Two NES emulators is out now, it's pasoFAMICOM (by ??) and iNES (by Marat Fayzullin.. The maker of VGB). Both emulators has their cons and pros. PasoFAMICOM can't play files (images) any higher than 32k, which were the size of the first NES cartridges, but pasoFAMI has the right colours and it has sound. INES can play more images than pasoFAMI, higher than 32k, but it doesen't have sound and the colour pallette is wrong. Both emulators are for Windows 3.x or Windows 95. It's hard to find images for these emulators, but i've seen 103 for the pasoFAMI and about 5 others for the iNES. All the paso games can be converted to iNES format by using Damaged Cybernetics NesImage tool. When you're using NesImage by DC, then you have to rename the files before you can use/convert them. Converting to iNES format, then rename as following: *.prg to *.rom *.chr to *.vid And then use "nesimage j (filename)". Do not include the file extension. Converting from iNES format, then do the following: And then use "nesimage s (filename)". Do not include the file extension. Rename as follows: *.rom to *.prg *.vid to *.chr Remember to copy the *.prm to your new "game filename". Also remember, that you cannot use game files any higher than 32k on the pasoFAMI


PasoFAMICOM v2.4a (Japanese) PasoFAMICOM v2.4a (30% English) Im my oppinion, the pasoFAMICOM is best emulator, because it has the best colour pallette and it has sound. interNES A great emulator, because it can play games like "MegaMan 2", "Side Pocket" and loads of the newer games. Too bad that it doesen't have sound or the right colours. If you had those, it would kick ass :) These two emulators are made for Windows, hopefully a DOS version of the iNES soon will be released by Alex Krasivsky, the guy who invented the iNES and then later hooked up with Marat Fayzullin, who did some screen drivers e.t.c. I'm working on a NES emulator called PC-FAMICOM which I hope that I'll be able to release soon.. as freeware. If things workout as planned, there will be released a DOS and a Windows version.


NesImage by Damaged Cybernetics For "joining" and "Splitting" NES files. Timer crack for pasoFAMICOM and SPW So... the author of the emulators is pissed. But what do I care?? It's your choice to use this crack or not.


Game images are illegal, but what do I care? Actually I do care - /Martin /2003 Click here


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