWing (the Japanese NES emulator)

The first and in many ways the best NES emulator released. It's originally in Japanese, but thankfully TyphoonZ and a few others translated it to English.

It was/is made by a Japanese guy named Nobuaki Ando. Though a new version for Windows '95 Direct X is made by a guy who calls himself "Zero".

In the beginning the PasoWing was easy to crack, it's timer which allowed unregistered users to play for about 1 minute was removed. And the registration codes were also found for the versions up to 2.7. Sofar only one person has translated PasoWing 2.8 (not cracked) and it's awailable at Node99.

PasoWing registration fee is now $30 which is cheaper than iNES! though I do not know if the emulator still has japanese text...

Click here to get the PasoWing Shareware v2.6


qNES has been discontinued and one of the authors, Y0SHi, has announced that he is leaving the emulation scene....

Read Y0SHi's "GOODBYE!" letter. If you're a kid you might wanna hold your mom's hand, cause he's using some quite strong words...

I'm VERY sad that this project has been cancelled. I've always been a fan of good ol' Y0SHi's many wierd projects like "Crystalis" for SNES (damn i would've loooooooved to see this:), "Kid Icarus" for the SNES (an alpha version was released), VeNES (with Mr. Snazz), qNES (with Mike Perry, Riff) and Tracer...

Well, bye Y0SHi and thanks for making everything a bit more colorful.


DNESE (DOS NES EMULATOR) is another DOS based NES emulater. It's like qNES still at an early stage, however an alpha version has been released. The emulator is being made by "TaNdRuM" from Console Constium.

Just got a small note from a friend of the author the other day saying that DNESE isnt discontinued... so stay tuned :)

Click here to get the DENESE Alpha version
Click here to get the DENESE Alpha version 2 *NEW!*


Dont know much about this emu.... but it's worth a look.

Download NES LORD v0.35 here....


The best DOS based NES emulator is Paul Robson's NESA. The emulator is 100% Assembler which makes it VERY fast. NESA runs a lot of games, not as many as iNES though.

Get NESA's source by clicking here

Get the latest version of NESA here

LandyNES (temp. name) - DISCONTINUED!

Alex Krasivsky's (Landy on IRC) own NES emulator is now officially disconintued after the release of NESticle. He was the guy who helped Marat Fayzullin make the iNES, in fact iNES was the name Alex wanted for his own emulator but Marat took it and used it for his own emulator.

Alex WAS working on a new version of his emulator, which he told me had GameGenie support and other neat features. but when the new NESticle 0.3 was released Alex decided to stop his project. He promished me that when he meets the NESticle author on IRC he will give him the GameGenie information so that NESticle hopefully will have the GG support.

Get the beta version of LandyNES here

Damaged Cybernetics made an ips patch for Landy's emulator. If the screen looks "fuzzy" use this ips... click here


Aaaah... so you want roms?.... well then you obviously dident read my message at the beginning of the page. NES WORLD neither can or will supply you with roms because the games still are copyrighted.

Do not e-mail me asking for roms, however if you choose to do that the e-mail will be forwarded to the people running your host machine + the e-mail will here posted here on NES WORLD on the "PAGE O' LAMAHS" which is under construction.


I've collected a few tings over the years and I hope that someone else will find some of it useful too :)

The Vise - Programmers Revenge Manual

MAS65 Cross-assembler, 6502 microprocessor v1.00.xx Copyright (C) 1996 Douglas Beattie Jr.
- Executables
- Manual
- ?

Some 6502 CPU code?

A86 macro assembler, V4.02 updated with INCLUDE files, listings, no limit on size of source files, fwd refs in complex expressions, END operand, default ORG END in DATA SEGMENT, and more! Contains info about A386/D386. From Eric Isaacson Software.
- Click here to download

D86 debugger, V4.02 September 25, 1995 Copyright 1986--1995 Eric Isaacson. All rights reserved.
- Click here to download

6502 MICROPROCESSOR Instruction Set Summary

Part of the official PPU&CPU Specifications for the Family Computer (TM) Nintendo (R)
- Click here to view

Nintendo Entertainment System Architecture version 1.4 [09/09/1996] by Marat Fayzullin []
- Click here to view

Get NESA's source by clicking here

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