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October 27th, 2015 - 10:20 am - Posted by Martin
Wonderland was the final Dizzy game developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System and has been lost since it was developed and cancelled by Codemasters way back in 1993. However now 22 years after it was completed and put to rest on a floppy disk, the Oliver Twins and have released the game for everyone to enjoy.
According to the Oliver Twins the game was finished and mastered, they still had the original source code in storage, but unfortunately no playable rom image available. However with help from friends a working ROM was compiled and after a meeting with Codemasters the Oliver Twins were given the okay to distribute the ROM for everyone to play.
For more info, please check out this video made by the Oliver Twins.

A trailer is available here...

And now finally, a ROM download is available here :-)
I have yet to check it out, but this truly is one of the games I've wanted to play ever since I heard about it. Actually I spoke with the Oliver Twins way back about this game and possibly a ROM release, but back then we only spoke about an actual cartridge that was no where to be found.
Also, a few years back the Oliver Twins and resurrected DreamWorld Pogie, one of the games advertised on the back of the Aladdin Decek Enhancer box, who knows if we might be able to see Team Sports Basketball or Metal Man next :-)
Oh and if you'd like to know more about Dizzy and the Oliver Twins, why not support this book project over at kickstarter.
October 17th, 2015 - 8:15 am - Posted by Martin

Yes it's that time again and yes this is already old news. But the new RetroZone, or RetroUSB, Nintendo Entertainment System Xmas cart is once again out, a cart that lights up like a Christmas tree while you're playing a nice little homebrewn game, this time called "12 Seconds of Christmas", and is a spin off of Climb Up (from the Ludum Dare Compo) made by Barry "IsharaComix" Peddycord III.

For more information about the previous editions of the Christmas cart, then click on the link below :-)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... the cart can be ordered from the link below.

October 17th, 2015 - 6:31 am - Posted by Martin

I saw this demo cart in local stores a long long time ago and did quick screenshot of the titlescreen back then to prove that it existed.

Well now a few carts have finally reached ebay and I of course had to spend some cash to get one of these for my collection.

With that said, most Toys R Us stores here in Denmark have now removed their 3DS demo units with Lego City Undercover, I wonder where they were returned to tho.

Anyway for more demo crazynes, why not vist the 3DS demo page by clicking on the link below. 

As said, the cart is available on ebay and the seller has already sold a few, but who knows how many he has left... cool item none the less.

October 1st, 2015 - 4:49 pm - Posted by Martin

So I often browse around on AliExpress looking for various odd thing I don't need, and today I found this thing I just had to purchase - a Famicom clone shaped as a projector... stay tuned for a review, but why not check out the placeholder page below :-)