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MaxiVision 30 in 1
May 21, 2024 - Posted by Martin

I had a blast this evening... for the first time in years I sat down and created something new for the website that has been a part of my life in some way or another, good and bad, now for almost 30 years, WOW!

Anyway I present to you a small write-up about the MaxiVision 30 in 1... that became the Maxi15.

.. click here to read.

RiQa Game Roms released
Apr 8, 2024 - Posted by Martin


We have waited for quite some time, but today great news has surfaced. A set of 5 ROMs from the unreleasedN64 title, Riqa, has been released, courtesy of previous Bits Studios employee, Tenshu. 


From 97 to 2001 I worked at a company called Bits Studio. This company made a lot of unrelease N64 games. (most of those game will end up becoming gamecube/ps2 games few years later)

Few years ago I ve released the unfinished DieHard64 Roms I think its time people got a test of the Riqa another unreleased game for the n64.

I ve uploaded the 4 last build in a zip files you can all download and try. The game work in some emulator. it also work on a N64 with an everdrive. I have lot more build of the game but i figured those 4 are probably the most interesting.

One important thing. you need to have 2 controller to play the game. controller 2 is used to open the menu and select a level.

The 4 build in the rar files are the last build made of the game for the n64 before it get cancelled and the team reassigned to Diehard and Thieveworld(RogueOps).

There not much of a completed game here, but there level you can visit, sometime enemies you can kill and button you can press, cut scene and stuff like that. each build as different stage you can explore.


The released ROMs are a little "rough", only 3 of 5 would boot on my 64Drive and reports of less working on an Everdrive, the Ares emulator would run none of them.

The original roms, as released can be found on along with some fixes made by LuigiBlood. 

In a bit of a hurry I have also converted and slightly updated the "about RiQa" page here on NESWORLD :-)


N64Brew Game Jam 2022 entries released
Oct 31, 2022 - Posted by Martin


The N64Brew Game Jam 2022 is over and the submissions, 8 in total, are now available for download.

Enjoy some N64 homebrew! :D

Working on the new CMS
Oct 28, 2022 - Posted by Martin

No I have not left, but have not had time to work no the site the past few months either. But I'm back and working on a few things behind the scenes :-)

Unreleased Famicom game found, The Fairtland Story
Jun 18, 2022 - Posted by Martin
Nintendo Entertainment System

In a joint-venture between Gaming Alexandria and Forest of Illusion, we were today treated with a, thought to be, long lost relic from the early Famicom days. The game, The Fairyland Story, is a port of an arcade game by the same name, that for some reason went unreleased. A while back an odd looking cartridge was spotted in an ebay auction and it was indeed a prototype of The Fairyland Story, purchased for only a few dollars.

For more details, please visit Gaming Alexandria and Forest of Illusion, links are available below (link to the rom at Forest of Illusion). Enjoy :-)


New N64 ROM hack in the works, Starfox Conquest
May 26, 2022 - Posted by Martin

To be honest, and I may game some hate for it, I most often just avoid any hacks released because I quite frankly don't care enough to play yet another game based on the Super Mario 64 or Zelda ROMs. This one however deserves some attention. Starfox Conquest is also based off the Zelda N64 rom, but so heavily modified that it almost looks nothing like a Zelda game.

A trailer for the upcoming hack was made available a few hours ago and I must say, it looks astonishing.

The description for the video says "This new ROM hack of Zelda 64 completely transforms the game into a new Star Fox adventure, playable on an actual Nintendo 64 console! Star Fox Conquest follows Fox as he crash lands on a mysterious planet and embarks on an adventure forcing him to travel across the galaxy." 


Sea-doo Hydrocross page updated
Mar 5, 2022 - Posted by Martin

As the title says, I have also updated the Sea-doo Hydrocross page. Unfortunately the ROM has yet to surface, but the game was supposedly completed and approved by Nintendo.

Carnivale, the unreleased N64 game
Mar 5, 2022 - Posted by Martin


Many years ago I went digging for information about a TerraGlyph production, Carnivalé for the Nintendo64, a game to be released by Vatical Entertainment, but it never happened. While I did manage to track down a few of the people involve din the making of Carnivalé, there was never any talk about a ROM image still in existance.

Now fast forward to late 2021, an N64 prototype appeared on ebay, containing no other than the thought to be long lost Carnivalé!

So I of course had to rewrite the old article from 2009 and here it is.
The prototype section has been updated as well.

Thanks a lot to Baker64 letting me play the game, feel free to visit his website at

Riqa, Unreleased N64 game discovered
Feb 4, 2022 - Posted by Martin

The unreleased N64 game RIQA, by Interactive Studios (of Glover fame). It was shown at E3 1999 and would be a 3rd person shooter much like Tomb Raider. Unfortunately the title was shorted into oblivion and eventually merged into a Gamecube project called Rogue Ops.

Well youtuber Ten Shu has released several videos of RIQA playing on an emulator and hopefully we will all be able to play the game someday, but for now watch and enjoy the video(s) :-)

NES Homebrew from Fista Productions
Jan 8, 2022 - Posted by Martin
Nintendo Entertainment System

Earlier today I received an email from Steve of Fista Productions, he was letting me know that two new homebrews were available for NESWORLD's Homebrew section. Unfortunately the section is way out of date and while I do want to update it, it will take a lot of time.

However I just had to make a news post about these two games, not only do they look great and the story is hilarious, but the effort that went into everything around the games is just awesome. Both of the two games have their own TV commercial.

Carpet Shark

Based on the 2013 Fista Productions short film.

"A shark's soul is trapped inside an 8x10 area rug. It's General Major Cadaver Scab's duty to keep the shark tame. Can he? CAN ANYONE?"

Play as the Carpet Shark. Eat as many victims as you can before the timer and your health run out. After each level, fight one of the 4 bosses (our characters from the movie). Try to eat the bosses weapons to fire back at them. Can you beat all 4 levels?

The game is available for download here.

Plummet Challenge

Fista productions is back with a brand new game for your retro entertainment system. You are the Plummeteer. Plunge for prizes and points before hitting obstacles or landing face first into the ground. Gold gems are worth 10 points and the special colored gems are worth 100. There are 75 exciting levels in the main game, while the marathon mode has 150 levels for a longer experience. Everyone is able to complete the game, but just how good are you at it?

The game is available for download here.


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