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The Nintendo64 (n64) Unreleased Games List (
APRIL 17 2017


What you see here is a compiled list of Nintendo64 games that didn't make it through various phases of development, either from very early ideas - through alphs and or beta - to even finalized games that just weren't realeased for some reason. The purpose of this database is to collect as much information as possible about these long lost and almost forgotten games, so that the history isn't completely forgotten as time goes by.

If you feel you have something to contribute then please email me. I deeply appreciate all the help I can get :-)


Below is a description of game title colors used in the list

means the game is verified to exist.
means the game has not yet been verified to exist by nesworld.
means the game is just a rumor, another term of unverified.

This list currently contains 255 entries

1080° Snowboarding 2NintendoCartridge
Click here for more info3SixtyCryo InteractiveSmartDogCartridge
Click here for more info40 WinksGT InteractiveEurocom EntertainmentCartridge
64 WarsHudson SoftCartridge
Click here for more infoAcclaim Sports SoccerAcclaimProbe EntertainmentCartridge
Aces of the UNVideo SystemParadigmCartridge
Click here for more infoAddams Family PinballGT InteractiveDigital EclipseCartridge
Click here for more infoAeon FluxGT InteractiveCryoCartridge
Click here for more infoAir DemonsCartridge
AirBoardin' USAASCIIASCIICartridge
Click here for more infoAirport Inc.TelestarKrisalis SoftwareCartridge
Alien 64Cartridge
Alone in the Dark 4DarkworksCartridge
Andretti RacingElectronic ArtsCartridge
Click here for more infoAnimal LeaderMarigulCartridge
Animaniacs Ten Pin AlleyASC GamesCartridge
Click here for more infoAquaria Lobotomy SoftwareCartridge
Area 51 Site 4MidwayCartridge
Armageddon 2: Carpocalypse NowInterplayStainlessCartridge
AssaultTelstarCandle Light StudiosCartridge
Click here for more infoBad CompanyCartridge
Battle DancerKonamiCartridge
Battle RoyaleAsmikCartridge
Click here for more infoBattle Sport 23DOCyclone StudiosCartridge
Bio TetrisAmtexCartridge
Click here for more infoBirdie CodemastersCartridge
Blade & BarrelKemcoSoftware CreationsCartridge
BloodshotAcclaimIguana Entertainment (UK)Cartridge
Blues Clues, Nickelodeon'sCartridge
Brutal: Paws of FuryGametekCartridge
Buggy BoogieNintendoAngel StudiosCartridge
Click here for more infoCaesar's Palace 64 Crave EntertainmentLobotomy StudiosCartridge
Calvary Battle 3000Japan System SupplyJapan System SupplyCartridge
Canbara FighterBottom UpBottom UpCartridge
Click here for more infoCarnivalé: Cenzo's AdventureVatical EntertainmentTerraGlyph InteractiveCartridge
Cat RootsNintendoMarigul Management, Inc.Cartridge
Cavalry Battle 3000JSSCartridge
Centipede XMidwayCartridge
Chanbara FighterBottomUpCartridge
Click here for more infoConscripts Software CreationsCartridge
Contra SpiritsKonamiCartridge
Click here for more infoCrazy Cajun Carl GameTekCartridge
Crusaders of Might and Magic3DOCartridge
Dead AheadOptical EntertainmentSoftware CreationsCartridge
Click here for more infoDeadly HonorTecMagikCartridge
Dear BlueKonamiCartridge
Click here for more infoDeer Hunter 64MicrowaresCartridge
Derby DayChunsoftCartridge
Descent 64InterplayCartridge
Click here for more infoDethkarzGT InteractiveTantalus InteractiveCartridge
Die Hard 64 FOX InteractiveInteractive StudiosCartridge
Click here for more infoDinosaur PlanetNintendoRareCartridge
Doubutsu BanchouMarigul ManagementSaru BruneiCartridge
Dragon DanceInfogramesCartridge
Click here for more infoDragon SwordInteractive StudiosMGM InteractiveCartridge
EDUbi SoftCartridge
Echo DeltaMarigul ManagementClever TrickCartridge
Egg Head ShredParadigm EntertainmentCartridge
Emperor of the JungleNintendoSilicon KnightsCartridge
Eternal DarknessNintendoSilicon KnightsCartridge
Exhumed 64Crave EntertainmentLobotomyCartridge
