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May 1996 is the month where 2 new emulators were released. It was an SNES and a NES emulator made by M. Kami. I've been able to find those two emulators and now it's time to let you have 'em. SNES Super PASOFAMI 1.2a for Windows 3.x and '95 VSMC '96 for DOS Super Famicom Emulator v1.01 for DOS NES Famicom (NES) emulator v2.4a for Windows 3.x and '95 Inludes a couple of demos... Famicom emulator v3.0 (ver 2.4a needed!!) Famicom emu v2.4a - 50% english by Acey (previously installed ver needed!) GAMEBOY Virtual Gameboy 0.3r for Windows 3.x Virtual Gameboy 0.302 for DOS More will be added later..... CRACKS/UTILS FOR THE EMULATORS Time cracker for the Famicom and Super Famicom emulators. Cracker for the unregistered version of the VGB SPP generator for the PASOFAMI emulator Sendutility pro v2.0 Genesis, SNES and Gameboy CTOOL v1.52
The games below are encrypted (Password protected) using PKZIP. You'll be able to find the password somewhere on my homepage (hint: bottom). When you're going to unpack the game, write the following: pkunzip -s [filename].zip

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Sim City

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Mario Brothers - by Nintendo

Cool game.. the good old classic by Miyamoto (or something like that). A must for people who loves the NES (one of my favourites) Click here to get a save game which starts at level 8.4 Made by me :)

Circus Charlie - by ????

Another cool game... I've only played this on the emulator, and it's very funny to play. I would like to own the cartridge.

Popeye - by Nintendo

Ummm.. haven't quite figured out what I have to do in this game.

Millipede - by Nintendo

I hate this game... CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

F15 - by ???? Super F15 - by ????

Kinda R-TYPE clone...

Donkey Kong Jr. by Nintendo

Another arcade hit from Nintendo. Help Donkey Kong Jr. save his father Donkey Kong from Mario who has captured him.

Donkey Kong by Nintendo

Perfect game... In my oppinion it's not quite as good as Donkey Kong Jr., but it's still one of the golden oldies.

Tennis by Nintendo

Might be the best Tennis game for the NES. It's fast and it's easy to control.

Arkanoid by Taito

Many years ago I played this in a arcade hall and ever since it's been one of my favourites.

Battle City by Nintendo

Hmmm... this game does not run perfectly, but it's still worth a look.

Bomberman by Hudson soft

Simple but great. I've never been a fan of bomberman, but I got "hooked" to this old Hudson game. (Run the savegame to start the game!!!)

Duck Hunt by Nintendo

This game does not work on the emulator (atleast I can figure out how), because it's a zapper game. Too bad it doesen't work, it's one of the most funny games that I've ever played on the NES.... A golden oldie!!!

Gyrodine by Nintendo

Is this a 1942 clone or what?? boring game.. why diden't I just delete this game??

Hogan's Alley by Nintendo

Another zapper game which doesen't work on the emulator.

Pacman by Nintendo

Another arcade game.. Good old Pacman :)

Mach Rider by Nintendo

This game doesen't work...

Nuts & Milk by Hudson soft

Fun, fun, fun... what else can I say?? This is one of the best games that I've ever played... I WANT THE CARTRIDGE!! :)
If you have a game for the emulator called "Balloon Birds" or "Balloon Fight", then please send it to me... It's the best game i've ever played, but I haven't been able to find the cartridge in any store.


GWA package May 1996

Greetings to : Damaged Cybernetics, M. Kami, everyone on channel #snesemu, _butcher_ (Shadow), Jeff Frohwein (thanx pal :), the guys from CWA (GWA) what the hell happened to GWA??... is Acey the only one left???, THE BRAIN - keep the VSMC comming, all who have sent me e-mail e.t.c. Question to : Marat Fayzullin.... Why the HELL do you only think about money??? is that all that matters?? Why not help all those who wants to play those good old NES games... RELEASE THE iNES FOR WINDOWS OR DOS!!!!!!! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY ROMS FOR THE iNES??? YEAH RIGHT!!!! DIG A HOLE!!!
What is the new name of the city - SAIGON - ????