From: Fragmaster
Subject: One more
Date sent: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:13:18 -0400

Can't you get it through your head? I didn't register it to piss you off. I could care less about a site refusing to move to CG (I refuse sites all the time and some of the ones I invite just don't want my help, which is just fine), I was just trying to help you (back then). READ this excerpt from my last mail:

"it's just a name. I won't get into the details of why we registered it and who we were \ are working with on the site"

Doesn't that clue you in? Doesn't that tell you that maybe THERE IS SOMEONE WORKING ON A SITE FOR THAT DOMAIN? I didn't want to come right out and say this, because I really like to make things a surprise (rather than hyping stuff up that may or may not ever come to be). Sure, they could be using a different domain... and I would of probably could of asked them to pick another one (since the site hasn't launched yet, despite the fact good NES domain names are hard to come by), but you *did not ask to buy it*. Instead, you thought a better approach to this situation would be to send meaningless threats and then post my replies (which didn't include your messages, and without asking for my permission) on your site. Then you started your whiney little speaches about how you had been wronged or something. As if I'd change my mind and hand it over to you after you made me look like some sort of Bill Gates clone. Grow up.

And I didn't reply to your last response, because I said I wasn't going to reply to anymore emails about it. Didn't want this to become some overblown soap opera, but it has. You've whined to about every site out there.

Let's finish this before it becomes some sort of lifelong grudge. It's not as if I hate your site, it's the second best one out there IMHO and I'm sure you can do more with it.

What I'm going to do is take down the redirector to (meaning it won't load anymore, it just won't load anything) until the site launches. If for some reason the project falls through (as I am not running this site, if you haven't figured it out yet), you can buy the domain for $100.

I think making apologies is pushing it, so I won't even ask :)

Oh, if I come across as a little harsh here... sorry. I'm sure you're a bit frustrated too.

From: Fragmaster
Subject: Re:
Date sent: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:27:23 -0400

> You still havent answered my question, why

I just read your page.

I would have probably considered selling the domain back to you had you asked for it (for the $100 we paid for it, we've had it registered for awhile), but due to your childish behavior and your outright lack of common decency (I did NOT give you permission to post those emails), I'm not going to.

You have no legal claim over, it's just a name. I won't get into the details of why we registered it and who we were \ are working with on the site, but I didn't register it just to "piss you off" or get you to move to ClassicGaming. The "paranoid control issue" I'm referring to is that idiotic rant of yours you sent me after I offered to host your site months ago, after which I decided you weren't the kind of person I wanted on our site (and I think the behavior you've exhibited in your recent emails pretty much verifies my opinion of you).

It's kind of funny that all these people are making all these statements about a situation they know nothing about. You of course, are a saint who has done no wrong.

Had you of asked for the domain in the first place instead of sending that confrontational message asking why I had it and why I was trying to hurt your site (which wasn't my attempt), things wouldn't of gotten messy.

You said on your site "All I can say is, this aint over yet." Well, it is. Maybe I should post the full text of YOUR emails on my site, but I'd like to think I'm above that kind of thing (which is more than I can say for you).

I'm not replying to anymore of your emails on the subject and I'll decide the future of the domain.

I hate to be so harsh and sound so "intellectual" or whatever (this isn't my thing), but I don't want to use any naughty words. :)

Anyways, I'm sorry if you feel angry about this situation, but it could of rescinded easily had you not acted the way you did. Maybe you've learned a lesson?

Best of luck on the future of the site.

From: Fragmaster
Subject: Re:
Date sent: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 01:20:40 -0400
> Maybe I was going to register it, but I dont really see why you
> should register bsides pissing me off. Do you want me to
> move to Well that wont ever happen, because you
> run a rom/emulation site and I want absolutely nothing to do with
> such.

You said before you weren't interested in moving here (but it was because of some paranoid "control" issue back then or something). Didn't mean to make you mad, but like I said, we plan on using it.

From: Halogen
Subject: Re: Loyal Follower of Fragmaster
Date sent: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 20:05:12 -0500

Thanks for the response. Maybe Fragmaster did just register to piss you off. However, if you have your site copyrighted(I think you can do that), he wouldn't be able to have the same name as you. You guys are both contributing to this fued. I may have misunderstanded when you said that Fragmaster wants to control all of the classicgaming sites. I thought you meant he wants to control all classic gaming sites on the net, not all classic gaming sites on classicgaming.

At 01:10 AM 6/24/98 +0000, you wrote:
>First off, this mail copies to myself and fragmaster.
>> Yes, you read the subject. First of all, Fragmaster did nothing wrong.
>I know fragmaster did nothing wrong, legally, by registering
>, but fragmaster knew that a page named NES WORLD
>already existed and he therefore should've been smart enough not to
>register, unless he wanted to cause trouble.
>Fragmaster just e-mailed me telling that someone is working on a site
>for the domain, well again, fragmaster knew that a
>site called NES WORLD already exist and he should've told the guy who
>is making the page to find another name for his site.
>there's a word called "moral" which I hope both you, fragmaster and
>everyone else knows what means... You just dont do stuff like
>this, eventhough you have the legal rights to do so...
>> That sort of stuff is first come, first serve. Second of all, maybe you
>> should have moved to classicgaming, you would definately get more
>> traffic(classicgaming is very popular).
>Yeah its totally legal what he did, but not by the moral rules. NES
>WORLD has a perfect provider (internet1), so I had no need to move to
> Because has much emulation
>related material (emunews, roms and the like) I didnt want to move
>there, as I had/have enough rom requests already. NES WORLD is
>without banners and frames, as far as I know you have to have both if
>you wanna be on, right?
>>You make such claims that Fragmaster wants to control all of the
>>classicgaming sites. That is one of the most inane statements I
>>have ever seen. Fragmaster just give classicgaming sites homes,
>>bandwidth, and traffic.
>I bet fragmaster wants to control everything put on his site,
>everyone does. I remember telling nicely that I
>didnt want to move, with roms as the reason why. Now i'm being
>accused of being extremely nasty back then, but thats not how I
>remember it. I just hope you're 100% sure about what you're saying
>(fragmaster not wanting to control
>>You also made a claim that classicgaming is a rom/emulation site.
>>While some sites on classicgaming contains such, not all have to do
>>with that.
>I'd say 90% of is emulation related material ('ve
>just been there looking though everything). You're right, not all
>have to do with emulation, but most does.
>Anyways, your site is great. However, I just wish you would make
>correct statements on your news section. Both of you have great
>sites, so stop fighting.
>Thanks. It would never have gone this far if fragmaster didnt
>register, he could've picked a lot of other great names.
>Also, fragmaster probably should use another excuse than "Martin
>needs to grow up", because thats what I heard from him mostly, I bet
>if he was in the same situation, he would probably act the same way
>as I do.
>Thanks for your letter....
>- Martin