Click here for more infoExtreme Sports 64 EidosInnerloop StudiosCartridge
F-18 Super HornetTitusCartridge
F1 '98PsygnosisCartridge
F1 World Grand Prix 3Paradigm EntertainmentCartridge
FIFA 2000EA GamesCartridge
Final Round 64KonamiCartridge
Fire Emblem 64NintendoCartridge
First Samurai 64Vivid ImageCartridge
Forever DragonsSoftware CreationsCartridge
Frank Thomas BaseballAcclaimCartridge
Freak BoyVirgin InteractiveCartridge
Frogger 2: Swampy's RevengeHasbroCartridge
Click here for more infoFuture StrikeCartridge
Gendai Dai-Senryaku: Ultimate WarSetaNintendoCartridge
Ghouls 'N GhostsCapcomCartridge
Click here for more infoGlover 2Hasbro InteractiveInteractive StudiosCartridge
Golgo 13Vic TokaiCartridge
Grand Theft Auto 64Take 2RockstarCartridge
GroundwaveCyclone StudiosCartridge
Half LifeSierraCartridge
Click here for more infoHarrier 2001Video SystemParadigm EntertainmentCartridge
Hashire Boku no UmaCulture BrainCartridge
Click here for more infoHype: Time QuestUbi SoftUbi Soft CanadaCartridge
Hyper SteeringAsciiCartridge
Click here for more infoInternational Rally ChampionshipImagineerCartridge
Jack and the BeanstalkNintendoCartridge
Jam ExtremeAcclaimCartridge
Jeff Gordon XS RacingASC GamesCartridge
JestOceanCurved LogicCartridge
Click here for more infoJetball CodemastersCartridge
Joust 64MidwayPlayer1Cartridge
Jungle BotsTitusConceptual RealitiesCartridge
Jungle Emperor LeoNintendoCartridge
Jurassic Park 2DreamworksCartridge
Kasparov ChessTitusCartridge
Kindaichi's Accident FileHudson SoftCartridge
Kirby's Air RideNintendoCartridge
Kyle Petty’s No Fear RacingWilliamsLeland InteractiveCartridge
Looney Tunes 3DOceanInfogramesCartridge
Click here for more infoLooney Tunes: Space RaceOceanNew Wave USACartridge
M&M Adventure: Search for the Lost FormulaCartridge
Click here for more infoMagic FluteSunSoftCartridge
Magic the Gathering: ArmageddonAcclaimCartridge
Makimura 64CapcomCartridge
Metroid 64NintendoDMACartridge
Mickey Mouse AdventureNintendoRarewareCartridge
Click here for more infoMini RacersNintendoLooking Glass StudioCartridge
Mission: Impossible 2OceanCartridge
Momotarou FestivalKonamiCartridge
Monster DunkMindscapeCartridge
Montezuma's ReturnTecMagikUtopia TechnologiesCartridge
Moonjelly Software CreationsCartridge
Mortal Kombat: Special ForcesMidwayMidwayCartridge
Mysterious DungeonChunsoftCartridge
Click here for more infoMystics NintendoRealtime AssociatesCartridge
NBA Jam 2000Acclaim - Salt LakeCartridge
NBA Showtime 2000MidwayCartridge
NHL Blades of Steel 2000KonamiCartridge
Need for Speed 64Electronic ArtsCartridge
Click here for more infoNightmare Creatures IIActivisionKalisto EntertainmentCartridge
Ninja 64CapcomCartridge
Click here for more infoNinja: The Dark ArtsLooking Glass StudiosCartridge
Click here for more infoO.D.T. Escape... ...Or Die TryingPsygnosisPsygnosisCartridge
On & Off RacingImagineerGenkiCartridge
PalladiumTitusProgressive MediaCartridge
Pilotwings 64 2NintendoParadigmCartridge
Pitfall 64ActivisionCartridge
Click here for more infoPowerslideEmergent SoftwareCartridge
Premier League GameEACartridge
Puma Street SoccerSunSoftCartridge
Puzzle GameCranberry SourceCartridge
Quest 2ImagineerCartridge
Click here for more infoQuest for CamelotTitusCartridge
Radical BikersMidwayCartridge
Click here for more infoRally MastersGremlinDigital IllusionsCartridge
Rat FinkPlayer 1Cartridge
Rebel Moon RisingMidwayCartridge
Red BaronSierraCartridge
Reign of Cats & DogsCartridge
Click here for more infoRenegade RacersInterplayPromethean DesignsCartridge
Resident Evil 0CapcomCartridge
Return Fire IIMGM InteractiveCartridge
Click here for more infoRev LimitSetaCartridge
Ridge Racer VNintendoCartridge
Click here for more infoRiqaNintendoBits StudiosCartridge
Robo ResCulture BrainCartridge
Click here for more infoRobotech: Crystal DreamsGameTekGameTekCartridge
RollerballMGM InteractiveZ-AxisCartridge
Ronaldo SoccerInfogramesCartridge
