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Dizzy the Adventurer

Welcome to another game spotlight. This time around it actually was quite hard to choose which game to place on the pedestal, but as I've been doing a lot of Aladdin Deck Enhancer research lately I picked up an old favourite, gave it another spin, that means play or something, and I was hooked instantly.The game I'm talking about is the Aladdin Deck Enhancer exclusive game called Dizzy Adventurer which is packed in with the Deck Enhancer. Dizzy the Adventurer is a NES version of an older Dizzy game called Prince of the Yolkfolk. Unfortunately for Dizzy the Adventurer the Aladdin Deck Enhancer only had a short life, as

it was ready to ship to retailers in February 1993, Camerica who published the game ran out of money in April 1993 and closed down.But the game is out there anyway as Codemasters, the inventor of the Deck Enhancer as well as Dizzy the Adventurer, shipped several pallets of Deck Enhancers to Camerica before they went belly up.

This game was my first encounter with Codemasters videogame hero called Dizzy, though he had already starred in several Spectrum, C64 and Amiga games, heck he had even appeared once on the PC in a game called Fantastic Dizzy - which also became his last game to this date if I've got the Dizzy game time line right.

The story of the game goes like this.. Dizzy and his girlfriend Daisy are out looking for Pogie their pet Fluffle when they discover a secret entrance to Zaks' old castle. But they are unaware that the evil wizard Zaks is watching them through a crystal ball. To try to catch Dizzy he casts a spell on an old spinning wheel and Daisy, who is eggstremely (get it huh huh? hehe?) curious approaches the spinning wheel and accidently pickles her finger and collapses.

Your quest is now, as Dizzy, to rescue Daizy from the evil wizard and to do that you have to solve a few puzzles first, or rather picking up a lot of tings along

your quest. This game is a mix or normal platform gaming and an adventure game, and it works. The graphics are amazingly cute and the music used in the game is quite catchy, but for some reason the first song tends to get on my nerves - I'm not sure why.One thing that annoys me about this game is that while Dizzy is quite easy to control most of the time, he tends to (egg)roll a lot after a jump and if you're not careful you'll end up falling into a pond or something and loose a life. But other than that the game is quite easy and with a little bit of caution the game actually can be completed with just one life.

The game itself it quite short to be honest and is basicly one "big" stage, this is probably why it wasn't released as a regular game, but has a really nice story - a lot of text, which can be skipped (fortunately) by pressing up and down on the D-pad. Not that I recommend doing it as you'll miss a lot of the fun of playing the game, such as Dizzy's amazing joke to cheer up a princess in the game - why did the mushroom cross the road? because he's a nice guy! yeah ehhh okay great joke.


To show how crazy I am about this Dizzy game I of course had to buy a few extra Aladdin Deck Enhancers just in case the device broke or I somehow would loose the cartridge... you can never have too many Deck Enhancers, right?!.... erh... yeah okay...

No really, Dizzy the Adventurer really deserves a try so if you havn't got the game already I'd recommend getting an Aladdin Deck Enhancer or you could of course just load the game in your favourite NES emulator or even better, use a NES PowerPak! this way you can play the game on a real Nintendo and save the original :-)

I have created a game map which can be seen in a larger scale by clicking on the picture below... yeah I may have had a bit too much time on my hands while making this spotlight...


Thank you for reading another of my articles and I hope to "see" you on NES WORLD again sometime soon. Thank you!