MARCH 28TH, 2017
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November 23rd, 2014 - 4:51 pm - Posted by Martin

Finally an update for you 64drive owners out there... the menu has been updated to verison 1.12a with the following news:

  • Added save support for another Japanese title
  • Fixed GUI bug in 1.12 pak screen
  • Several changes to support firmware 2.00:
  • Multiblock DMA writes are used for faster background
  • Support for Pokemon Stadium 2 fix (requires FW2.00)
  • Tweaked background skin overlay
  • Added 3 more virtual pak slots

The update can be downloaded here. (link to RetroActive)

November 18th, 2014 - 5:13 pm - Posted by Martin
I'm deeply sorry for the lack of updates here, but I guess the site is currently in (has to be in) hiatus. I have way too much stuff going on in my family life right now to really work on the site. My wife gave birth to twins 4 months back and having 3 kids now is... a lot of work :-)
Because of the family expansion I've had to relocate my game room and I'm now getting to the point where the computer and the "nesworld office" is actually usable, hehe.
So whenever I have the time and energy, I'll try to work on something to keep the site alive, but don't expect a whole lot really as I'm a bit worn out these days.
... Sorry, but I hope everyone will stop by every now and then still...
To those of you who have mailed me about various homebrew projects and such, I'm really really sorry for not responding.