Click here for more infoRoswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & LegendsRedstormCrawfishCartridge
Click here for more infoRoto GunnersTecMagikCartridge
Click here for more infoSea-Doo Hydrocross Vatical EntertainmentVicarious VisionsCartridge
Shadowgate RisingKemcoCartridge
SimCopterElectronic ArtsMaxisCartridge
Smurfs 64InfogramesCartridge
SoccerParity BitCartridge
Soccer 64Hudson SoftCartridge
Soldier BladeHudson SoftCartridge
South Park: Deeply ImpactedAcclaimCartridge
Space Bunnies Must Die!Take2Jinx / Ripcord GamesCartridge
Space JellySoftware CreationsCartridge
Space Shuttle Project 64Cartridge
SpeedFOX InteractiveCartridge
Star GazeDH GamesCartridge
Street FighterCapcomCartridge
Super Hornet F-14TitusDigital IntegrationCartridge
Super Mario 64 2NintendoCartridge
Click here for more infoSurf AssaultLooking Glass StudiosCartridge
Survivor: Day OneKonamiCartridge
Click here for more infoSydney 2000 OlympicsEidosATDCartridge
TOCA Touring CarCodemastersCartridge
Tamiya Racing 64Cartridge
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker The Music GameCartridge
Test Drive RallyInfogramesDICECartridge
Thieves World Cartridge
Click here for more infoThornadoFactor 5Cartridge
Thrasher: Skate and DestroyTake 2Z-AxisCartridge
Timber the TigerRarewareCartridge
Tiny TankGT InteractiveCartridge
Title DefenseClimaxCartridge
ToeJam & EarlGT InteractiveCartridge
Click here for more infoTommy ThunderASC GamesPlayer1Cartridge
Toon PanicBottomUpCartridge
Top Gun 64TitusMicroprose?Cartridge
Trick Style 64AcclaimCriterion GamesCartridge
Click here for more infoTurrican 64Factor 5Cartridge
Click here for more infoTwelve Tales: Conker 64NintendoRarewareCartridge
Click here for more infoUEFA Soccer '98OceanPower & MagicCartridge
Ultimate RacerAcclaimCartridge
Ultra Baseball 64Culture BrainCartridge
Ultra CombatGT InteractiveSoftware CreationsCartridge
Click here for more infoUltra DescentInterplayParallax SoftwareCartridge
Ultra Lode RunnerBig BangCartridge
Click here for more infoUltra Primitive Man Hudson SoftHudson SoftCartridge
Untitled Hockey gameDMA DesignCartridge
V.I.P.Ubi SoftCartridge
VR 3000Ubi SoftCartridge
VR GolfInterplayCartridge
Click here for more infoVR Powerboat Racing Vatical EntertainmentTerraGlyph Interactive StudiosCartridge
VRS RacerMarigulCartridge
Click here for more infoVampire Circus OceanZedtwoCartridge
Viewpoint 2064SammyCartridge
WWF Warzone 2AcclaimCartridge
Wall StreetNintendoCartridge
Click here for more infoWar: Final Assault Midway GamesAtari GamesCartridge
Click here for more infoWarballLooking Glass StudiosCartridge
Click here for more infoWarspiritsCandle Light StudiosCartridge
Click here for more infoWaterworks OptimusCartridge
Click here for more infoWeekins SuperHappyFunFunCartridge
Click here for more infoWet Corpse Vic TokaiVic TokaiCartridge
Wild Metal CountryGremlinDMACartridge
Click here for more infoWild WatersUbi SoftLooking Glass StudiosCartridge
Winnie the PoohMattelCartridge
Worms 2Team 17Cartridge
X'treme RollerCartridge
X-MenActivisionQuick DrawCartridge
XSW-1Video SystemCartridge
Xena: Warrior Princess Adventure GameTitusTitusCartridge
Young OlympiansSaffireCartridge
Click here for more infoZenith DMA DesignCartridge

Click here for more info7th Legion GT InteractiveEpic Mega GamesDisk (64DD)
Blades of PassagePixelplay InteractiveDisk (64DD)
CabbageNintendoDisk (64DD)
CreatorNintendoSoftware CreationsDisk (64DD)
DTGame StudioMarigulDisk (64DD)
Desert IslandImagineerGenkiDisk (64DD)
Golden BootAcclaimAcclaimDisk (64DD)
Mario Party DDDisk (64DD)
Mother 3NintendoHAL LaboratoryDisk (64DD)
Pocket Monster 64DDNintendoDisk (64DD)
Project CairoCrave EntertainmentCraveyardDisk (64DD)
Snow SpeederImagineerGenkiDisk (64DD)
Super Real IslandSetaImagineer/GenkiDisk (64DD)
SuulImagineerGenkiDisk (64DD)
Talent MakerNintendoDisk (64DD)
TeoFujitsuMarigulDisk (64DD)
Ultimate WarSetaDisk (64DD)
Unreal N64GT InteractiveDMADisk (64DD)